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  1. Stoney and steelhead thanks for the info ..I was curious I am running 225's I am planning on leaving one off but dragging to slow me down. Was curious about the build up..... Both of you seem ok with it so I will try not to worry. Thanks for the info!!! tight lines
  2. Does anyone troll with 2 stroke optimax motors? Will you foul the plugs trolling at 2.0. 2.6 knots?? For any leghth of time??? Thanks for any input!
  3. Mark thanks for your reply, I have 15' taco on my CC now, I will take your advice on running 8' poles, I will try the copper and hook on at the backing, how much copper150'? Do you use black for real eases? Thanks again for the advise.
  4. Does anyone run full size dipsy off there outriggers? can you use wire? Should a 10' dipsy rod be in the forward most rod holder in the gunwhale when using with the outrigger. thanks for any help
  5. Name: bash boys Location: Home Port:Port Ontario Boat Name/Type:CC fountain I fish for: salmon,steel Just getting started in lake fishing ....have a lot to learn glad I found the sight! ================== (your welcome message to LOU - anything else you want to say to the community goes here).
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