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  1. I pushed a lot of deer during this duck and pheasant season . Saw plenty of kooks and poachers. Guys walking around with rifles weeks before season opener. Deer were bedding in flooded timber . Cant tell u how many carcasses my dog found with just the head cut off. Or just the backstraps removed. Almost every parking area had deer dumped within 50 yds. REAL HUNTERS , with basic knowledge/ skills were in short supply. I cover miles and miles, running a ridiculously conditioned gun dog . To be blunt, I could write tickets sun up ,to. Sun down if I was DEC. Carlton hill and iroquois were dumpster fires in my opinion. Crossbow hunters aren't the problem.
  2. Great pics , had a small line when my son was young. Great memories. ( look away before i'd tap a fox ... he never did. ) swear he' d try and drag a coon half his size.
  3. Put out a road kill/ assisted suicide spike behind house . Something has picked the carcass nearly clean. A few coyote tracks. Wish i would have set up a camera. Tempted to buy a license, and make a few dirthole sets. Its been too long
  4. biggest bird i killed fell to a 7.5 lead promo load. i accidentally brought a box of 3.5 " for my 3 " gun. my guide found it rolling around his pick up. big Merriams dropped like a rock . 40 yds, hit them in the head.and they die .
  5. i'm in brockport to. the farm behind my place on 31 has been quiet. 27 acres, nobody has permission to hunt it. i'v e seen a few birds here and there. tried calling a bit without a gun. nada. i don't have private land to hunt. seen plenty of birds driving on 31. the birds seem to stay around for a few days , then move off.
  6. the boy has been bugging me to go turkey hunting. he had lacrosse practice saturday. so i took him the youth sunday. 2 minutes into the hunt he got it done . I've hunted the property over a hundred times and never heard a gobble prior. i'd rather be lucky than good. we accidentally set up too close. i thought the bird was farther away . we watched the bird fly down. the 2 yr old bird plowed through some nasty brush to strut for our decoy. my son was shaking pretty good , but managed to put plenty in the head. the fan took the worst of it. 7/8 spurs 7" beard. proud papa.
  7. congrats , i was watching the clock as well. my son killed his 2 minutes into his first hunt.
  8. if you ever need a gunner , i'm willing and able. live in brockport (have birdogs)
  9. it 's really f ing hard. i kill some here and there. luck & time will have the greatest impact. you re not going to impact the population if that' s the goal. i' d pick a method i like and practice. trapping is the easiest way to sucess. expect to be skunked a lot. absolute blast once you figure it out.
  10. ugh , i' m on lockdown with the childrens.
  11. i had a lot of geese & ducks flying around noon today. wednesday it was a ghost town. plenty of wind and snow in rochester
  12. went sunday ( summerville) lots of competition. nobody slaying 3 keepers 5 dinks. 4 hours or so of fishing
  13. anybody know if they are done releasing birds ? i heard rumors they quit once deer season starts.
  14. i keep a box of 7's handy. sounds strange, think turkey hunting. plus they' cheaper than burning a bunch of $ 1- 2shells. works best with geese, but i rarely need more than 1 shot with either. nothing worse than shooting 8 - 9 times and have a bird swim away.
  15. thats crazy, my covers are lucky to give up 2 flush per hour. first ticks ive found in years.
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