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  1. I pushed a lot of deer during this duck and pheasant season . Saw plenty of kooks and poachers. Guys walking around with rifles weeks before season opener. Deer were bedding in flooded timber . Cant tell u how many carcasses my dog found with just the head cut off. Or just the backstraps removed. Almost every parking area had deer dumped within 50 yds. REAL HUNTERS , with basic knowledge/ skills were in short supply. I cover miles and miles, running a ridiculously conditioned gun dog . To be blunt, I could write tickets sun up ,to. Sun down if I was DEC. Carlton hill and iroquois were dumpster fires in my opinion. Crossbow hunters aren't the problem.
  2. Great pics , had a small line when my son was young. Great memories. ( look away before i'd tap a fox ... he never did. ) swear he' d try and drag a coon half his size.
  3. Put out a road kill/ assisted suicide spike behind house . Something has picked the carcass nearly clean. A few coyote tracks. Wish i would have set up a camera. Tempted to buy a license, and make a few dirthole sets. Its been too long
  4. biggest bird i killed fell to a 7.5 lead promo load. i accidentally brought a box of 3.5 " for my 3 " gun. my guide found it rolling around his pick up. big Merriams dropped like a rock . 40 yds, hit them in the head.and they die .
  5. i'm in brockport to. the farm behind my place on 31 has been quiet. 27 acres, nobody has permission to hunt it. i'v e seen a few birds here and there. tried calling a bit without a gun. nada. i don't have private land to hunt. seen plenty of birds driving on 31. the birds seem to stay around for a few days , then move off.
  6. the boy has been bugging me to go turkey hunting. he had lacrosse practice saturday. so i took him the youth sunday. 2 minutes into the hunt he got it done . I've hunted the property over a hundred times and never heard a gobble prior. i'd rather be lucky than good. we accidentally set up too close. i thought the bird was farther away . we watched the bird fly down. the 2 yr old bird plowed through some nasty brush to strut for our decoy. my son was shaking pretty good , but managed to put plenty in the head. the fan took the worst of it. 7/8 spurs 7" beard. proud papa.
  7. congrats , i was watching the clock as well. my son killed his 2 minutes into his first hunt.
  8. if you ever need a gunner , i'm willing and able. live in brockport (have birdogs)
  9. it 's really f ing hard. i kill some here and there. luck & time will have the greatest impact. you re not going to impact the population if that' s the goal. i' d pick a method i like and practice. trapping is the easiest way to sucess. expect to be skunked a lot. absolute blast once you figure it out.
  10. ugh , i' m on lockdown with the childrens.
  11. i had a lot of geese & ducks flying around noon today. wednesday it was a ghost town. plenty of wind and snow in rochester
  12. went sunday ( summerville) lots of competition. nobody slaying 3 keepers 5 dinks. 4 hours or so of fishing
  13. anybody know if they are done releasing birds ? i heard rumors they quit once deer season starts.
  14. i keep a box of 7's handy. sounds strange, think turkey hunting. plus they' cheaper than burning a bunch of $ 1- 2shells. works best with geese, but i rarely need more than 1 shot with either. nothing worse than shooting 8 - 9 times and have a bird swim away.
  15. thats crazy, my covers are lucky to give up 2 flush per hour. first ticks ive found in years.
  16. woodies look great already. just ate one for diner.
  17. i lived in CO for a few years. i always did diy hunts. always saw elk. archery ,muzzle loader would be my recommendation. if you have the cash, help is great. the co ranching for wildlife tags are a fantastic value. bad things can happen quickly in the west. no shame in having someone provide assistance. hauling elk without horses can be agonizing labor. a good wall tent is worth the $. good luck! wish i could afford a hunt out west. i'm hoping to set up a grouse camp with my wall tent this fall for a few days. the weather during rifle is very unpredictable.
  18. the boy is a good kid. honor role\ sports\video games. I consider myself lucky whenever he choses to go. lately he wants to fish . i had a blast, he took it hard. think puberty is kicking in . he was super awkward. normally , goalie reflexes make up for his inexperience. watched at least 5 birds fly away due to him messing up the saftey. roosters( even pen raised) still get me flustered. i was really proud of him passing on low birds. Can' t wait to see him connect.
  19. i ve seen a few around rochester this week running the dogs.
  20. grouse \ woodcock are where you find them. think grouse eat 200+ items? haven' t made it out for grouse yet. my friend moved a few. hard to come by, extra jumpy this year. he's been hunting allegheny county. 1 per hour avg. hot weather, thick cover hasn' t helped. how are the ticks on drum?
  21. man i hit a flight, 40 plus points. went back the next day. busted my butt to get 10 points. youth phes was blast. my son had 15 points , never touched a feather. my 13 y\o really wanted to shoot his first rooster over my aging braque. she gave all she had. the crusty vet gave him awesome chances. couple of them were fat slobs. nothing like watching roosters explode at your feet. poor kid choked time after time.
  22. fantastic. think i went 1\87 points once. too dang hot. poor dogs were dying thursday. pre season the mudbats were thick. thur i had only 3 points, no shots fired. hope it cools down.
  23. i live on 31. dude is always blazing away. i suck it up and do my own. can be hassle, usually rewarding. with a newborn around, you're not sleeping anyway
  24. congrats, i'm bow hunting the opener. the dogs and i are fired up for grouse and woodcock. got into a good flight of woodcock last weekend.hopefully we find a few this week. been busy lately. geese,tribs,working dogs, flinging arrows. can ' t wait.
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