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  1. small drift bags on each side help us when trolling .
  2. Fished yesterday ran 30 # big game trilene and still had ck ever 15 mins !
  3. how keep in line boards from coming off with a salmon on ???
  4. No matter the angle from state or business or personal its all about money !!! until there is enough no ones happy !!!
  5. 200ft water you will find lots teenagers !!1 if that what you want !
  6. I agree with your point !!! but ny york keeps changing regs because they say no money , put trout limit in creek but diff on lake , need more antlers before shooting . no traps cause of otters !! this reg would probably be a good one to use but when people have very limited time and money ,Why should the state tell you how to spend your time and money when they cant even spend our money on the outdoors ?? If it wasn't for the great work of clubs at the eastern end lake there be less salmon and trout already !!
  7. i don't muskie fish but love the reports !!! have great time !!
  8. keep out of the sun best can !! friend had all diff lbs on dowel so its easy to get to and had same problems til he figured it out !!
  9. thank you for the replies !!!
  10. I have daiwa heartland . The reels seat is loose in the handle , is there a way to tighten it up ?? thanks for your time !!
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