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  1. Can't believe he would dock at Wilson after such disapproval of them. Battle hammer-eff off. I figured he would respond about his fraudulent business sites. Nobody has any idea about Paul's past in Erie pa. Everyone is lost maybe Paul will share. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. That puts you hot and heavy in the business at age 15. You should change your websites Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  3. Just like you've been running a charter business and taxidermy with 40 years experience Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  4. 2 days off. One of those days you happened to be watching other charters and eating chicken wings...ok Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  5. Say what you want, this was a non issue thread. I would have thought Paul would have been busier this time of year then watching other charters fillet fish. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  6. You'd have to fish inshore to understand..... Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  7. Keep reviving gentlemen. The matures are dead. By the way fishing is as good as ever right now on the western end when everyone is off this topic. Every mature fish has died today after 5-15 minute fights. Don't agree with me but think about it at least next time that mature floats past your wires and 100 yards behind the boat....mr marine biologist. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  8. keep reviving mature kings in the summer. They all die reguardless. Of course the smaller fish live to fight another day, but the mature salmon die all summer long. Some day you will learn that. Olcott had been one of the most heavily thefted marinas on the south shore. 10 years of docking there and problems with gear getting stolen from not just 4 or 5 boats, but countless. Drunks across the river, dock locks that never stay locked. 5 years ago a guy next to me was told strangers took his boat out for a fishing adventure and brought it back 8 hours later. The guy was shocked, dumbfounded. It's things like that why I feel tossing guts in the water is the least of that marinas worries right now. The only reason the marina is so widely used is because of the glory days when eighteen mile creek use to get runs of 150,000 salmon. Times have changed, the river is a ghost town with staging kings it is NOT even a decent river in today's standards, the once #1 fishing destination of ny is now what #20? Stop worrying about a quart of guts in the water and start volunteering to help imprint something over there to swim in the fall.
  9. The only thing worse then Throwing kings into newfane marina is bringing a child into that hole in the wall bar. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  10. This topic was a joke. Seems like you just wanted to call out another charter. You should have left that p.o.s rundown bar and had a word with him if it upset you so bad. If you read the post correct Paul mature kings die every SUMMER. Every one that is picked up trolling dies. 20 minute fight, slapped on the hot deck, and 600 twitter pics taken for your account. Then the fish is released only to wash to shore. These kings do not revive out there. They all die after being fought.
  11. Fish are still on western end heavy. Odd they haven't moved yet. Typically they are long gone on the way to the eastern end by now. Stacked heavy since spring.
  12. Olcott marina is a sh**hole in general Hadley there had had docks destroyed for years. Across the river is not safe with the bar crowds and losing gear off boats. Have never been happier then switching to Wilson. I never have to worry about things missing, shore power and water for everyone, restaurant, gas, pool, can go on and on. Scott scheffler is incompetent when it comes to renewing docks year to year. Never had issues 10 years ago until they hired him. He's too busy yelling at kids for feeding birds then do a very simple job. People should at least look into Wilson boathouse if they need a slip. Way, way, way more bang for your buck, with in my opinion, better fishing than olcott. Has anyone noticed what has happened to the olcott imprint of fish??? It is non existent. That river use to be a force for kings and now it's a joke during fall.
  13. You should send your info to the guy that runs olcott marina there. Believe his name is Scott Schfler. I can't believe there were 5 mph south winds out there today but people would rather debate on how far off shore Salmon guts should be dumped. No offense Paul but you do understand every mature king we catch in a season out there dies. Yes EVERY mature dies after fighting and taking por*o shots with it for twitter pages. That is what happens when a fish goes from 40 degree water to a 90 degree boat deck. Is that charter who is dumping guts into that newfane marina really hurting the place. Have you guys opened your eyes to what that marina looks like. It should be located in downtown buffalo, what an eyesore. Come to Wilson if you guys really don't want to put up with such a minor problem.
  14. What will suck is when you mount the transducer up front and the interference is still there. Chirp is the second most over rated fishing invention, the x4d being the first. Picked up chirp when it first hit market only to use it for 10 minutes and switched back to the 1980's frequency for the rest of the garmins life. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  15. If depth raider ever found a way to cure its coated cable problems and junk spring connections and expanding the depth of unit capabilities no buddy would mention fish hawk ever again. For $800 all I'm saying is I was disappointed . None of the units are by any means perfect. In my opinion having one doubles your fish numbers per day. Likewise autopilot has doubled my catches also. I would pay double for autopilot. I didn't want to spend on it to begin with but after doing it I said I would pay double. Makes fishing fun not aggravating. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  16. The difference in speed when a line is clipped or released should not have anything to do with interference. It does work good just not great, I expected quick updates. I believe the angle of pull on the downrigger cable clipping lines tightly have something to do with the angle of paddle wheel reading speed differently. An entire .7-1 mph difference with line clipped and not clipped. I should edit my post the unit works good, interference is no issue, just the problem with running lines and not running lines off downrigger clip. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  17. I will personally disagree. Just bought the newest x4d and scrapped the depth raider which cost about half. I find the fish hawk is not that reliable as it jumps around so often. My biggest problem that makes me want to go back to depth raider is the difference in speed when a line is connected to the downrigger that the fish hawk is on. Has anyone found the difference in speed after releasing a rod from the clip and while a rod is still running clipped on the rigger. The coated cable was the only reason I wanted to get away from depth raider. I may be the only guy on here who believe the fish hawk is overrated. Also I love how the readout is still reading 1.7 mph after the probe has been pulled out of the water and we are flying back to port. When its working great you will pound fish, if it is giving you a false readout all day and you believe it to be accurate you will go skunked. It has its quirks, which nobody seams to talk about. Customer service seems excellent, Ill give them that.
  18. Heard they released pen fish at a time the lake was flipped and it was a gorey mess as the stock hung around in the river too long...
  19. Is it true the pens years ago had issues with lake temperatures and survival issues with salmon at the oak?
  20. Killer afternoon bite for once. Haven't had much success after the sun comes up until today. Seemed everything turned on fire after noon. Maybe the pressure lightening up had something to do with it. 3 matures on flies in the early am. 5 on spoons/plugs after 12:30 hit.
  21. When you get things straightened out come back down the fishing has just turned on fire out there and it's well worth the drive back when your day gets better. This weekend was one of the best I've seen in 10 years and they are not going anywhere anytime soon. Good luck with the repairs, things could be worse.
  22. The inside water on the Western end has been overrated Thus far
  23. Better and bigger fish out at the 29 line. Loc fish are being caught out deep, well a majority of them. I believe the biggest kings come in later in the season and stay out feeding for the next two weeks. Have to pick through your shakers out there although.
  24. Still northeast tonight let us know how the 400+ thing works out. Those fish are lost for now there is no such thing as concentration as the 6th day of terrible winds continue. If I choose to never fish a day tomorrow would be it.
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