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  1. I have had dozens of trailers over the years and I have to say bearing buddies have worked out great. I have no interest in re-packing bearings on 6 or so trailers every year. My oldest is a 1989 Big Tex car trailer, and has traveled at least 100,000 miles. Original bearings, and bearing buddies installed around 1991. The main advantage in my opinion is that they apply a constant pressure of grease via an internal spring. This forces grease against bearing surfaces at all times. It also allows a quick visual inspection of the amount of grease in the reservoir by popping off the small rubber cap. Added bonus is larger capacity, which helps keep temperatures lower. I usually try to throw a shot in anytime a long trip is planned. I have always used the (kinda expensive) dark moly EP grease by Quaker State. Do not use white lithium grease on wheel bearings. Standard brown wheel bearing grease is fine as well.
  2. Thanks for the link, very informative. With the weather lately, I am tempted to try some late Feb. King fishing "downtown". With any luck, the weather will be decent then as well.
  3. Irish, you have made what most folks would see as valid points. Without turning this into a Wal-Mart bash fest, I feel it is important to point out that a giant such as Wal-Mart will throw around 75+ million and think nothing of it just to keep a governor, senator, congressman, etc. in their pocket. They are in the business of making money, big money. Well, it costs money to make money, we all know that. Do you realize Wal-Mart sales average 36 million......per hour! (At 5.8% profit margin thats 21k per minute...of pure profit....but who is counting. Wal-Mart does not need to worry about their fishing department. If it didn't exist all all, they would not even notice. Their concern is moving into the next down, shutting down the little guys (yep even the tackle shops....grocery stores, craft shops, portrait studios, hardware stores, paint stores, pharmacies, etc.) with their super centers. They can't make those moves without political help. They make hundreds of donations to various entities each year, some of which contradict the values of each other! Wal-Mart is simply greasing the palms of whomever they need to, as to continue with their business plan, and that sickens me. I am not a radical guy at all, or a conspiracy theorist. Just average Joe with a (limited) business background, and a manager in a worldwide company that supports responsibility, sharing, continuous improvement, and the freedom of their employees. Exact opposite of the values of Wal-Mart. Screw them.
  4. That will make a fine Salmon slammer for many years, just plan ahead a bit and prepare for a 350 engine swap in a year or two, as that's alot of boat for a 305. I have swapped them out with as little as 200hrs on the clock!
  5. Still debating King Slammin? What engine packages do they have?
  6. In my opinion, you have missed some important details regarding choosing a Salmon trolling boat on Lake Ontario specifically. The depth of the "V" of the boat, amount of deck space, engine doghouse obstruction, gunwale width and length for the downriggers, and the engine/drive package. The wiring of either boat will be similarly difficult, as neither is set up for fishing from the factory, otherwise it is a non-issue. Sea-Ray has always made a quality boat, and you paid for it. Bayliners historically were a lower price point boat, and it usually was obvious after a few years of use. Engines were usually undersized for the application to save cost. They also made a few absolute tanks, such as the 2860 I have. I believe the Bayliner will offer better deck space and gunwale provisions for riggers. I believe that model of Sea-Ray has a molded-in swim platform? If so, it can be a hindrance for netting fish, and you may also need long booms on your riggers. The hardtop on the Bayliner makes it nice for adding rocket launchers, masts, radar, etc. To me, the final decision may come down to engine / drive package. And it always helps to have the boat surveyed. Its just cheap insurance.
  7. Went 2 for 2 on my first time out (just 3 hrs) in my own boat this past Saturday. Using 27# wire, Walker Deeper Diver (setting 3), 10' of 30#flouro between dipsy and spin doctor, and finishing with a-tom-mik fly as rigged from factory, about 24" leader. Was in 115 fow, out 225-240 on line counter. Landed a 16# steelie and a 25# king. The advise was given to me by the Hot Pursuit team (Voorhees), as well as my reading here on LOU. I believe that 30# mono is killing your depth. Go wire. Troll speed will have a greater affect on the mono than wire, as will current. May have to slow up a bit. I will tell you this, there is no greater thrill than fighting a king on wire, you feel every movement of his head. It is incredible.
  8. Anyone have a working unit available? My screen is shot, just looking to make it to the end of the season without having to change out gps and xducer wiring. Would consider a non-working unit with a good screen that I could swap.........Thanks.
  9. I have always despised Wal-Mart for their corporate greed, suppression of their workforce, and use of Chinese products stealthily disguised under the "Great Value" line. I do not, and will not shop there. Thanks for the information, as I and many may never have been aware otherwise. Support your local stores to help keep them open, and Wal-Mart away!
  10. Looking for a used vhf radio, my boat not really worth putting a new one on. I have antenna, power leads, etc. Hoping to find something local to Wilson / Olcott area before 8/27. Will pay up to $50 for a modern unit. Thanks.
  11. Looking for a working 840 probe, better yet an X4 probe......but I know I am not likely to find a used one. Email [email protected],com....Thanks, Dave
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