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  1. I am working on this very thing right now........well contemplating anyway... I have two old Great Lakes riggers that I can no longer get parts for (circuit boards) ]. I will use a couple of 12volt ice cube relays (for ease of reversing polarity) and 2 switches at the helm. Mounted to the deck, directly below a Big Jon mast. If I go through with it, I will post some pics.
  2. Try using the 19 strand wire, it can be tied just like mono and is almost as forgiving. Very easy to work with. Once you fight a king on wire, you will be hooked!
  3. Fred says move it out. Its ready for the water. It comes with a triple axle trailer. Its 2 miles from Wilson harbor, 5 miles from Olcott. 5k as-is, where-is takes her away.
  4. Guess it depends on your definition of a cold snap.... I would drop it in, as long as you can get to it and pull the drain plugs quickly if needed. Like Tim said, sitting in the water will provide quite a bit of warmth and insulation. Throwing an old blanket over the motor will help you sleep easier on a really cold night, the warm water below will keep her plenty warm enough. Just remember to remove it before you wind her up in the alternator........
  5. Where can you see satellite images in real time?
  6. Thats the cheapest I have seen, and I have been looking for several months for the best deal.
  7. A 12,000lb trailer is well into triple axle range. Most axle ratings are 3500 or 5000lb capacity, each. A single axle 12k trailer is non-existent.
  8. Two of my "pro" captain friends are switching from Big Jon's to Cannons, after several issues with the Brute ES model. Parts availability and that retarded counter spring being top issues from what I could gather. However, I am perfectly happy to set aside my slow old Mag 10 Cannons and pick up their Brutes, and am looking forward to using them this year.
  9. The difference between an auto filter and a marine filter is the paint used has corrosion inhibitors. This is for salt water boats. I do alot of both Marine engine and Auto engine work. Fram filters are about the cheapest made out there and consistently end up at the bottom of the list for reviews year after year, right next to Hastings. I was a Fram user for years until a friend had one blow apart, and then I did some research. Purolator, Wix, Baldwin, AC Delco are always in the top 5 performing and constructed lists each year. I use Napa Gold filters on everything......my boats, tractors, trucks, mowers, equipment....everything. They are made by Wix. Tons of information online on this subject, its been a hot topic for years.
  10. Wow, great responses guys, thanks so much. Apparently they are caught much more often than I thought. Such an interesting species, hope to see one up close someday.
  11. Yep, had a dead one wash ashore behind my house. Crazy looking thing! So must be at least a few out there.
  12. A couple of years ago I believe I saw three very close to shore. They actually left a bit of a wake on the calm water. Has anyone caught one by accident? Pictures? They are a bottom feeder, correct?
  13. Bump....best offer...hate to make a flower box out of her....
  14. The FishHawk is best in my opinion. I have the old 840 that works great. The only issue I needed to correct was that my light (12lb round) downrigger balls blew back at 100' depth enough to be out of the xducer field. I have 13lb torpedo weights and new x4 probe for this year which should help a ton. The cost is a little higher for FH, but seems to me one cable replacement on a Cannon or Moor system would offset that. My 840 setup is at least 20yrs old, still going with full time charter use (previous boat owner..). And never a cable replacement.
  15. On the east side of Olcott, Hedley deserves alot of the credit as well for the poor conditions. He owns about half of the docks over there, as well as some on the west side. It is a shame to see everything falling apart, I have been part of that harbor for 30yrs. It could be a phenomenal harbor. You're dealing with two guys who had parents that barely made it through the depression, they just won't let go of a dime unless they have to. Wilson is beautiful, but tight in the charter row. Unless you have twins, it is tough to dock there. Pricey, but well worth it, IMO.
  16. I run a 105 amp Powermaster. It was around $150 for my 350 Chevy, but is not USCG approved.....Those get pricey. The main thing to be concerned with is wire gauge going to high load items, like your downriggers.
  17. BUMP................$6000.................or best offer................
  18. No problem getting 1.5" plugs. Fernco is a popular manufacturer, may even find them at Home Depot. Online available at McMaster-Carr, part number 2613K21, $1.59 each. They have about a dozen other styles to choose from also.
  19. I like coffee color and spool my own. Just have to make sure it stays under even tension at all times while spooling. How much tension? I dunno. I made up a rig at work. My rods are medium, and the rod has a decent arc to it while it is being spooled. Just like anything else, takes a bit of trial and error.
  20. Last year my buddies used a simple transom plug (rubber, with flip over bail) to seal the 3/4" scupper holes on their sportcraft. Similar rubber plugs can be found at plumbing stores for larger sizes.
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