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  1. If this is the old rectangle style, (about size of a brick) I have one.
  2. We picked up a small Coho on Saturday, beauty of a fish. Just West of Olcott pier, 14fow. When you see Fred ask him why he is always the one holding the skippys....
  3. All of our equipment is Big Jon. It works great. Its made in USA. However, I am less than thrilled with the trees as they are loosely fitted to their bases, and flop around quite a bit. And they are not worn, been like that since new. Great Lakes planers makes some nice equipment, and was more affordable than Traxtech when I was looking.
  4. Yep, you got it. Learned that very lesson just yesterday........
  5. Our 28' boat has a 6' mast at the very front, we use double keeled otter boats, and rods are in trees. Supposedly about the best setup you could ask for........and with the wind yesterday we had the same issues with slack. The trees sure help to keep the rods up and out of the way of the tow line, however. One of those things that is hard to overcome I think.
  6. You likely blew a head gasket. That sucks! Bearings will probably be junk too, after running with milky oil. Take the opportunity to upgrade to a 350. Good Luck!
  7. What should the measurements be for a double keel setup be?
  8. Only mooching I ever did was borrowing money and food from my parents back in the day......... What is this mooching/drifting you speak of?
  9. I will agree, they have a loud clicker for sure. But I do like the clicker on the drag, which the Magda's do not have.
  10. Matt, I upgraded 4 of my Magda's to Convectors over the winter, they do seem more durable. I broke a brand new Magda last year, and don't wish for that to happen again. Although my collection of 20 or so Magda's have about a million miles on them from previous charter use, all but 1 or 2 of them still work great.
  11. I am always willing to be properly trained for any new hobbies, job functions, etc, but this has money grab written all over it. Last year I bought an old tow truck to haul boats and stuff around. I was amazed to learn I needed an endorsement on my license for that. I want to say it cost me about $75, and taught me nothing about safe operating. One page multiple-choice test, all common sense. Total money grab.
  12. Thanks guys, I'm really thrilled with it for my first trolling boat. So much deck space, and having the bathroom for my kids is a huge plus!
  13. I rescued this 84 28' Trophy last August. She had been left for dead after not being winterized a few winters ago, cracking the block and heads. We put a used 350 Chevy in her last year and had a few successful outings. All systems (outdrive, washdown, electrical, head) and the stringers/bulkheads seemed to still be in good shape. I purchased a bunch of used Big Jon equipment and updated electronics over the winter, and was able to get everything mounted and in working order last week. Total investment less than 5k. Lot of boat for the money! Hopefully we will get another shot of nice weather soon! ~Dave
  14. Got it I think....I can send data to a logger or PC, then use software to view trackpoints, waypoints, etc. Thanks.
  15. Couldn't agree more.........made the same mistake once.........Waste of $300..... .
  16. Just installed a used Lowrance lcx-15 gps fishfinder. It has a wire for rs-232 output in the power/data harness. Anyone familiar with this? I have looked at the manual online, no mention of it. What is it for? Thanks......
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