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  1. A. Friend and me went out of Sandy yesterday . My friend hooked the first King fairly early .then we missed a few including one that took a lot of line before coming off . I got a small 12 " king .before finally getting my good one . We had pretty good action until about 9am . Trolled for several hours out too about 200 fow . Afternoon we came back in and had fun with Lakers in 70-90 fow . All the Lakers came on gambler rigs behind cowbells . Think we got 8 or 9 Lakers nothing huge . Not bad for a couple finger lake guys I guess IMG_20180811_065008890.jpgreceived_2103963066531205.jpeg


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  2. Trip for tomorrow is cancelled.  Looks like I'll be coming up next Tuesday.  Probably for the best as now I can bring my fishing buddy with me.  He is a disabled vet and is a ball of fun to fish with.  Took him up to Pulaski for salmon last fall and his interactions with the russians almost had me pi$$ing my waders.  He makes fishless days fun.
    Get you some hammerhead cowbells and gambler rigs . Fished the last two day got 38 fish . Three rods on downriggers . On bottom between 80 and 120 fow . IMG_20180803_113750886.jpgIMG_20180802_111154823.jpg

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