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  1. New here .Just got my first boat last summer It is an alumacraft lunker 16' . It is about equal distances for me to Canandaigua,Kueka and South end of Seneca about 75miles . If you were just starting out which lake would you concentrate most on and why ? I will probably be running two riggers only have one now .

  2. Went with John G a couple seasons ago on Seneca . Sean posts on another little board that Iam on . I really should go with someone that can show me a little more about this deep water trolling though .

  3. Name: Frank

    Location:West Bingham ,Pa

    Home Port:finger lakes

    Boat Name/Type:16' alumacraft lunker

    I fish for: trout mostly


    Hey guys and gals new to the site .Had trouble getting logged but finally got things straight a couple days ago . I bought my boat last summer first time boat owner . It is a 2010 alumacraft lunker with a 50horse yamaha. Got out several times last year on Canandaigua ,Kueka and Seneca . also tried a couple small army corps lakes down here across the state line . I will probably be trolling for the most parts on the previous mentioned lakes .

    Most of my previous fishing was on small streams for trout .So this lake fishing is going to be a learning experience for a little while . Will probably be asking lots of questions so be fore warned .

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