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  1. Left home here in northern Pa about 4am . Brought a neighbor kid Tylor along for his first laker trip . Arrived at the launch about 5:45 which gave me time to get the riggers and rod holders in place plus get the rods ready before launching . . On the water shortly after 6am we trolled from the state park down to the bluff . Tylor managed to put eight fish in the boat all of them came off the wire diver rods with fly flasher back 200' . Dropped a couple of fish also . we kept three fish for Tylor and his family .

    How old does a kid have to be before they dont have to wear a life jacket in Ny on a 16' boat ? And when does the winter life jacket rule start for us adults ?

  2. semperfi glad to see you are now catching fish . :clap: . you may want to try north of the launch and directly across from the launch . That area really produced for us last week . you definitely have to slow down when trolling north most days . green flies and spoons seem to work best

  3. I dont do much jigging but we marked quite a few fish in front of the beach at the state park on the 6th evening . They were suspended that night but they have to be in the area . I rarely mark much for bait on Keuka .

    trolling fly flasher behind a diver worked great while we were there . Small tackle shop up pepper rd on the left Fishy business . only open evenings mostly except weekends .

    good luck and keep us posted

  4. Marty we tried Seneca last Sat . we got skunked there that day . always nice to come back to Keuka . it only took about 20 minutes to get our first one the first afternoon . mornings still was the best bite right at first light . most of our fish came within sight of the launch at the state park

  5. Just got back from Keuka lake . The lake trout fishing was very good the last couple days . Dad and I boated 23 trout and dropped a few more . Got some decent fish for Keuka . Caught fish on flasher flies off from divers and the down rigger, also got a few on spoons off the rigger . Target depth that worked for us was between 40- 70 ft down . Here is a couple that we got



  6. I have been doing good up there this summer with the wire rods . pulling a walker 107 diver with a flasher fly back 130- 180ft . green and white flasher and fly . I have not had much luck with the down riggers since about the first of July on Keuka . try to target the 40-60ft range with divers early and late in the day . trolling speed on my gps has been between 2 -2.9 . just fast enough to hear the down riggers to start to hum . I might be up to the state park camping /fishing on sept 5-6 . if you see a smaller white 16 ft alumacraft lunker stop in .

    if you get bored with keuka it is only about 20 miles over to seneca lake , severn launch .

  7. nice meeting you too . We did a little better catching 5 lakers and one smallie . caught all the trout on flasher fly behind a walker 107 diver back 130 -145 . Fish were in tight to the eastern shore in 65- 130 fow .


    smallie Dad got this morning on a honey bee spoon

  8. camped up at the state park for a couple of nights . Fished Monday evening down near the bluff picking up most of our fish on the diver rods back 130 trolling a reel hooked up fly . got one on the rigger pulling a green spoon set @ 50 ' . went 6 for 8 Monday . Tuesday morning we were back down to the bluff at day break . caught 5 and dropped a few hot rod was the same diver rod . Storms moved in from the south so we cut our morning short . On the way back up the lake we had to rescue a few people out of the water . 3 people were in the middle of the lake in very rough water conditions . seems two of those were trying to swim across the lake when the weather turned bad . the third was following in a Kayak . We picked up the two swimmers and another boat picked up the other lady . got them back to shore safely . one of the swimmers was a very young girl guessing 8-10 year old . Tuesday evening was cut short by more storms rolling through .got out for maybe 30 minutes but picked up two quick lakers on the diver rods . Wed morning we picked up another 3 fish before heading home for work Wed night .

  9. I am fairly new to this deep water stuff too . I got my boat last summer and struggled like you are experiencing . I picked up a used manual down rigger and my success has improved . I stacked two rods on one rigger last year with very limited luck on the fish . Over the winter I picked up a second manual rigger new a walker for around $200 . I started this year on Keuka in March running two riggers and two diver rods . divers were on fireline and I had very little luck on the divers but the riggers produced great . In May I switched one of the diver rods over to wire and it started getting more hits on it . Last week I switched the other diver over to wire . And so as of now I am running two wire diver rods and three rigger rods on two riggers . stacked on the one rigger and single on the other . I am doing ok on the trolling now I pick up a few fish on most of my outings now . welcome to the addiction of trolling . If I were you I would try Keuka to learn on .it is a little easier to find the fish there .

    my riggers are one walker and one penn both manual . the penn is a little easier to crank up . but both get the job done .

  10. went up to the lake for a few days camped at the Ontario county park up on the hill up by Brristol Springs . if any one is looking for a nice quiet campground I highly recommend this place . We fished out of Woodville launch. Monday evening we got only two fish one on a spoon a dink rainbow and a laker on a seneca ghost fly on the riggers down 55' . Tuesday morning launched at day break trolled the eat side from the condos north a few miles then with not much marked .switched over to the west side and started to mark a little bait . missed a few on the west shore but didnt land any . Got a little warm so we retreated back to the hill for the cool breeze up there . Tuesday evening we trolled the west side from the condos south to the dropoff . We did much better going 5 for 8 two rainbows and the rest lakers . They came on spoons ran on divers back 150 and riggers set between 55 and 80 . got a couple on the seneca ghost again also . missed a big fish as I was pulling my gear at the end of the night . peeled drag for about 30seconds on the seneca ghost fly . Wed morning we trolled the same area as the night be fore missed a few fish and ended up landing four all lakers . All on spoons this morning ran at 65 foot . A pretty good couple days for me got fish on all the rods . two wire diver rods and three rigger rods . I am still learning on every trip thanks to all of you here on this site sharing your reports . Sorry no pics left the camera here on the computer desk

  11. I lauched at the state park about 1130 after battling weeds over on Seneca in the morning . trolled south to the bluff .picked up two one on a rigger and one on the diver both on spoons . pleasure boaters were out in force for sure . I swear they try to mess up the fishing for me getting as close as they can . Think my next trip up will be in the middle of the week lol

  12. way to go . Keuka usually fishes pretty good. I have been practicing up there since March. going to try seneca in the morning to see if I have learned any thing . I have only been at this trolling stuff since last year .

  13. I am no t into the jig making yet . But I make trout spinners for stream fishing . What some of us home made lure makers have done on other site is have a trade of lures . Someone takes the leadership role and say everyone makes a batch of lures .and sends them to the leader. Leader then mails them out to other participants. That way everyone ends up with a new product to try . Maybe this could work on this site . Iam sure there are probably some who make their own trolling flies, spoons ,cowbells also .

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