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  1. finally got out for the shake down run . got a late start launched at 1pm from the state park .trolled with flies on dypsies back 240 ish . down riggers with spoons down 140 ish . . went  nine for fourteen on the fish in a short three hour tour . Most of the fish came right out in front of the launch over 150 -160 fow .  North troll seemed best just over 2 mph . . winds were out of the south with manageable white caps .  Actually marked quite a bit of bait for keuka .

  2. saw a few guys coming in one morning on Keuka with their bow fishing boats . All I can say is they had some of the biggest carp I have everseen . This was some kind of a bowfishing tournament .  One thing for sure bowfishing is a lot of fun . I have never tried it on the finger lakes yet , I mostly shoot on smaller lakes down near the state line . Dont forget bow fishing doesnt start until May 15 in Ny

  3. nice job. What is on the end of your arrows for vanes??

    they are called fobs . they just pop on underneath the nock 46068_446430622059499_72720747_n.jpg

    I have been using them for several years now . You must shoot a dropaway rest to use them

  4. Well November is starting out good for me . Got in the stand about 7 this morning .dragged some estrous scent on the way in . I was siting in the stand when I noticed four deer coming my way . They milled around for the next 30 minutes or so .They appeared to all be fawns . Finally they bedded down just out of bow range. I was just about to set down when I heard a twig snap behind me . I turned around and saw a doe at about 15yds . She had her tail straight out behind her . I look behind her and this mature buck stood about five yds behind her . So I look at him quickly and decide He would be a good one to take . I settle my pin on him and released the arrow . It took him a little high through the shoulder . As he was crashing away through the brush there is another Buck coming in from a different direction . He was a small 6pt . So Iwait the customarily 30 minutes to climb down . Good blood trail of about a 100yds and I get to lay hands on this Unique trophy . Went and got help from My cousin to pull him out of the woods . DSC00007-Copy.jpg



    Get out there boys they are chasing ! .this is just across the state line south of Whitesville ny

  5. what an awesome day off from work . headed up to Keuka this morning for some fishing .only caught two trout . The fall colors were great along the lake . Took the camera but it didnt have a card in it :( . .Sure wish I had got some pictures .marked most of the fish along the eastern shore .in 120-150 fow . Left the Lake at about 1pm .stopped and ate and was home by 3:45

    Got changed and headed for the woods . hunted until dark . almost had a shot at a deer but it was a little too dark for the shot . Also saw four other deer in the distance running . right at dark too

  6. yes Marty please let us know how you do . I have to get a new license too . Iam working second shift now with Sundays and Mondays off . Plus it is archery season . No hunting in Pa on Sundays so guess I will have to go fishing :rofl:

  7. first of all welcome to the site and and the area . You might want to look at the lake ontario tribs section on here . When I stream fish Iam way south of you on the Genesee river . Any way the river is very good fishing in Alegany county for stocked trout . The Wiscoy and East coy streams in Wyoming county is really good stream fishing too . Iam sure you can find something a little closer to your area so good luck .

  8. Another couple days up on Keuka fishing and camping with Dad . We started fishing Sun about 5pm and fished until dark . Two diver rods and two rigger rods all running fly flasher setup . Rigger rods were set at 60' and 70 ' and the 107 walker divers set at 180 and 220' back . We fished the water right out in front of the state park to about a mile south of the launch . Did not mark many fish south most of our fish came north of the launch . We ended up catching eight Lake trout including a triple on at one time .Almost had all the rods going at once as the fourth rod fired jut after we got the third fish in .

    Monday am fished pretty much same setup but stayed out in front of the state park . we missed quite a few on the rigger rods picking up most of our fish on the diver rods . think we ended up catching seven in the morning .

    Got back to the launch and we met 4 people going out for the day . One was an older gentleman that my Dad knew from work . This guy has been in bad health the last few years and They were having troubles getting the boat off the trailer . So I assisted them in doing that and helping them get The older Guy into the boat .

    When we got back out in the Pm .we saw these guys coming back in So we ran back to the Launch to assist them again .They ended up getting a few fish during the day . Had another good visit with these people .

    We ended up with quite a short evening of fishing but managed five fish . Same set up except went with mag divers . Mag divers were back 150 -170 .

    Tuesday morning did not start well . Dad fell in the lake as we were launching . He insisted that we stayed and fish . We got one fish and missed one before calling it a day . Dad was shivering so we only fished about 45 minutes . It was quite breezy also making boat control difficult .

    So it was a pretty good weekend for the most part . Not sure when my next fishing outing will be . Saturday Pa archery deer season starts and Monday is a new license year in Ny . Keuka camping season ends on Oct 21st . No hunting in Pa on Sundays So I might make a couple of day trips in Oct and Nov .

    Good luck this fall

  9. kid was 14 and almost as big as me he wore one of my life jackets . I was more worried about when I take my great nephews oldest is 12or 13 not really sure how old have a couple of younger neighbor kids to take up to the lake too . going to pick up a youth pfd for these younger passengers . watching these younger anglers catch fish is more fun than catching them myself :)

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