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  1. it is wide open .there were a few trailers in the lot this afternoon
  2. prayers go out to his family and friends
  3. carp on a fly rod has to be fun .Those fish pull hard for sure .I camped up near there several years ago and got into the carp on ultra lite gear out of a canoe . Might have to go back up there now that I have a real boat . How is the catfish action on the river/canal ?
  4. looks like a great day on the water .
  5. New here .Just got my first boat last summer It is an alumacraft lunker 16' . It is about equal distances for me to Canandaigua,Kueka and South end of Seneca about 75miles . If you were just starting out which lake would you concentrate most on and why ? I will probably be running two riggers only have one now .
  6. Went with John G a couple seasons ago on Seneca . Sean posts on another little board that Iam on . I really should go with someone that can show me a little more about this deep water trolling though .
  7. Name: Frank Location:West Bingham ,Pa Home Port:finger lakes Boat Name/Type:16' alumacraft lunker I fish for: trout mostly ================== Hey guys and gals new to the site .Had trouble getting logged but finally got things straight a couple days ago . I bought my boat last summer first time boat owner . It is a 2010 alumacraft lunker with a 50horse yamaha. Got out several times last year on Canandaigua ,Kueka and Seneca . also tried a couple small army corps lakes down here across the state line . I will probably be trolling for the most parts on the previous mentioned lakes . Most of my previous fishing was on small streams for trout .So this lake fishing is going to be a learning experience for a little while . Will probably be asking lots of questions so be fore warned .
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