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  1. Just got back from Canandaigua lake .I went up and camped with my niece and her family . First night out on the lake I took my great nephews and their dad out for a little trolling action . Byron and Korey had a great time for their first outing on my boat . Korey had a little trouble with keeping his attention on the rods but was very fascinated with the fish finder . His older brother Byron was real quick at grabbing the rods on the few hits we had . Here the boys are trying to pick up the first laker that Byron got in the boat .Byron later reeled in this pretty rainbow for his second fish of the night The following morning Byron his dad and his gram pa joined me on the morning trip . We had lots of fun sharing fishing stories but Byron only got to reel in our only fish of the morning another nice Laker . Byron ,Korey and their dad Levi joined me on the evening trip we had a few missed fish but the boys had another great time . The following morning It was just Levi joining me on a early morning trip .We managed to get two Lakers both of which measured 24 and 26 inches . only got a picture of the first one but both were the biggest fish brought aboard the boat these last few days
  2. Was up to Keuka a few weeks ago . The Dec was doing a stocking of salmon that day. 22k of the little fingerlings were stocked that day . Good to see a few reach adulthood once in a while
  3. WKSN Kissin' Oldies 1340 AM Jamestown, NY Sunday 7:00AM - 9:00AM WBRR The Hero 100.1 FM Bradford, PA Sunday 7:00AM - 9:00AM WQFX The Fox 103.1 FM Warren, PA Sunday 7:00AM - 9:00AM I can pickup the bradford station sometimes . here is an online version of archived shows. http://www.grizzlygary.com/radio.php Ihave fished with this guy before he is as crazy as he sounds
  4. Alex dont forget your potter county friends . I might know a guy who could get you a ride to use those spoons
  5. Radio Grizzlygary . I know He is on a Jamestown station and a few others . He covers mostly walleye fishing though .
  6. hope you are right headed up there for the weekend .
  7. wow awesome fish for your wife . thanks for the report . I might be going up there tomorrow or this weekend .
  8. nice report . I kinda like Keuka for her numbers
  9. welcome to the site Jake . Iam also new to this game of trolling . I have found for learning that Keuka lake gets you lots of practice setting lines and such . Lots of smaller fish but it will give you lots of action . It is much easier to find fish on keuka than in the bigger lakes Imo . good luck with your fishing .
  10. yes thanks to everyone for sharing their outings here . I have learned so much in my short time looking at these boards . Fished Keuka yesterday and caught 11 fish . Had another guy come up and asked how we did . Seems he doesnt do to good up there . After I shared what little I know with him I suggested he check out these boards to him .
  11. nice report .Might be going up there this weekend .
  12. went up to Canandaigua Saturday with my dad . We trolled the south end for several hours .Beautiful day on the lake but the fish were not very cooperating .Only ended up with one Brown caught on a diver and spoon Did not mark very many fish .but most of what we marked were along the eastern shore over 150 fow
  13. I find stones in stream trout all the time . Mostly during fly hatches I suspect they root out the larva on the bottom of the streams . So chasing some sort of food is probably correct.
  14. thanks Sean . How much wire will I need to run just fishing the finger lakes? Hoping I can get away with using an okuma size 30 reel . I do plan on running wire by summer end .
  15. went back up to Keuka yesterday launched at the state park . Fished from 11am until 5pm in tough conditions for this novice . Wind was out of the north west which made boat control a little tuff. Fished spoons off from the deeper divers back 160-190 one on mono one on braid . Fished fly flasher off the riggers down 60 -120 over 100- 170 fow . Only caught four fish but had the divers trip several times coming up empty most of the time . Should I be running snubbers on these to increase hookups? Still not sure I have the releases set right yet . Well Iam still learning this trolling stuff enjoying most of it
  16. sounds great I might be up there tomorrow .
  17. great video .thanks for putting it together
  18. nice report . were you trolling or jigging?
  19. launched out of the state park about 1030 .fog was pretty thick for the first 15 minutes . Brought along my uncle who has taken me walleye fishing on Chautauqua many times . He is not very successful in his endeavors . We trolled down to the bluff and back picking up most of our fish on the western shore in 160fow . Most of our fish came on fly flasher down on riggers at about 140 . Ended up boating 15 with the biggest being a 24" laker . We brought our limit home as my uncle wanted to try smoking some .
  20. wished I would have seen this yesterday . I am still very much a rookie when it comes to boat fishing . learning alot from reading on here . I seem to be doing better at least on Kueka lake .
  21. What a great Birthday I had . Launched out of Kueka lake state Park at about 11am with my Dad . Setup a dypsy diver with a spoon ,rigger with a spoon and a rigger with flasher fly .water temp 39degrees Caught seven Laker most came from about 160fow . parked the riggers at about 145 . Largest trout was 21" the rest between 15-19 . caught fish on every rod .with a couple of doubles .had a triple going at one point but dropped one of the fish . Bought a couple more rods from a local shop up in Branchport Fishy Business. nice little shop
  22. sounds like some good fishing . I hope to get up there on the 13th for my first trip of the year .
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