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  1. For me, 50 lb braid with a 20 lb mono or fluorocarbon leader about 10 ft. long gets the job done in most situations.
  2. reel thrill, now that you mention it I recall catching 10 to 12 inch rainbows in the rivers years ago during the chinook run.
  3. I was thinking the immature fish stay in the lake year round even in the blue zone.
  4. Went out today from 1 pm to 6 pm. Fished the blue zone most of the afternoon then about an hour in tight.Well today is my first skunk of the year. Marked tons of bait between 260 and 360 fow down between 120 to 180 deep. What do you guys think,is it time to put the boat away?
  5. I just seen chinooks post... ya it could be that...with that manual you could check it out.
  6. It sounds like you have a maintanance issue to take care of so the computer set the rpms that low so you don't damage the motor. I don't know if your gauges are equipped to give out maintenance codes? if not a maintenance manual for your motor is invaluable. also you can post your question on ( I BOATS .COM). Find the link to your specific motor and post a question there,They are very knowledgeable and helpfull Good luck.
  7. Head south east to 280 feet of water and have your dipsies set around no later than 7am ,1 back 150 ft another back 200 ft,both on #3 setting ...as soon as you get hit,work that area. Good luck
  8. To be more specific I was on a tributary off Georgeon Bay, Lake Huron.It is on the Canadian side of the province Ontario. I skimmed through the Ontario fishing regulations summery for 2016 online and did not find such restrictions. Thanks for the heads up,its good to know if I visit your side.
  9. After a day fishing on a Lake Huron tributary I proceeded to clean my keep on the river bank.This one Chinook 15 lbs, I had completely gutted it heart and all and as I was cutting the blood line inside the spine the fish kicked out of my hand and swam away!
  10. I have seen and caught many browns in rivers during their fall spawn run as far back in my youth as I can remember , maybe 20 years. I can't comment on recent years though because trolling in the lake is mostly what I do. In the spring I have caught them trolling in 10 fow with stelth presentation, long lines etc. preferably where murky water meets clear water. As far as your observation of poor spawning numbers...good question!
  11. Went out this morning 6-11/30am,100-180fow...washed tackle all morning.
  12. Went out yesterday morning. At 6:45am dipsie with ff fires...pulled like a horse for 3 secs and gone!!! Probably my first king of the year. I reeled in and found my line snapped between dipsie and flasher...what!!! Found my drag fully tight...man...didn't move a rod the rest of the morning.
  13. Seems like the good times are finally here...can't wait to get out there!
  14. I was out today 6-11am ,I landed one 2lb Atlantic and 2 knock offs,all morning.There was lots of boats out there yesterday and today. On my way in I checked the leader board from the start of yesterdays derby. Top 10 salmon ranged from 20 lb to 27 lb...Any of you guys care to share a tip, it would be greatly appreciated!
  15. I spent some time on googling salmon meat rigs.Lots of demonstrations I saw there. Cheers.
  16. Ok guys, went out today 3-7pm. Temps where in the low 60s in tight and 57ish out deep.Finally found some fish around 6 pm.Got 1/3.Finally put some blood on the deck this year with a 7 lbs rainbow. It was late so I kept trolling homewards otherwise had I circled around I am sure I would have hooked some more.The one that came in the boat did take the meat. Thanks bro...you are a God sent! Cheers!
  17. I never tried meat before,I will try and let you guys know how I did.
  18. Ya about 30 ft back has been good to me at around 40 ft down...however when considering spooking fish,higher up in the water column the farther back of the boat,the deeper down shorter leads should not spook the fish as much. PS. I am no pro by any means.I have been struggling in the early season last 2 years around the Scarborough area.
  19. My experience spoons do good early in the season,then when the water really warms up flasher flys take over...however the past 2 cold starts I am scratching my head how long its taking for the fish to move east from the west end.
  20. Went out yesterday 1-7pm,fished 65-350 fow,marked lots of fish and bait in 65 fow...didn't move a rod.Maybe I wasn't stealth enough in tight? Temps where 52 in tight, 49-50 offshore.Fished 45-90 ft. down in the deep.I am guessing you had success high up in the water column?
  21. Went out this morning 5am to 11am. Trolled 45fow to350fow.Fished from tight to the bottom all the way up the water collum.got one hit all day,about a 3 pounder ...lost it before I could see what it was.Temps where 48 in tight,42 out deep. Anyone else having better luck?
  22. Thanks bro. "When I went there was no alewives there." You meant at the bluffs,or....did you see any at Bronte and port Dalhousie? I went out of the Bluffs 2 times from the begining of May, both times in 100-350 fow...marked hooks between 120 and 180 down, at around 240 fow...LOTS,no takers though?Surface temps where between 37 out deep to 42 in tight. Maybe I should be in tight to shore for a Brown program? Anyway...no problem I will report next time we go out. Cheers.
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