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  1. I telephoned the park office this morning and was told that the launch would be closed this weekend. There are still problems from the creek having overflowed. They said they hope they may be able to open the launch by next weekend.
  2. Went to Taughannock yesterday morning. There were barricades with "no trespassing" signs blocking the launch drives. It looked like the bubbling system wasn't working and part of the launch pond was frozen over. I hope this doesn't signal a change in launch policy.
  3. bluetop

    Cayuga lakers

    Thanks, Hermit. Yes, I sell Sutton spoons on eBay and make and sell my own Bluetop3 spoons which are the same shape, size, thickness, etc. as Suttons. It's getting difficult for me to get Suttons. When I told this to one of my best customers (who fishes Cayuga), he said he wasn't concerned because my spoons were outfishing his Suttons (and they're a lot less expensive). His brother, who posts on LOU as Fish On, replied on LOU that his brother was "Smashing the fish. Big ones!" on my spoons. I have 44 size, also 88, 21,31, 35, 38. I can make any size and have lots of great holographic color choices, unlike Suttons. I sell only on eBay. No direct sales.
  4. Thank you for the kind words Fish On. You make a great press agent! I wanted to ad in my listing that I sell only on eBay. No direct sales. Thanks again.
  5. I have Suttons for sale on eBay. Also I sell spoons there which I make. Attached are pictures of spoons I've made and sold. My spoons come in the same shape, thickness, flexibility as Suttons and offer much greater color. And they're much less expensive. I have a buyer who's been ordering every week. I notified him that I was starting to run low on Suttons. He said he wasn't concerned because my spoons had been outfishing his Suttons. He says he will keep Suttons in his lure collection. I finish my spoons with quality, durable holographic lure tape, each one is at least 1/2 finished with silver color. Tape won't last forever, but it's very easy to renew. My spoons are all I use and I rig fish on Cayuga about 85 times a year, even in winter (Taughannock has an ice-free launch). If interested, please check out my listings. Go to eBay. Search for "Sutton Fishing Spoons". My listings are under the name "bluetop3". I sell only on eBay. No direct sales. Thanks.
  6. Please contact me if you have used Suttons to sell.
  7. Thanks for the kind words, Fish-On. My spoons are available on Ebay. They're only about $3 each and they work great for me. I used to use Suttons exclusively, then started making spoons myself. For anybody interested, on Ebay select "flutter spoons". Then, if you click on the "auctions only" tab, it will narrow the field. Out of about 30 listings, I have 10, under the seller name "blutop3".
  8. I've used the Treman launch regularly in all seasons for quite a few years. If the lake level is normal for this time of year, then the bottom must have come up some! In no other years have I been unable to launch.
  9. Five new flutter spoons 3 1/2" to 3 3/4". They are thin, similar to Suttons, for enhanced flutter action. They are handcrafted by me. I'm retired and troll for trout and salmon approx. 85 days per year. These spoons work great for me! They are finished with quality, durable lure tape. Undersides are silver prism or microscale. Topsides have great color and flashy holographic patterns. 5 spoon lot for $19.99 with free shipping. Returns accepted within 7 days.
  10. These trolling spoons are handcrafted by me and are similar in weight to Suttons. They are finished with quality lure tape, silver colored on one side. They range from 3" to 5". I offer them at $3.99 each. Shipping and handling would be $1.99 - and free for orders of 6 or more. I could offer quantity discounts to dealers or large purchases. Offer would have to be limited to available supply. Contact me at [email protected]
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