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  1. With fillets I first rub with lemon. If I’m worried about fishy taste, I then also rub with chicken broth - then I add dry seasonings. While broiling, you can also baste with chicken broth. Great with large lake trout.
  2. They were at the south end last Monday.
  3. I’ve heard of fishermen netting sawbellies from shore at Taughannock to use for bait. That may be why he wanted to know if they’re “close in”.
  4. I’ve been able to correct the situation more than once by moving a thin wire into the place where the water should exit. The wire you get when you strip the paper off a grocery bag tie works well.
  5. Gobies to the rescue !?
  6. Cherry bombs were bad enough, but I remember when dynamite caps were used - at the end of long wires. Against the law, of course. Loss of an eye or finger (or both) was not unknown. I've heard that earlier than their use they used to put a substance in a glass bottle (I won't say what, as I wouldn't want people to do it), put a hole in the bottle' s cap, add weight and sink it below the surface. The water dripping in would cause an expanding gas, eventually causing the bottle to explode. I didn't night fish a lot. The speed nets we used didn't have a round handle, The handle had a cross section that had an elongated diamond shape, so that it would cut through the water faster.
  7. I'm an old-time (age 79) rig fisherman. I just use my inexpensive fish finder to locate fish and bait. It only indicates surface temperature. I do very well without needing sub-surface temps. I don't use speed indicators either. When trolling, I maintain the same line angle from rod to water that has proven itself best with my specific rig and weight, except for tactics such as speeding up, slowing down, or making turns in order to induce strikes.
  8. I read an article about what is considered as "Coastal Waters" by the Coast Guard. It stated that the CG regulations only apply if a connecting canal (between you and the coast) is not less than two miles wide. I just found the reference in the CG boating regulations online manual as regards the need for Visual Distress signals under CG law 33CFR 175.101. It states non-application of at least this CG regulation if you're separated from the ocean by a canal less than two miles wide. While NYS still requires such signals, it is limited to boats 16' or more.
  9. That is one of my "Bluetop3 Flutter Spoons" which I sell only on eBay (no direct sales). I make them by hand and finish them with lure tape and gold hooks. They fish like Sutton's. I was a Sutton dealer until they had production problems. I had a Cayuga fisherman customer who bought lots of Sutton's from me as well as lots of my spoons. When I told him that I could no longer sell him Sutton's, he said "That's OK, because your spoons are out-fishing the hell out of my Sutton's!" They do have much more color options than Sutton's. I'm retired and troll Cayuga in all seasons. My spoons are the only ones I use - and I don't look back! Lure tape doesn't last forever, but metal does! Tape can easily be replaced. Pictured are 35 and 44 size spoons I have listed on eBay. Someone added an upward bend at the front of my spoon, which I've heard that brown's like. They are only about $10.49 plus postage for three spoons. Undersides are almost always silvery.
  10. You might try my "Bluetop3 Flutter Spoons" sold on eBay. The blanks are similar in thickness and shape to Suttons. They are finished with high quality lure tape, which gives great color options that Suttons don't have. The tape doesn't last forever, but the blanks roll on. It's easy to replace with tape of your liking. You probably can't beat the price. I was a Sutton dealer, selling them on eBay, until they had inventory problems. I had a Cayuga fisherman who bought lots of Suttons and lots of the spoons I make. When I told him I could no longer get Suttons, he said that it was no problem since my spoons were "outfishing the hell out of my Suttons". His brother, FishOn, a few years back, replied on LOU, to a post I had about my spoons. He affirmed that his brother was "catching the hell" out of Cayuga fish with my spoons. I fish Cayuga very successfully and my spoons are all I use and I've no need for any other. Photo is of three 44 size I just sold. Only $10.49 + postage for all three. I'm retired. It's pretty much a hobby, nowhere near a business. I don't sell direct, only on eBay. They're available in 44 size and I can and do make any size. If interested, just search for "Bluetop3 Flutter Spoons" on eBay.
  11. I'm interested in the lot if the price is right. Thank you.
  12. I use size 3 Mustad gold plated trebles. For slightly smaller spoons I go to size 4. Size #'s change with different makes.
  13. I will take them all for $85 plus postage. Please PM me.
  14. Sunbrella Bimini top with 36" gunwale tracks, which allow top to be slid forward or back to adjust position. It is in nice used condition, as shown. It has been treated several times with quality silicone waterproofing spray, as recommended by manufacturer. The top has a width that would accommodate a boat with a beam of 6' to 6 1/2'. Located in Ithaca, NY. $200 or best offer. Cost over twice that.
  15. A great trick I learned when broiling fillets from large lake trout is to baste them with chicken broth.
  16. A good way to check on the changes in water depths is to search "canals.NY/ Cayuga water level". This NY website has a graph tracing Cayuga's ups and downs.
  17. I had it happen on Cayuga a few years ago. My rig was about 1/3 of the way down in 300'+ of water. Had to break my line. .
  18. Adding weight at the bow would help to bring the transom up. I run with a 60 lb. bucket of paint at my bow.
  19. I caught 16 of them one day last year on Cayuga. I was using mealworms in 20' of water at the south end. They were all between a pound and a pound and 1/2. They put up a strong and fun fight. However, they aren't very tasty. My inquiries pointed to them being large golden shiners.
  20. Thanks. Yes, Sutton is electronically challenged. They used pencil and paper instead of a calculator in totaling up my purchases the last time I was there. Once I told them that it was all over the internet that they were out of business, but they just said "that's a bunch of crap" and never countered the rumors on the internet.
  21. When I was selling Suttons as well as making my own spoons, I complained multiple times to eBay that other makes of spoon were being sold in their "Sutton Fishing Spoon" category and that was hurting sales for those,like myself, that were listing true Suttons only. Other makes were getting into the category by mentioning Sutton's name in their listing title such as "X-Spoons, Preferred Over Suttons". When eBay wouldn't do anything about it, I told them that I make my own spoons that have Sutton type action and said that if I couldn't lick them, I'd join them. I just say my spoons have Sutton type action (which they do), etc. and they allow it into the Sutton Spoon category.
  22. Some of the replies refer to me. I make Sutton substitute spoons and sell them on eBay, listed under "Sutton Fishing Spoons", under the name Bluetop3 or Bluetop4. I have lots of 44 size. My spoons are recognizable by their colorful finishes. They aren't much over $3 each. I was a Sutton dealer, but use only my spoons. I wouldn't if they weren't at least as good as Suttons. Fish-On's brother bought lots of Suttons from me, as well as the spoons I make. When I told him I was having trouble getting more Suttons, he said he didn't care because my spoons were "fishing the hell out of the Suttons".
  23. I make these spoons in the same size, shape and thickness as Suttons, giving them the same action. They are finished with quality, durable lure tape, which offers more color than Suttons. I am retired and troll Cayuga lake approx. 85 times a year, even in winter. These are the only spoons I use, even though I've had access to Suttons as a dealer. Each lot contains 3 spoons, both sides are pictured for each lot. They are $9.99 per lot, plus $2.45 postage. Postage for multiple lots would still be just $2.45. My Bluetop spoons are also available in many sizes on eBay under the category "Sutton Fishing Spoons". (I posted the photos of each lot in order, but the listing scrambled them)..
  24. I cut them and make them one by one. They are also available in many sizes on eBay under the category "Sutton Fishing Spoons". They are all new, unused.
  25. I make these spoons and use them exclusively and successfully in all seasons on Cayuga, even though I've had access to Sutton spoons as a dealer. They are the same thickness, shape and size as Suttons, resulting in the same action. They are finished with quality, durable lure tape, so they offer more color choice than Suttons. These sizes are 36, 23, 38 and two 88's. Both sides are pictured. $22 and I will ship postpaid. I've had a customer who was buying both Suttons and my spoons from me. When I told him I was having problems getting Suttons he told me he didn't care, because my spoons were outfishing his Suttons.
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