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  1. Thanks for all the responses I just found out my boss knows some people that Can hopefully get me a good deal on a good used boat that I'm lookin for,n he said to wait till the winter for a better deal so for now I'm just going to a boat show
  2. After years I finally have the ok to buy a brand new boat.im really not sure what kind to buy for lake Ontario,I'm looking for a 21-23 footer,in the price range around 25000.n I was told to stick with a outboard.any help is very much apprised thanks
  3. K thanks I will start by charging it then c if it starts if not get a new one with a switch.my other question is if I get a new battery do they usually come fully charged or do I need to put it on a trickle charge for a little while
  4. My battery's 3 yrs old I took to auto zone to get it checked they said it was fine.i started the boat with no problem let it sit for 3days n it was completely dead.i only have the motor on the battery no accessories.ya think the store was wrong n I need a new one
  5. Thanks for the replies I will look into it
  6. Hi guys I found a 95 22ft stratos boat for sale, it's a v6 outboard,200 Johnson cuddy, it does not have a trailer,he is lookin for 5500 or best reasonable offer no low balers.im wondering if these are good boats n does that sound reasonable for the price any info very much appreciated thanks.
  7. I have the cannon n it always gives me problems to,wish I did my homework before I spent the money on it.
  8. Just a thank you captain rick I saw your video on tournament tied flies I thought I tied mine pretty good but after I saw your video I realized how much I botched them now I'm retying them the rite way thanks again
  9. K will do sir I'll check it in the spring thanks again
  10. Thanks sk8man I made sure there was enough water n also made sure the caps were on tight,I went to auto zone to make sure it was still good they checked it n said yes,took it home n still heard that sound from the battery not the charger,at this point should I just get rid of it for safety
  11. I put my batteries away for the winter on a 2amp trickle charge n I heard a screeching noise from one of them does anyone no what could cause that,n is it safe to just keep it on that trickle charge for the winter
  12. Thanks for the input ill c if she's still availble
  13. I'm lookin at a 89 22ft sylvan boat 3.7 inboard for 4000 , I don't no if this is a good boat for this price or for salmon fishing just lookin for advice.if this is not the rite boat for lake o.what is a decent boat ,my budgets not that much around 5000 thanks
  14. Yes I change it every year but because it wasn't in water this year I wasent sure,n thanks for the replies
  15. My boat never got in the water once this year was just wondering if I still needed to change the lower unit gear oil again when I winterize it,it's a 70hp outboard
  16. Same here they just rode beside me n told me not to stop unless I didn't have what they needed to see
  17. K pap thank u ill give it a try n see what happens
  18. Yes it was with the switch on the off position
  19. Tileman I do have mag 10s but I didn't have them hooked up to the other battery yet. Artb I'm not sure how to get pics on here but ill explain it .i have the starter positive going to the common on the switch n the negative going to the negative on the main battery,the accessories positive going to the common on the switch n the negative going to the negative on the main battery,I have a 4 gauge wire going from battery 1on the switch to the positive on the main battery,I have a 4 gauge wire from battery 2 to the positive on the 2nd battery n a 4 gauge wire from the negative on the main battery to the negative on the 2nd battery,but like I said the 2nd battery isn't hooked up yet so those wires are just laying on floor rite now.thanks again hope this makes sense
  20. Back in may I bought a battery switch so I can have two batteries.it seemed pretty easy to put together ,I bought a brand new battery n hooked that one for the starter n accessories I never hooked up the 2nd one yet but left the wires hooked up so it would b easy to put on the 2nd battery just for the down riggers.after about 2 months I went to start the boat n the battery was already drained n the switch was off.any ideas why this may have happened would be greatly appreciated
  21. Ok I don't know how to do that I'll try n get one of the kids to do it
  22. I recently bought some spoons off a older gentleman who retired from fishin some spoons caught my eye just wondering about them, one is called mother of pearl,some ruby eye wigglers,one of these only has one red eye,go fish rudder spoons,n optimisers not sure what these are any input is appreciated thanks
  23. My wife is a nurse n she was at this older mans house he gave her a book called catching trophy salmon n trout secrets of a Great Lakes pro has anyone read this is it worth reading
  24. I'm no expert but I had one that kept blowin on me this weekend I went to a 30 amp fuse n it seemed to work fine n it's the mag 10s also
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