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  1. Fished Sandy today, caught browns, we pulled up and trailered to Sodus, and nailed kings, between Sodus and Rochester. 20 to 50fow.
  2. I've never heard of this method, could you please explain it? Thanks!
  3. How many vendors are at the Lotsa show? Does anyone know if there are deals to be had a this show, or is everything sold at regular prices?
  4. If the fishing is fast and furious then I bonk them. If the fishing is more evenly paced then they get bled.
  5. Great idea Fishtails, I was thinking the same thing about line counters. Without a doubt, Atommic is the best place to buy bulk copper.
  6. I think the AFW was the thinnest as Captain Bill stated below the video. It makes sense that the thinner the line the lower the breaking strength. I find that thinner line curls easier. Here is the link to the video again check out the comments below the video.
  7. I think this warm winter means Bigger and Deeper Kings.
  8. Been eating them for 30 years and Doc says I am fitter them most people 20 years younger. I think the more salmon you eat the better your blood pressure is.
  9. 4th super glue, also works good at making braid uni knots not slip
  10. I think it doesn't really matter which wire line you use, there are many out there. Wire has standards and therefore strength is determined by diameter. Here is a link to a great wire line video, make sure to read the comments below the video because they explain the reason for the differences. It really comes down to what color you prefer the wire to be and the price tag. Last year there were two Captains in Rochester that were outperforming everyone else. They swore the darker the wire the better. They wouldn't tell me which wire they were using but I had a peak at their wire reels and the wire was really dark, almost purple - black smoke color. Anyone know which wire this could be?
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