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  1. Up for sale is a Danforth Anchor Set. Included in the set is a 13 Lb Danforth Anchor that’s suitable for use with boats ranging in size from 21 feet to 32 feet. Also included in 150 feet of 5/8†nylon anchor line. Priced at $80.00. Email me through the site, or call 989-529-4434
  2. Up for sale is a Fulton Aluminum Kicker Motor Bracket. This was taken off a boat I purchased this past Spring, and is fully functional and operational with no issues at all. Designed to mount off the transom of your boat for mounting an auxillary trolling motor, this unit adjusts up and down to put the aux motor down in the water when in use, or bring it up out of the way when you’re not using it. Comparable to the Garelick Motor Brackets currently on the market. Priced at $100.00 Email me through the site or call 989-529-4434
  3. Up for sale are two Big Jon Quad Multi-Set Rod Holder sets. These rod holder sets are in like brand new condition. They have been modified from the standard to work with Bert’s or Traxtech track and also have Big Jon hinged stanchions to allow for infinite horizontal adjustments for the rod holders in the set, or for mounting surfaces that are not level. Also included with each set is a 6†Bert’s Satin Track complete with black step pad. Price is firm @ $250.00 per set. Email me through the site, or call 989-529-4434
  4. Up for sale are four Cannon Low Profile Swivel Bases. These swivel bases are in like brand new condition. They come complete with the magnum mounting base attached. Priced fairly at $60.00 each. Email me though the site, or call 989-529-4434
  5. Up for sale are two Cannon Mag 10 Legacy Electric Downriggers. These are not the new high-speed models, but the very reliable original Mag 10’s with adjustable booms and rod holder. Also included with each downrigger is a “retro-ease†weight retriever and the original power supply cord. These riggers have seen very little use and come across as in like new condition. I purchased them, then switched over to walleye fishing and they’ve spend most of their lives sitting on a shelf in my barn. Time to find them a new home. Priced at $300 each. Email me through the site, or call 989-529-4434.
  6. For any interested parties.... I can get the matching clamp on rod holders for this for only $10.00 each - as many as you want or need. I can also get better than average prices on net holders, light/antenna brackets, etc. For the record... this isn't the same arch advertised for the $549 price. This is a Uni-Arch, not the Sportsman Arch. This was a more expensive model that doesn't come all disassembled and have to be bolted together. Please get your facts straight if you're going to throw out information aimed at undermining my sales efforts. Thanks!
  7. Currently available is a brand new aluminum fishing equipment/radar arch from Fish On Sports. This Uni-Arch is in brand new condition, and has never been mounted to any boat…. It’s flawless and perfect. The arch adjusts to fit the beam of most boats (50â€W to 96â€W) and weighs only 80 lbs. It’s designed to be easily folded down when the boat is being stored and is made of 2†schd 40 aluminum tube with some awesome craftsmanship on the welds in mirrored aluminum powder coat finish. Additional accessories may be ordered in a matching finish to work in conjunction with this arch, including clamp-on rod holders, light & antenna holders and radar dome mounting pads. For more information , check out the website at http://www.fishonsports.com Normal retail on these arches is $599.95 plus tax and shipping. Buy this brand new arch for only $400.00 Call 989-529-4434 or contact me via email through the site. Thank you for looking! The arch is currently in east-central Michigan, so New York buyers will need to consider shipping….
  8. I'm not sure what brand these are, and there are not identification tags anywhere on them to indicate anything. They appear to be built pretty well.... I bought them from a friend a few years back and I haven't used them once. I'm not interested in breaking up the pair, so if you only want one of them - then this isn't the deal for you. Thanks, Kent
  9. Up for sale is a pair of Nylon Trolling Drift Bags. These Drift bags are cone shaped and are 24†Diameter when fully deployed. They have an built in floatation device and counter weight to keep the bags in a stable upright orientation when they’re being used. Hi-visability Yellow Color. Suitable for boats up to 24 feet in length. Compare at models that are $40.00 each or more. Buy this pair of trolling bags for only $40.00. Reply via email or call 989-529-4434
  10. No response from one of the buyers... So, I've still got two sets of these dual rod holders availalbe. Thanks! Kent
  11. Up for sale are Cannon Rear-mount Dual Rod Holder Sets in like brand new condition. I’ve got four sets of these available. The savvy Cannon angler knows that these can either be mounted from the pedestal shown in the photo, or turned around and mounted off the boom for a front mount application. These are all in excellent condition. I just don’t downrigger fish enough to mess around with running multiple lines off each downrigger – so these need a new home. Fish307.com gets $79.99 for these each (plus tax and shipping). Save big and buy these high quality, gently used rod holder sets for only $40.00 per set. Email me through the site, or call 989-529-4434. Thanks for looking.
  12. Here we have an Easy Troller Hinged Metal Trolling Plate in Standard Size. This like brand new trolling plate is designed to fit outboard motors and/or the outdrive of I/O motors from 50HP to 300HP. It was taken off from a boat I just purchased that had a 150HP Johnson Outboard on it and has seen very little use. 100% functional and this model comes with a patented hinge design. Amazon.com and most other retailers are selling these new for $120-140 (plus tax and shipping). Save big and buy this like brand new plate for only $60.00. Email me through the site, or call 989-529-4434. Thanks for looking.
  13. Up for sale is a gently used marine radio. This Shakespeare Model 2001EX is in excellent condition. It was recently removed from a boat I purchased and is 100% in terms of appearance and performance. Comes complete with mounting bracket, microphone, microphone hanger, wiring harness and owner’s manual. The only reason I decided to sell this was because I decided I wanted to flush mount the VHF radio in the new boat, and flush mount kits to accomplish this with this particular model are no longer available. Save big, as this model went for over $120.00 new. My firm price for this like-new model is only $60.00. Call 989-529-4434 or drop me an email. Thanks for looking!
  14. Up for sale are a pair of Bert’s Custom Tackle Downrigger Swivel Mounts. These swivel mounts are in like brand new condition. They fit in the Bert’s & Traxtech mounting track and are designed to universally fit all of the major downrigger manufacturer’s products. Sixteen angle variations with the swivel function and a durable anodized aluminum finish. Compare to new at over $100.00 each (manufacturer’s website has them for $130.99 each). Buy these for $50.00 each (price s firm) Call 989-529-4434 or drop me an email. Thanks for looking!
  15. Up for sale are a pair of like brand new Eight pound Vinyl Coated Downrigger Flash Weights. These downrigger weights have seen very little use, and look brand new. They come with individual connection points for the downrigger wire and the downrigger release and have silver prism reflective tape to draw the fish’s attention to your downrigger spread. Compare to new at $30.00 each. Buy these for $15.00 each (price is firm) Call 989-529-4434 or drop me an email. Thanks for looking!
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