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  1. Chamount/Henderson walleye

    Yeah that was a good day. We had fun!!! Game on buddy.
  2. Dunkirk 8/29 to 9/1

    For Erie this year we were disappointed with all the smalls, 16-18". We couldn't keep them off the line. At times we had 6 on at once. I guess it's the going to Erie thinking you want 4lb fish or bigger for almost everyone like past years. With the occasional 10lb + eye. But catching eyes none the less is fun.
  3. 6/7 Oneida

    It was a rough day out there. Nice bag. Went out solo and caught 5 drifting. All cookie cutters in 18" range.
  4. 5/31 ONEIDA

    Horrible at trolling stickbaits unless it's in 10' of water. Still learning the tricks to it. What are you using to get them down while deeper? Tried a few times last year with no success.
  5. We had a tough go of it too on Friday. First time out this year. Only fished from 7-11 and managed only 2 ok browns. Few other guys that came in didn't get much either. One boat got skunked while the other boat hit one.
  6. Accessories holder for Berts track.

    Thought more people would have these or used something along the lines of these.
  7. Okuma Convectors vs Accudepth plus

    THANK YOU!!! I thought I was the only one that that happened to. I have had that happen a bunch of times. Pisses me off. Outside of that I have and like them both. For browns I will use either but if I am going out for some kings etc I will use my convectors. I just think they are built better to handle the big stress that a king puts on the reels. Len
  8. how can they grow unless they lose them

    You see the prices they get for a little 5"-6" section of antler in the pet stores? Not cheap. Guess they sell them as chew toys for dogs now. My dog would just carry it around.
  9. Happy Easter to all

    Nice catch
  10. I am looking to see all my options on an accessories holder for the berts track. I have see the one from berts and traxstech. I can't seem to find any others. Want to look at them all before I pick one up. I think it will be a nice addition to the rod holders in my set up. Any info, hints or websites would be awesome. Thanks Len
  11. Walleye Stocking in Otisco Lake

    Hell with the funding that they always complain about I am shocked they don't cut it back more. Seems like the only thing happening is cuts. I have never fished out there as I live right near Oneida. I think everyone wants their local lake to be stocked. We just know that it's not possible. Not sure how they determine what lakes to cut back on or what ones to stock more. Not sure surveys are that solid. Len
  12. Walleye 8/15

    Nice bag. Never did make it up there this spring. Can only hope for next spring.
  13. Eye Spy opening day 2014

    Nice catch.