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  1. yeah I see what ur saying I think. it may not be accurate to the tenth of a mph in heavy current? I guess my point is ill have a better idea of weather I have to do 3.5 or 1.2 on the surface vs. without a probe giving me some idea of my down speed... id just be guessing. educated guessing but guessing nonetheless
  2. hey you cant put a price on fun les
  3. I would say the most attractive part of the fish hawk for me isn't so much temperature at depth... I can find the thermocline and fish marks with my sonar all day. I'm more interested in knowing what my down speed is in current. Like has been said, not so much for the finger lakes but for Lake O when there's heavy current or even for deeper walleye fishing. Again I can guestimate what the gear is doing based on the hum or angle of the rigger cables etc. but it'd be a lot easier to have a probe telling you exactly what your down speed is. On days when fish are hitting everything everywhere at every speed it doesn't make a difference. But I think it would help a lot on days when fish are finicky (every day with walleye) and are hitting at 2.4 mph... not 2.3, not 2.5, but 2.4.. I haven't used one but id say it also makes it easier to target a thermocline. There may be places in the lake that it sits at 40 but a few miles one way or another maybe its at 60.. In my opinion the more consistent you can be with your down speed, down temp etc. once you find out what the fish want the more successful you will be. especially on marginal days. And that ladies and gentleman is how I justify how much a fish hawk will cost me haha
  4. Yeah I saw that. Incredible fish. I saw another post a couple weeks ago with like a 10 pound LL out of Cayuga And another a couple weeks before that with a monster Laker out of Cayuga. It seems like there's a lot of consistent reports of nice bows and browns too. That water has definitely been producing this year and I gotchya. that's definitely going to be my next purchase is a fish hawk
  5. I think the area had a lot of rain the day/night before and I'm wondering if that messed up some temp breaks or at least shut the fish off for a little while that were stacked higher in the water column. Either way we had a pretty consistent pick of Lakers which was definitely better than nothing. Di you have any other luck in tight? The biggest laker had about a 5 inch alewife in it.
  6. I had gear at 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 80 and 90 all day. Ran a variety of spoon sizes and colors and a couple of sticks. dipseys, lead and riggers. just couldn't get anything to hit up high. varied speed from 2.1 to 2.8... Marked plenty of fish and bait in 55 to 60 just wasn't our day to get anything but lakers. im not complaining by any means, im just sharing the info and what worked for us yesterday
  7. Cayuga 9/4 Launched early out of Myers and headed north to Milliken. Had a little slow start. Didn't have good screens until we were inside 140 FOW. Marked a ton of bait and fish right in front of Milliken. Picked up a lot of decent lakers 80 to 90 ft down on riggers and green spoons over 100 to 140 FOW. We crossed over to Treeman and pretty much had the same thing goin over there. Couldn't seem to get any silver to hit but it was a decent day.
  8. Cannon Easi-Troll Downrigger with Swivel Base $150 Cannon Easi-Troll downriver ready to go with Swivel base. 2foot stainless boom $150 obo PM me if interested
  9. I would look into the Western New York Retriever Club https://www.facebook.com/Western-New-York-Retriever-Club-Inc-170685129609037/ They do training days and testing events. I'm not sure what the schedule looks like coming up but its worth a look. They would also probably be able to point you in the direction of pro trainers or people that would help
  10. glad to see you got into something out there and the boat performed well Ill be going out of Woodville next time I hit canandaigua
  11. We're headed out right now. I take it that means a rough morning. Anything at all out there?
  12. I'm thinking about trying Ontario in the am. NOAA is calling for 1-2 ft out of Braddock tomorrow. I'll probably just try inside for browns
  13. Well good luck tomorrow. Let us know how you do out of woodville. It seems that usually when I check reports if the north end is slow the south end is still producing. Maybe I'll make the extra drive from now on and go out of there
  14. Ohh sorry. Yeah that rigger fired around menteth right away in the morning. Nk28 gold spoon with black and orange 80 down over 125. Spoon 100 feet back off the ball. We were only doing 2mph but there was a pretty solid south to north current this morning so im guessing downspeed was in the three range. Next big purchase will be a fishawk haha
  15. I went out of Canandaigua but this guy pulled that stunt around Seneca point. Which is south of center of the lake. I usually go out of the north end because it's closer to home and then run south to about wegmans/menteth point. From what I understand woodville is much quieter. The problem isn't where you are I don't think. It's the breed of pricks roaming the water this time of year. I see reports everywhere about somebody being a twitt on the water somewhere. It's a tough time of year to fish
  16. Yeah I wanted to get a report up in case someone was looking for a finger to hit while Ontario was rough. Seems Cayuga is hot. Canandaigua is not haha. I expect some bull every time I get on busy water this time of year. Today was bad though. The worst one... a bass boat passed on my lakeside within 15 yards wide open, curled in front of my bow wide open, went about 30 yards shoreward dumped it and started setting up. He got the finger because I thought he thoroughly deserved it. He just shrugged. What a prick
  17. Canandaigua 8/12 Decided to do Canandaigua with the new boat this morning. I wanted to run it to work out any bugs and get familiar with it before tackling the O. I haven't seen a can report in a while so here goes. The fishing was... pretty bad. Tried everything. Different color spoons. Spoon and flashers. Flasher and flies. Riggers at 40 to 90 and 100 on the bottom. Dipseys. Lead core. All we could manage was to fire one rigger rod at 80 with nobody home after a couple very small kicks. The bass boat guys were in rare form. You'd expect courtesy from other fisherman but nahh. They'd rather pass within spitting distance doing 55... Just wish I had something I didn't care about enough to throw their way. On the plus side the boat ran great. Won't be screwing with the can anytime soon.
  18. yeah we've seen a couple of wildfires up there. Pretty eerie to watch an entire island burn from the water
  19. Met Archie yesterday. Great looking smart puppy. I think you've got a good one on your hands. I don't think ill ever get anything but a griff again
  20. Thanks, Yeah its nice to be able to get into eyes day after day after day without too much work. This trip has been going on for 40 some years. Ive gone for 8 years. I don't think there has ever been a "bad" week of fishing up there
  21. Nice. Maybe ill have to look into getting out there. The pics have always been enough for me. Maybe someday if i land an absolute monster ill get a replica made. I'm just thinking about all the 3 1/2 to 4 pounders that used to come home and go in the freezer. 6 of those makes a hell of a fish fry. I know the slot is designed to keep breeders in the water and boost the population, which seems to be working. Itd just be nice to haul some more meat home. Yeah we had trouble crossing the border a couple of times at Wellesley Island. Ive always held true that its not hard to get into Canada, its just hard to get back into the U.S. we've never had a problem with Canadian Border Gaurds but you get the wrong ***hole coming back into the U.S. and you can expect to have a bad day. Anyway, we started crossing at Ogdensburg/Prescott and that has always been much more relaxed. We hardly ever run into traffic there and we've never had a tough time from anybody. I think the Wellesley crossing just gets too much traffic and people being generally rude. The Guards there always seemed high strung.
  22. wow yup haha. thats quite the haul. Have you already gone? How was the fishing? Were you after muskies and pike or eyes? And yeah id recommend it. Totally worth the drive to me. Navigating those big Canadian lakes is the most daunting thing id say. Cabonga has 2800 miles of shoreline and i believe Lac Seul is around the 3000 mark as well?
  23. We left from Binghamton, crossed in Ogdensburg, went through Ottowa and that took us about 10 hours, but we took our time and we were pulling boats. We stayed at Deer Horn Lodge which is on the northwestern "corner" of the reservoir. Pavilion Cabonga is on the southern side of the reservoir. You can trailer your boat up there. The drive has drastically improved over the years. There's about 20 miles of dirt road now which in the past has been a leaf spring breaker, but this year it was very smooth. The fishing has gone downhill a bit since Ive been going. it seems that my first year (2008) the only thing we caught was 4 pound and up fish, and we didn't have to work for them at all. It is the water supply for Ottawa, so you're kind-of at the mercy of how much water is in the reservoir. The water this year was high and cold, and it seemed like a constant grind, but we got em and it beat the hell out of walleye fishing around here. We were getting a lot of small fish this year, and i think that has to do with the slot that's been in place for 5? years now. We were there in a drought year when the reservoir was 4 feet low when we got there and 7 feet low when we left. THAT was a tough week of fishing Its a long drive and a lot of work to get there. I think that turns alot of people off. But for me alot of the appeal is getting away completely for a while, and fishing somewhere for solid, quality eyes without jockeying for position with other boats. Especially recreational craft, Some pricks will practically run you over. The water around here can get so busy its lost alot of appeal for me.
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