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  1. it was completely natural retrieve for him, one day he just started chasing things down and bringing them back. all I did was reinforce with treats when he brought something all the way to hand. then I started working with bumpers, and when I shot the first bird over him he just went and retrieved it. He has a really strong desire to please so it seems to just come natural to him to spit something out in my hand. In the past I have done force fetch with my dogs and other dogs. in the dogs mind, that changes the fetch command from something they desire to do (which may break down in the field) to an actual command which is a lot more reliable. its not the most pleasant thing to teach, but it is very effective. I don't think I would force fetch this pup, he's very soft and does not respond well to any negative criticism, (which is perfectly fine, id rather training be a positive thing anyway). but I feel that force fetching would turn it into a negative thing for him and hed "shut down" so to speak. Every dog is different, if she's displaying any desire to retrieve at 14 weeks id be super happy with that. you gota remember her attention span is similar to a one year old little person at that age so she's not gonna be perfect every time. just reinforce when she brings something back all the way. Dutch didn't start his natural retrieve until 16 weeks or so, and some dogs don't display a natural retrieve at all. Lucky for us both he's incredibly intelligent and picked it up fast once he learned there was a treat involved if he did it right.
  2. yeah I started thinking about the spring run, and how I haven't been out to fish at all and I felt a bit guilty. But I'm having a ton of fun training and it'll pay off in September, so I don't feel so bad anymore
  3. start her nice and early. She's a good looking pup, just gotta develop the instincts. It always amazes me the drive you see come out of a young puppy
  4. yeah after my last GSP I held off for a couple years before getting this pup. Then grouse numbers were high this fall and I couldn't go without a dog anymore. Im training him for water too so hell be a dual purpose upland/duck dog. He's doing really well with the water so far as well which is nice to see.
  5. thank you. I just wish there were more wild birds around for him to get experience with... but planted pigeons and chukars will have to do for now.
  6. Well were into a couple months of training, 5 months old tomorrow, and this is where were at. Shooting birds over him. Hunts pretty well (could use some more intensity but I think hell find it), loves to retrieve, has a heck of a nose. Lots of work to do but he's getting there
  7. Well he's definitely developing fast. Already at 21 pounds and were having the first puppy points. He has the bird about 9 yards away in this picture. Didn't lift his foot this time but he held point for about 45 seconds
  8. Blue Cote works well but it stings like a bastard so break her in slow on that. The bag balm works very well too. It's hard to prevent them from gettin tore up especially if the coat is thin. I put r Kevlar vest on my bird dogs. It's a trade off between getting hung up and protecting them
  9. That letter from walker in 1946 blows my mind.
  10. I agree with your #1 rule for sure. I think Remington has an issue. How severe and at what capacity it is... who knows. The media probably blew it out of proportion. But it seems like there is a consistently repeating issue with the same system. that would point to a design flaw in my opinion. Did the media blow it up? yeah probly. Are there plenty of guns that don't have any issues after thousands of rounds of use? definitely. are there guns that are misfiring? seems like that's the case. and if that's the case, I don't need it in my life. that's my opinion.
  11. I do believe Remington redesigned the trigger set once they started getting taken to court for accidents. the new 700's are a different design. here's an interesting David Petzal article that I just found. He stands firmly behind the 700. Thoughts on this piece of literature? http://www.fieldandstream.com/blogs/hunting/2010/10/petzal-different-look-remington-model-700-trigger
  12. "fire at any time" pretty accurately describes it I think. from what I understand after use the mating of the trigger and the sear wears causing accidental discharge when the bolt or safety is touched.
  13. there are a lot of sad stories associated with that malfunction. And in my opinion Remington is doing a terrible job of fessing up and handling the situation. This has been going on for years
  14. Anybody participating in the Seneca Lake Duck Hunters Association - Cal Dewitt memorial rabbit tournament Sunday?
  15. Quite the character. Very intelligent adaptable puppy so far.
  16. Comp-N-Choke is a very consistent, well made, reasonably priced aftermarket choke. I shot an improved modified pretty much all year around. I switch it out for a Comp-N-Choke modified for woodies and teals. I bought a petternmaster code black and it did ok but it was very finicky on what you fed it. The CNC's seem to be much more consistent with a variety of loads and they haven't stretched at all. I had a Carlson's extended tube that stretched 0.0015 after one box of steel. no good. Back on topic Conesus is starting to load up with some birds. Not huge numbers but enough to get a good hunt in if the weather cooperates.
  17. Not at all. They're considered a versatile breed and I've seen a couple that were purely duck dogs. Both parents of this pup are NAVHDA Versatile Champions. If you're unfamiliar with the NAVHDA hunt test it's a combination of upland and waterfowl hunting components and a versatile championship takes a very talented versatile dog. One of the reasons I went with this breed is they have a thick double coat for late duck season cold and they love the water.
  18. Great looking dog you have there. I believe I did speak with Lacey or was told they weren't planning a breeding anytime soon? I can't remember. Yeah I'm very intrigued by the breed. I've only heard great things about them. Not only is the pup cuter than hell both his parents are NAVHDA Versatile Champions so he comes from an incredible line as well. Very excited to be training a puppy again and very excited to be involved with the breed
  19. Well I'm currently sitting in a hotel room in Junction City Wisconsin. I'm picking up my wirehaired pointing griffon pup in the morning and heading back towards home. Very excited to have a bird dog in my life again.
  20. Congrats on the new browning. I felt the same way about the new a-5. I shot quite a bit of steel through my 1954 a-5 without any visible or measurable damage (I'm super paranoid about gun care and I measure my bores after every season)... but that's not to say that you should get into the habit of doing it. I always preferred to shoot Kent from that shotgun, but ill tell you a short story about why. I have another a-5, a 1964 Magnum 12 that USED to have a 32" aftermarket Hastings barrel with screw in chokes. Here's what happened. I bought a couple boxes of Hevi-Steel, the mid range steel shot made by HEVI-Shot. I went up north to hunt geese with my new box of shells and relatively new to me shotgun. A few birds came in, I pulled the trigger once and thought huh... i was pretty sure i had that bird dead to rights. Pulled the trigger again and heard a strange phwumpp. I had a look at my barrel and 2 inches from the end, right where the choke started there was a very large disturbing goose egg lump. Now i was pretty depressed and upset with myself thinking it was user error, i stuck my barrel in the mud or something right? I brought the barrel to pro-gun and had them cut it and rethread it for new tubes. Three weeks later i got a formal letter from HEVI-Shot stating they had a defective batch of wads (which i had purchased and shot). The wads were shattering on ignition, causing low pressure, in turn causing the shot package to get stuck somewhere in the barrel. The representative was more than happy to work with me as i wasn't missing an eye or a finger or anything. all she had to do was pay for barrel work. Now as you could understand, I was pretty peeved and have vowed not to shoot or purchase another HEVI-Shot product in my entire life. Call me stubborn, call it over-reacting, maybe i should take it easier on the folks at HEVI-Shot. But I'm sticking to it. I went to Kent and never looked back. I think Kent products are reasonably priced and they preform very well. So take that story for what its worth to you. You could shoot steel out of that old a-5 for the rest of your life and not have an issue, or you could have a freak (luckily not too damaging) accident like i did.
  21. Yeah I hunted over the weekend and discovered that most of my spots are a lot tougher to see bunnies in without snow. had a couple squeak right past me
  22. hunted down in the Binghamton area Saturday. Only a few resident mallards that are always on the pond. Plan to hunt tomorrow morning and ill let everyone know how it goes.
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