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  1. really not having issues with water at all now
  2. yeah that's really what I was looking for with this pup. I wanted a dog that would sit on the couch and relax, and then go out and hunt like a son of a bi***. anddd I definitely got it. couldn't be happier. easy dog to live with and a great dog to hunt with.
  3. Some pictures from the Natural Ability Test
  4. Amazing what dogs can do isn't it? thanks for the compliment. I'm super happy with him, he's everything I was looking for. Hunts HARD close and very thoroughly, shuts it off in the house, goofy lovable bastard. I never remember training going this easy. Maybe its because I'm more experienced... maybe its because he's just an easy going dog. either way I'm enjoying it
  5. He was 6 1/2 months when I tested him. Turning 7 months this week. And yeah perch I give you a lot of credit for reigning in a redbone-running walker. I'm sure he's got a mind to get out and roam. He's got a chair by the window so he can watch the squirrels outside. Definitely quite the character. Looking forward to spending a lot of time hunting with him this fall. maybe even getting him on some perch schools when things ice up
  6. Tested Dutch in a NAVHDA Natural Ability test over the weekend. He scored a 103/112. He got docked for his search and desire during the hunting portion of the test. I think he ran a perfect score worthy test, as did a number of the other members but hey, cant argue with the judges. All in all super happy with how he did especially for his age. Plus he had a great time which is all you can ask for right? great experience.
  7. I think just ambient air temp and water temp. Plus he's been a lot more active so he heats up and I think after that the water feels good. whereas before it was just miserable cold.
  8. Finally starting to get that "nailed to the floor" look in his points
  9. if you don't need them right this secod I will have full sized birds in about 3 months. picking up chicks the 10th of may
  10. http://elmira.craigslist.org/grd/5490754965.html http://blueribbongamebirds.com/ I'm not sure blue ribbon will have full grown birds right now. last time I talked to the guy on craigslist he had full grown birds
  11. some more update pictures getting a lot better about being in the water
  12. gotta love them farm dogs. they always seem to find something to focus on and they're the best companions goin. my Australian heeler and my parents rat-jack have turned into quite the rat murdering team.. the only problem is when they run out of rats they start focusing on the cats haha here's the whole crew a couple months ago. trying to find something to terrorize
  13. nice hound you have there! Have you worked with him on anything besides fish farts? haha
  14. Yeah fellas at this time I'm mostly just getting his feet wet. every now and again he gets a little deeper but there isn't much swimming going on at all right now. I guess I'm more frustrated that its not warming up faster I guess haha. Duckman I don't think ill force fetch this dog. He's showing awesome natural retrieve for a 5 month old, and he's the softest dog I've ever seen. maybe that'll change in the future, but force fetch can be done at any age. As for swimming were just gonna kind of plod along. Well get there. I have to remind myself often that he's only 5 months. I get ahead of myself quite a bit
  15. yeah I didn't think that far ahead to freeze some ducks this year. mainly because I jumped from expecting a dog spring 2017 to finding available pups on the ground. I did some chukars but I'm fresh out of those. and the lab thing is a good idea, I didn't really think of that. I have a NAVHDA training day this weekend and I think there will be some pointing labs there. ill try and get him playing with them. Most of my buddies have pointers that hate swimming by law, but I can probably track down a couple labs. I'm hoping as the water warms he'll start to enjoy it more too
  16. thanks. were struggling a little bit with water but I think well get there. Have you put her on any birds yet?
  17. lookin good!! gota love the puppy front paw splashes.. we got to do some more bird work over the weekend. definitely still have some puppy quirks to work out but he poses nice for the camera
  18. love that muddy dog and pile of ducks
  19. Frogger Start showing her live birds and I bet you'll see more hunter come out!! dogs allways amaze me with their base instincts And I have definitely experience a lifestyle change.. probably for the better haha. He gets me out and moving a lot more than I used to, and that nose does definitely pick up the smell of food from just about any distance (and any level of deep sleep for that matter) anybody else feel free to post pics of your new pup or older hunting buddy
  20. Not so little anymore Dennis haha. He's pushing the 50 pound mark already. Loves riding in the truck
  21. Its gotten very time consuming/expensive to get the permit through the DEC. I know we do it for our NAVHDA chapter because its an organization, but for an individual Id recommend just getting birds and raising them.
  22. I give you a ton of credit for picking up a rescue dog. it takes a ton of work to socialize a rescue and give them a stable home to feel comfortable in (which is what they deserve) and a lot of people aren't up to it. Seems like she may turn into a hunter yet. I think you'll probably see that once she gains more confidence in her situation and settles down a bit shell find something to focus on, whether its birds or squirrels who knows haha. ill throw a hail mary for ya. Sounds like at least she's giving your other dog company. sometimes its just as hard on a dog as it is on us to lose a companion
  23. Thanks a bunch. Bed stealers have their place in the world too. the biggest thing is having the time. a dog always reflects how much time you have to spend with it
  24. Yeah I try and get him on a dozen birds a week or so. I just wish I could get my hands on something other than pigeons this time o year. I'm a NAVHDA member and that helps with bird availability in the summer months, and training in general. Ill send you a PM about location.
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