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  1. hardly any snow until later in the week. I left Saturday mid day, looking at the weather report it seemed like the tug was supposed to get pasted but I didn't stick around to find out. All of the runs were good. None of those hares were jump shot, had one run the dogs about 4 hours. just couldn't seem to get in front o that slippery bugger. The dogs did very well, warm conditions for scenting helped quite a bit I think
  2. total tally for the week in the tug hill area was 28 hares and two grouse. Not bad.
  3. Really not seeing large numbers of birds on Conesus. I live right on the lake so I look every morning and every night. I will keep you updated here or you can feel free to send a pm and ask about bird numbers. As it stands right now..... It's going to be a tough late season
  4. Yeah we went up there this same time last year and only shot 4 all week. Cold, lots of snow, tough conditions for the dogs. My buddy got up there Saturday and they have 6 allready. Unfortunately they aren't bird hunters and I don't have a dog right now so I can't tell you how that's goin. However I don't thing I've ever bumped as many grouse just walking this year as I ever have
  5. tug hill plateau area. Fort drum. I have a buddy up there for the whole week they smacked the hares pretty good yesterday. Lorraine and Worth is a good place to start. there's a lot of state forest land to hunt around there. we got after the cottontails a little this weekend. Ill tell ya that's not so easy without some snow. Dogs did very well though
  6. x10 on everything that was just said. Sometimes a simple tweek makes a huge difference. And yeah if we don't get some weather ASAP... I don't think there will be enough birds around that the spread shape will make much of a difference
  7. Second everything Gill-T said. Especially getting them exercise daily or they'll find something to do that you wont like
  8. On the firewood note just be aware that there's a 50 mile restriction, and a restriction for moving across county lines. and they are issuing fines if they catch ya. The bug doesn't affect the log, just lives in the cambium of the bark. as long as you get the log before the tree dies you should be fine in terms of selling the lumber
  9. http://www.dec.ny.gov/docs/lands_forests_pdf/spr2015summer.pdf Here's the stumpage report for this summer. Ash is right up there, at an average price (median) going for $500 per 1000 board feet right behind oak at $600 per 1000. If you buy the property and you plan on having it logged I would do it right after deer season before the prices drop again. Be aware that the NYSDEC and Department of Agriculture and Markets (DAM) have quarantined areas which you (or the logger) ARENOT allowed to move ash lumber out of. I repeat ARENOT. I attached a link to the quarantined areas as well. Something else to consider. http://www.dec.ny.gov/docs/lands_forests_pdf/eabquarmay2015.pdf
  10. they work very well especially early in the season. Adding to Kevins post, I think that later in the season when birds have seen a lot of pressure and 1,000 mojos they may start to get wary of it. If that's the case pull it from the spread and see what happens. On another note I find that Geese hate the mojo. otherwise its a great tool to have
  11. Missdemeanor, Yeah I've done the bacon and marinade, but there's only so many you can eat and feed to your friends that way haha. I find it a lot easier to get people to try a hotdog. Tim does a great job with that and I'd recommend it if anybody ends up with a bunch of divers. I think he has a 10 pound dropoff limit?
  12. I always went to Tim Steele in Avon and he made the divers into chees-dogs that were incredible. no idea how he does it. we shoot a ton of divers on Seneca and conesus and I didn't know what to do with them anymore so I just asked Tim to do what he could, and they're great. I figured id give Doug a shot as all his other products seem really good.
  13. I actually work with Doug. Great guy. He brought some summer sausage and meat sticks into the office the other day. Great stuff. im going to give him a whole bunch of diver duck to make into chees-dogs. Ill let everybody know how it turns out (although I have no doubt hell do a great job).
  14. I wouldn't say they push deer out as far as I know. They do produce a seed pod but in not sure if deer eat them or not. Maybe something to research. And yeah you could sell them for fencepost or veneer depending on the size and quality of the trees
  15. I'd agree with that. If you're willing to spend the time you can make it what you want. Another thing to consider is what the land surrounding that 20 acres is like. Deer will travel quite a ways. Is there crop fields around You and you can provide the cover? Is there cover around you and you can provide the forage? Is it a funnel or a passageway? All things to consider before you spend the money.
  16. Yeah I was kinda looking for info on this specific chapter. I think Al Burkhart is the vice president of the FL Chapter. My buddy was telling me that the greene chapter is great. just wondering what this one was like.
  17. I do not plan to breed at all. From my understanding you can get a puppy from a breeder not registered with NAVHDA (or registered with NAVHDA that doesn't require you to breed your dog) , and then become a member and participate an the twice(ish) per month training sessions that they do throughout the summer. That's mostly what im interested in.
  18. I was wondering if anyone here is involved with the finger lakes NAVHDA chapter. I'm looking at getting a puppy in February, and a friend of mine is involved in the Greene Chapter. He highly recommended that I get involved once the pup comes. Anyone have any input?
  19. yeah one thing I would recommend is maybe painting the cattle panels or wire mesh before you brush it up. we didn't before we brushed up and it starts to stick out after a while
  20. Sounds like a great time. There's definitely some flight birds coming in up there. And if you like to hunt woodcock the migration is definitely pushing through. Let us know how it goes and how your blind works out if you get it done by then
  21. Let us know how you do. I'll probably do ducks in Conesus tomorrow.
  22. yup. finally starting to get a good migration push. I'm excited for the southern opener next weekend.
  23. We went up north to Potsdam area to hunt birds from Thursday to Saturday. What a great time. Thursday morning we hunted in some wicked weather and shot 21 mallards and 3 geese. Friday morning we shot an 8 man limit of geese by 8:30. Friday afternoon we hunted upper an lower lakes and had 14 grouse and woodcock flushes in 2 hours, and even managed to bag 2 grouse and a woodcock. Saturday morning we hunted ducks again and shot 5 mallards 2 blacks and a woodie (all drakes). What an awesome little trip with some great friends and even better dogs. Got some younger kids into their first ducks and geese (after this weeks success id say their hooked for sure). That's what its all about.
  24. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B0XcYYbYxow I was going to do this a while ago. Doesn't look like too bad of an idea but I don't have any idea of how well it actually works. Takes some experimenting probably. Let us know what you end up doing, id like to see the final product
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