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  2. Les I thought it was strange too. I was fishing up there hoping for bows but kept pulling in lakers. They didn't seem to care much about speed ( I was getting hits anywhere from 2.0 - 3.2) as long as it was blue. The biggest One of the day (picture) actually hit at 28 ft down. Did manage one small bow on an alewife imitation 28 ft down as well. I will also mention that when it was nice and sunny in the morning we couldn't manage anything, but as soon as the sun went away we started getting the lakers Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  3. Lakers are hitting any medium size spoons with blue 35-45 ft down over 90FOW Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  4. with the nice weather I was thinking of hitting Canandaigua this weekend.. Has anybody ventured out to try their luck?? any info would be helpful.. If its still anything like what I've been hearing out there Maybe I should just spring for the extra gas and go to Ontario
  5. I like what Les said about the smaller spoons. When I fish the fingers I always downsize my spoons, sometimes to even laughable sizes. But im noticing that out of the whole spread the small spoons will take fish much more often than mag or even medium ones will. And of course my favorite color schemes involve a little bit of pink. Let us know how you do out there
  6. Goatboy thanks for the info. that's a great technical tip. I think im going to take the safe route and go through the entire motor and outdrive this winter. I prefer to KNOW whats been done instead of sitting 3 miles out and wondering if anyone has ever rebuilt the carb.. or bored the cylinders.. or surfaced the head.. or..
  7. I haven't dumped her in yet but im planning on going through everything before I trust it on Ontario. I was told the boat was in the water running in 2012 but that doesn't necessarily mean anything. I do have an 8 horse Chrysler kicker. im considering ripping the motor out and doing a complete overhaul.. Would it be worth it??
  8. Well for better or worse I bout and OLD StarCraft that needs a lot of love.. I've been looking for a bigger boat for a while so I don't get my butt kicked so hard out on the big lake and well.. with a good trailer under it I couldn't pass it up. It has an old 250 ci 150 horse inboard.. I plan on spending at least a year to go through it and fix it up/rebuild the inside the way I want it for trolling. Anyone's two cents or advice would be appreciated. im not really familiar with the inboard but was told that it ran well.
  9. how did you fair out there Friday? I saw you were working a little more west and a little farther out than me..
  10. les the comment about the bait fishermen is spot on.. I talked to a couple guys at the north end that were drifting with sawbellies and they had the 3rd place bow in their cooler (7.7 I believe?). They said that they were 7 for 7 Sunday and 9 for 9 Saturday (heck of a lot better than I did) spot on for the week of equipment organizing and boat cleaning too.. my gear is a wreck haha
  11. yup thatd be me.. I think they had a blast.. hopefully I make it out there again soon
  12. On the water at 6:00 AM - Set up in 130 FOW and trolled north with some good marks in 150 FOW. Ran two dipsys one with a Steely Dan and one with a flasher/fly both down 35-40 ft. Ran a rigger at 25 ft with a blue dolphin and a flat line down the middle with a Watermelon DW. Had a good rip on the dipsy/Steely Dan in 165 FOW but had nobody home. Took a skippy king on the watermelon flat line in 175 FOW. Stayed in the 16 - 170 FOW range for the rest of the day and took a couple more hits and another skippy king on the Steely Dan. THEN took a HARD hit and a screaming rip on the flasher/fly (the far right of my set) I hooked up and watched my line scream all the way across the back of the boat to the left and then start to rise got a good glimpse at a very acrobatic, very good sized bow before it spit the hook... Well he went underneath every single one of my lines and then shot to the surface and turned all of my gear into a giant knot by the time I had everything straightened out it was a bit breezy and getting a little rough for the old woody. off the water at 11:00
  13. a lot of guys love it.. and im not knocking it.. the problem is I always find something different to try first
  14. I think a lot of lure success has to do with operator infatuation. if you love a spoon or color.. you'll run it in every spread and eventually you'll catch fish on it.. if you think you never catch fish on the seasick or wonderbread.. it'll stay in you box and you wont catch fish on it.. but trust me im no different.. I have wonderbreads.. I cant stand them.. they stay in my box.. therefore they never catch fish for me
  15. you should see sandy creek on a busy morning ive never been on Canandaigua during a tournament.. im interested to see what the fishing traffic is like
  16. it could just be a few guys goin out to scout for the tourney.. or just four boats trout fishing. id love to be out there all week to straighten things out and shake some dust off.. rules do state that fish have to be caught on tourney days, but not necessarily alive.
  17. Les thanks a bunch.. ill be comin out of the north end so it sounds like it should be pretty normal by Saturday. Hopefully I see you at the docks or out on the water
  18. http://www.dreamweaverlures.com/products/spoons/magnum/m0518 seasick waddler
  19. Ill be there as well.. Hopefully both days but who knows! does anybody know what the debris conditions and water levels are like out there currently? wondering if ill need to sharpen my catlike reflexes HA!
  20. i suppose i should specify colors.. for Canandaigua i like a mixed veggie with a little red added, and for Ontario i always have a crazy b or steelie dan.. i find more often than not pink works on a slow day for some reason
  21. This aught to spark some fire... What is your favorite fall back, know exactly where it is in the box, run it every time spoon or stick bait? I must admit I started using dreamweaver SS last year and I think I've fallen in love. I find myself running them more and more and as a bigger percent of the spread as well. I all but leave my wolverines and silver streaks at home now.. so lets hear it.. whats your trusty go to?
  22. I caught a brown just outside of sandy last Friday that had 11 alewives in it (if my memory serves me correctly) one of which was 7 or 8 inches. Id say that they definitely contributed to shutting the fish off. But it is right about that time that its hot every day and the fish are starting to scatter as well
  23. How Deep were you working? I live right on the lake id love to get into some of those eyes.
  24. Jim if im out again ill put up another report on here. I typically throw something up quick no matter where I go. Gambler was out the same day I was and had a lot more luck, but he trolled a couple miles down the shoreline out of sandy which may have been the trick that day, I just didn't have the time. Les thatd be great to get out with you again this year, keep in touch. That rig you started me with worked fantastic by the way.
  25. Another note about the alewives... I kept one brown and when I checked the stomach it had 11 alewives in it. One of which was 7 inches long! Could be that the fish were gorged Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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