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  1. chucknmel

    ISO full copper rigging on the reel

    get ahold of Jason Oakes he has a small shop in Horseheads area and will set you up. Great lakes lure co. (607)-426-5094
  2. chucknmel

    ISO full copper rigging on the reel

    where are you located
  3. x2 also white green dots with a pro am glow fly and seneca special with a mirage fly on those bright high sun days
  4. send pics please 607-731-4095
  5. chucknmel

    Braddocks 6/9

    are they alewives or some sort of shad or herring
  6. looking for at least two 42second gold mags
  7. chucknmel

    Is it too late to book a July charter?

    why go to Sodus get ahold of Yankee troller out of the oak and see if he is available
  8. same at the oak as of last weekend
  9. looking for a working vhf marine radio
  10. chucknmel

    Thoughts on turkey numbers in Northern NY

    The turkey numbers are definitely down I think it may be due to the fishers and coyote populations getting out of control
  11. chucknmel

    Natural color spoons.

    Gin clear conditions are tough I find down sizing to small scorpion size spoons in plain silver or brown trout patterns any pattern that actually represents a small locally found fish. This is what works best for me. I am sure that some of these Great Captains on this site will help you out further
  12. chucknmel

    Best Downrigger and Dipsey Trolling Line

    30lb wire for the dipseys and 30lb trilene big game moss green for the riggers haven't had any troubles with fleas or memory
  13. chucknmel

    Throttle control for my Islander

    cant you just replace the cable
  14. John always is a class act. as are most of the captains out of the oak, including yankee trollers it is the best fishing ports on the lake with some of the best and friendliest captains