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  1. chucknmel

    All done with Rage broadheads

    G-5 striker for me as well
  2. I will take one of the Penn powersticks pm me and we can meet
  3. temp means nothing this time of year my hottest rigger was at 30' monday over 50 -60' of water it was 72 degrees. As far as the weather keep checking and use your best judgement when you see the lake.
  4. chucknmel

    Probe iso

    Narby's at the oak has them
  5. chucknmel

    Starting temp

    Temp is overrated fish the marks on your fishfinder
  6. Saturday doesn't look good at all friday and sunday should be doable but not great
  7. this time of year the most consistent fishing is the 28-32 n lines always kings and steel out there. and usually less boat traffic
  8. chucknmel

    A little more from my Wicked Tuna Visit

    was a show called Salmon showdown on lake Michigan used to love watching it
  9. same at the oak but the fleas are the worst I have ever seen
  10. head deep the big boys are out there
  11. only the inside water has warmed up as of yesterday. at 300' down 55' we had 49* out of the Oak
  12. chucknmel

    wire diver rod length

    my inside divers on a 1.5 are on a 8.5' rod and outside divers are on a 3 on a 10' rod
  13. chucknmel

    What pound mono

    30# moss green big game with 20# flouro leader
  14. chucknmel

    ISO full copper rigging on the reel

    get ahold of Jason Oakes he has a small shop in Horseheads area and will set you up. Great lakes lure co. (607)-426-5094