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  1. It should work as soon as it's in the water. I had a problem with mine and it was the probe.
  2. X2, snapping the rod will likely result in a lost dipsey
  3. Mikes does do it, I've left mine there at times.
  4. Usually I just run a 400 down the chute. If I put them on boards it's 300 and 400
  5. We have released them during the summer when they're still in their temp range. Once they start staging and move out of temp it is our opinion that the fight takes whatever they had left out of them and they won't make it.
  6. I agree with Whaler and maybe as many items listed by name/size if you can. I know it's time consuming but the more info the better and hopefully someone will get a good deal and you not get shorted either, good luck.
  7. We fish mainly live herring on the flats but some guys do very well with chunk, only problem with chunk is catfish and eels also like it. Night crawlers may work but I think you would be fighting mostly catfish and eels again. Trolling with big stick baits on channel breaks or even in the channel will usually get you more fish but they lack in size compared to using bait.
  8. I've only had the Eagle Claws and have no complaints.
  9. We usually try to keep the fish directly at the back of the boat but if they go to the side so be it.When they are ready the person fighting the fish backs up and lifts the head up, netting head first. Never had a problem like this. Sk8man is 100% right about experience on the net, they know when the fish can be netted. One thing for sure is don't horse the fish, they tend to break line that way no matter what test.
  10. I don't know how old it is but some of the older ones would open if a certain frequency was used in a 2 way radio. We had that happen a few times at our station which is on a busy state road until we figured it out.
  11. X3, most of the time I run a chute copper, sometimes one off each side. One thing I do believe in is the free sliders with flutter spoons, usually Evil Eyes. You cover more of the upper part of the zone and I get a lot of steelies and later cohos with them.
  12. Meanwhile back to our original problem being Cuomo. I'll throw this out there in the fact that I just can't understand how anybody that considers themselves a sportsman would even slightly consider voting for him.
  13. I think Marc is a great all around guy and a great candidate, I'm in a boardering county from where he's from. There's two problems I see, one he's realarively young considering and not many people know him other than his area and two as stated previously, Cuomo has the NYC area in his pocket and that's a lot of votes
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