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  1. Like They catch Stripers on the Hudson
  2. X2 however I like the comfort of a bigger boat so I'll keep mine.
  3. Mine actually named the boat. I get the best reactions from the women.
  4. Fished off the river tues afternoon and wed morning. 50-70' down 35-40' on riggers, 60' out on dipsey #1 setting. f/f, J plugs, spoons all took fish, 1 brown the rest cohos. Orange, blue and silver for colors.
  5. Nice job Low Baller. Hopefully they'll stay around a little bit more.
  6. sstout I'm not sure how far you have to drive. NOAA says 2' or less for waves. The thing that would concern me with your smaller boat is forecast is for SW wind and any west wind could be bad for smaller boats.
  7. We took fish on F/F, J Plugs and spoon. orange F/F, orange spoon and silver/blue J's
  8. Low Baller good fishing with you guys, good luck in the morning. There's still fish to be caught.
  9. sstout nothing on Lake Ontario is guaranteed but given the forecast and the fact that there are fish close to shore I think you could fish. You could put in at Pine Grove which is on the Big Salmon and cut down on your run. Good luck.
  10. Low Baller one of my buddies was there Friday and went 8-11 in 60' off the big river. F/F, plugs and spoons all took hits. I'll be heading up in the morning.
  11. Charlie P best of luck to you. We'll all be praying for a quick and speedy recovery so you can give em hell next year!
  12. It does look good, I'll be down by the big river tues/wed. Still hope it's good enough to get at least another trip in before I climb the tree. Good luck on the water and in the woods!
  13. Knot Hers is boat name, 23' Baha Fisherman usually flying my Trump Flag on top. Hope to see you.
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