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  1. Sk8man it sounds like you led my life. You couldn't be more right with this.
  2. X2 with chinook35 but I bought mine when they first came out. The first time I was checked the officers didn't know what it was. I don't think they issue them that way anymore and it's a shame, they're the same as a credit card.
  3. I had a plate for years on my previous boat but like Pap said I reinforced it so it wouldn't bend, never had a problem. My boat now is bigger with a kicker and I carry bags just incase. IMO a kicker is the way to go, just for the fact that you have another engine as a backup.
  4. Just went and bought the Helix. Always liked Humminbird and have not read or heard anything bad about them.
  5. Great advice here as none of us thinks it can happen to us. Checking your bilge pumps are equally as important. When I put the boat away last season everything worked including the new pump I had just put on the auto switch. This spring before launching I checked and the new pump didn't work but the switch did. After removing the pump I found someone had cut a piece of mono and it found its way into the bilge and wrapped itself around the pump impeller shaft thus burning the pump out. An hour later after a quick trip for a new pump I was back in business but I wasn't going out without that pump functioning.
  6. I followed this almost as soon as it happened late Saturday afternoon. It was reported they were fighting a fish when boat suddenly started taking on water. Obviously something catastrophic happened, speculation possibly a thru hull fitting failed. They will know eventually, either way it's a very sad tradjedty to happen for something we take for granted and enjoy so much. Prayers go out to the family of the captain and to all involved.
  7. X2 on Coho
  8. I have mine with the same company that has my house and auto. Always have no matter which company my agent uses.
  9. The funny thing is, she named it then couldn't believe I had it put on.
  10. I realize we fished yesterday during the week but what a difference 10 days made in the amount of boat traffic. Only a dozen trailers in the launch and only a few boats out. I think you'll be fine close and maybe start tight first thing but myself if I was there I'd go deeper.
  11. We fished yesterday one final time out of Mexico in front of the big river 130-160 FOW. Decent bait and marks, mostly below 100'. Went 1-4 landing a nice Coho on dipsey with FF out 275. Missed one other on dipsey out 225 and lost 2 off riggers down 120/130. Still fish there but as you said getting close to climbing a tree so we packed it up for the year. Weather should be perfect next few days, good luck with the fish and deer.
  12. I do agree with that statement however what if it's the other way around? Last steelhead season I was running low on pencil lead and none of the stores had it or knew when it was coming in. I ordered it and had it in 2 days. At the end of the season the local stores still didn't have it. I always buy local when I can but doesn't always work out.
  13. Mexico end of season Well we gave it one last hurrah on "Knot Hers"yesterday out of Mexico. Fished 130-160, 1-4 landing a nice Coho 275 off a dipsey FF. Another great day on the lake but any day on the water or in the woods is great. I'd love to fish more and I know there's more fish to be caught but leaves are changing and that means it's almost time to be in the tree. Good luck to those still pulling lures and good luck to those joining me in the woods. This year on the lake was absolutely outstanding. Hopefully we'll all be doing it again next year and if it's half as good as this year it will be great. Tight lines and many points. A few pics from this season.
  14. You just can't fish properly without the radio playing.
  15. If you have a fencing company near you they can get it if they don't already have it. When I worked for a fence company our stockade (solid picket) panels all came from Canada.