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  1. Aluminum is touchy and different than steel but again with a Mig once you get the touch it welds quick and nice.
  2. There's a lot of great, reputable charters within easy driving distance of you. If you're looking strictly for kings you want to be around end of August. Don't wait to long to book though as these guys book up quick that time of year.
  3. You can weld conduit easy enough. Mig is the easiest but old fashioned arc works also especially Sch40 due to the thickness. Biggest thing is like mentioned you want to ventilate good and don't breath the fumes. Also after you weld you want to paint over weld with cold galvanize or the welds will rust in no time. I worked at a fence company years back and made a few rocket launchers for boats this way.
  4. You're right it's easy enough to remedy and doesn't happen every time.
  5. I run The 44's, 300 copper one side 400 the other with no problems. Tile man is right about the diving though.
  6. The Cut Plug and Green Glow Black Ladder Back. They worked 30+ years ago and still work for late season kings. I will also stack a #3 or run one off a dipsey now and then when I'm on kings.
  7. You're right on about the media. I've been in emergency services for over 30 yrs and they print/say what they want not what you tell them. There's now a few that I don't even acknowledge due to this fact simple as that.
  8. And now we have an unhappy Liberal (go figure), I hope you guys are happy now!
  9. We can only hope Andy Is next. Just the thought of it makes me smile!
  10. I'm also Republican, Lifetime NRA Member, numerous other hunting/fishing clubs/origanizations both in and out of this state, outdoorsman/sportsman for over 50 years.......yes he is my president!
  11. God Bless America!
  12. I use Berts ratcheting and I'm very happy. There are other ratcheting styles also that are used, just a matter of preference.
  13. I can't help you out with info on the channel but fishing was good off the pond this year around then. Of course as you know that's subject to change at any given moment.
  14. Dad's Watching or Knot Tide