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  1. Here’s a chart for reference but Pa223 is right. Fish the marks now Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. I will run one meat rig. Sometimes I'll stack a spoon over the meat or F/F. Let the fish tell you. If nothing happens change until you get bites.
  3. Outstanding, there's nothing better than sharing and teaching our youth about the outdoors. Great job!
  4. The marks of the fish on your fish finder. Whatever depth they're showing at fish that but keep in mind you'll need to put out about 10-15' more cable depending on ball weight and speed to compensate for blow back.
  5. That's been happening for the past 2-3 weeks for some reason. No problem on the computer.
  6. Dirt they will be staging here soon so don't worry as much about the temp. Fish the marks as they will be coming out of their temp to get bait. We haven't fished Oz this year just Mexico. I know they're doing work at Wrights but from what I've read the ramp is open. The nice thing about Oz is it gets deeper faster there than Mexico. I'd say to start around 150 FOW with riggers between 80-100', dipseys back 240 and 300 on number 1 setting and troll out, again watching for marks and adjust as you go. I like F/F or SD/F when they start to stage, glow and white early morning, chrome combos later if sunny. Ask around the tackle shops and at the launch. Some people don't like to share but there are a lot of us that will. Good luck to you guys!
  7. Looks possibly homemade?
  8. Not sure you'll get out of Pine Grove this year unless you're boat is small. Last week all the docks were not in.
  9. You will never go wrong with a white/green dot flasher and hammer fly
  10. We had our best hits tues/wed in 180 fow off dipseys, 280-300' out.
  11. I know in the past my best rig when high noon was a chrome spin doctor/green dot with either a hammer or pro am fly off a dipsey.
  12. You can get a cheap camera flash to do the trick, that's all I've ever used. Amazon has a bunch of them.
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