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  1. Add another to the list for transom bar/mounting board. Not the best picture but you can see the set up.
  2. I think a knot might actually be the strongest point of Vanish
  3. Capt Carl does have a great point however there is something special about dumping lots of money into your own boat, believe me I understand. Check the classifieds here. Sea Ray, Penn Yan, Baha, all good boats for the lake.
  4. You're quite welcome
  5. Cummings Nets sells replacement bags that are very reasonable. I replaced one a few years ago that was normal but they did have the rubber bags. Just measure your hoop size, I'm sure it would be worth a look for you.
  6. I would give anything to have my dad on the boat again. Prayers from here my friend. Hoping for a full speedy recovery and getting back on the water.
  7. MCF is right. I have coverage for the boat, coverage for contents and then medical coverage. Mine is all together with home and auto thru same carrier. Your insurance agent should be able to help you with this.
  8. I would without a doubt! Best weights I've used.
  9. That's what it's all about, helping others enjoy the outdoors and the experience. The only "stupid question" is the one that is never asked. Best of luck to you out there.
  10. This is for the Luhr Jensen Dipsey Divers. It will get you close, varies depending on speed, current of course.
  11. Definitely add divers, some days that's all that fire. I use the Eagle Claw 10' diver rods but there are many great rods same with reels which I have run the Cabelas Depthmasters with great results. I run 1000' of wire straight on the reel, no backing. To attach to a swivel double the wire on the end and tie an over hand knot making a loop, push the loop thru the swivel eye and feed the loop over the bottom of the swivel and pull tight, trim the tag end and fish. Just be careful the wire doesn't kink, you won't be sorry you added to your spread I'm sure.
  12. for sale : usa

    Wow you have some vintage stuff there. Looking at them brings back memories of being young and picking something out of my dads tackle box.
  13. I too run them for staging Kings, usually off dipseys or 70-100' back on the deep riggers when the fish are on the bottom
  14. Lots of pretty colors out there but those mentioned above have proven over and over again to be unbeatable.