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  1. 30 series reel will hold 1000' of wire, you don't need backing. You heard about the rod holders so I won't say that again. As far as running only dipsies then adding the riggers so you don't tangle, I've been at it for quite some time and 2 weeks ago while running only 2 riggers and 2 dipsies had a king wrap everything plus get into the big engine. We got the fish but had a tangle. If they want to make a mess they will and do it in a hurry.
  2. Absolutely run dipsies, as Luke said some days that's all your bites. I have #1 and mags, run 1's mostly. As others mentioned you only need wire to hold off the flees which show up during the summer heat but I would load wire (1000') on the reels right from the beginning then you have it and it's not expensive and don't forget the Twilli Tip. One thing you want to make sure of is that you have GOOD STURDY Rod holders as these fish hit viscously sometimes, you don't want it pulled from the boat. Don't make guick, sharp turns when pulling dipsies or any wire, make long slow turns. Here's a depth chart to help you out. It may take a little time but you'll be glad you did it.
  3. I don't think it makes a difference but the first one I put it with was chrome/green dot. Worked well so I left if alone.
  4. I run 12lb torpedoes with no problem.
  5. I run 6-8' leaders and Evil Eyes, they're lighter and have more action with less pull on the line.
  6. I carry just a pump sprayer with diluted bleach solution and wash the deck after a good day. At the end of the season or once in a while a great day I break out the pressure washer also but I trailer so it's easier for me.
  7. Keeping the boat straight is the most important and letting it out slow. Too fast and not only could it tangle in your other lines but it could spin and tangle itself thus not releasing if needed. There's no need to deploy dipseys first if you follow the above advise as I doubt you'll want to pick up your spread every time you take a shot on one of your dipsey rods.
  8. If by chance I don't buy local the only site I use is FishUSA, can't say enough good about them.
  9. J-Lopez I don't target steelies specifically but what I do get them on usually is free sliders when I'm down 100' plus/minus with the riggers. I run orange or chartreuse evil eyes, even pick Cohos and Browns with them.
  10. Fishbowl we were both running #1 dipseys off wire on #1 setting. I ran 300/350 last week but had 160' cable out on riggers to get good temp. The week before we were running dipseys at 210/240 since temp was much higher. This week hopefully temp will come back up. He's there now so maybe he can get you a depth. I won't be back for another 10 days. Good luck.
  11. Fishbowl you're correct. You don't have to run far out of Oz before you're in deep water.
  12. We have fished Oz the past month and have done very well. This past tues was the most cable we had out due to the weekend blow and that was 140-150', dipseys out 300-350. Most boats are out in the 500-600' range but we picked up kings in 140' trolling in, temp was still as deep there as any other place. White/green dot paddle with glow hammer fly and chrome/green dot spinny with mirage fly have been our best. Good luck to you.
  13. White/green dot paddle with glow hammer off rigger and chrome/green dot spinny with mirage off dipsey.
  14. Headed out
  15. I've fished Oz past 2 weeks, 48 degrees down 70' in 200 FOW and out.