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  1. The pic of that buck on the ground is so-so but the one where you are holding him is awesome. Congrats on a really nice buck, wow.
  2. its probably getting towed around by a big king right now, poppin up periodically like those yellow barrels in Jaws....
  3. Its 6 inches lower than its long term average as of Saturday. 245.6 Not as far off as most seem to be making it out to be, but definitely better than it was a few months ago. Lot of rain and still a heavy push from Erie is helping get her back up closer to normal.
  4. We were out in front of iBay this evening, had a pretty good outing. Boated a few lakers and three kings, including a really nice one that took a spoon/dipsy set around 200 over 140ft. We were anywhere from 120ft to 190 deep. The temp seemed to be pretty stable, 60-90 ft was around 50 to 47 degrees, although we marked fish and a handful of bait pods all over from 25 ft to 125. Had a few hits on FF white/ green. Forgot the meat rigs. For what its worth, i'd say your best bet for an 8yr old wld be 100-130 ft depth and have a few lines close to the bottom for lakers, we marked a bunch and got good fights out of the ones we caught. Vary your speed and good luck!
  5. oh yay, a trump discussion on my fishing report website. lets discuss vaccines next, and UFO's who I'm pretty sure are responsible for making all the brown trout disappear this spring and turned them all into fat ugly lakers.
  6. Here's a direct quote from the article on the guy leading the Waddington tourney "Essential to his execution was Johnston’s use of a Flogger — a cone-shaped device with a clear, flat screen that sits at the water’s surface and allows him to view details below. Similar to looking through a dive mask, without the submersion, the Flogger provides key perspective that aids in presentation. “It shows you your bait, it shows you where the fish is and it shows you the sweet spot,” Johnston said. “You’re seeing how the fish reacts to your bait. I can catch them eventually, but it just speeds up the process.” Fish in a barrel. Textbook definition of unfair chase and these guys are so far gone with their technology they don't even realize how ridiculous the sport has become. He's actually SEEN the exact fish he's going to catch prior to the tourney and he seems to think its normal.
  7. Definitely don't think I own the river, although watching my kids (4th generation of river rats) enjoy it as much as my grandparents did probably makes me a little overprotective of the area. My issue is the technology has gone so far past fair chase that it's laughable. The sonar tech was bad enough, but now we see the tournament guys 20 feet off our breakwall looking into these cones that go into the water and they can actually see the fish now with these devices. They're harassing these poor breeder bass into reaction strikes and horsing them into their boats, then off they go watching their tv screens for the next victim. Sorry but that makes me sick to my stomach, its unsportsmanlike and so far removed from what I believe fishing should be. These bass don't stand a chance and these tourneys that don't release fish on the spot are out of touch with reality. I'm glad its dumping rain right now on the river, maybe they'll take the hint.
  8. I was out your way yesterday also and found pretty much the same thing, temp break was around 70-80ft but good marks and caught one king in the 45-50ft range on a green black mag spoon.
  9. You deserved that experience. Thanks for sharing and for prioritizing the well being of the muskie over getting a picture. Not all fishermen would have been so sportsmanlike. Just curious, what kind of lure did she hit?
  10. i have some interest in this too. please circle back with a report on how you did. good luck!
  11. Thats so great to hear. Was hoping the tourneys would evolve to a pure catch n release like that.
  12. Personally these bass tournament boats are super annoying. They come through our area with these ugly boats, huge motors, and fish finding tech that borders on unfair chase. They pick off the big females from the points of our shoals and take them 30 miles downriver. They horse their fish in with these heavy lines, pop them in the live well, and off they go to the next waypoint on their computer that they input when they "prefished" with the sonar the previous day. I know they bring money to the north country, but for those of us who have been up in the 1000 islands for generations, to see these yahoo's blow through our little fishing spots with the nascar outfits and the gaudy 300hp boats, we call em the human cormorants.
  13. great job! nice to see a fat perch, they've been really beat up by the invasive species in recent years in the river.
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