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  1. Obviously. And there's a lot of water upstream for sure, but something I learned from the hydrologists this year is that a lake can only flow out so fast, no matter how much water it has in it. It seems counterintuitive but thats how it works. This goes for Erie and all the great lakes. Look at the charts on the link, Erie is even predicted to drop slightly despite Michigan/Huron and Lake St Clair 3 feet over average, and Ontario will do the same despite Erie 31 inches over average. By 4th of July we will be only 10 inches over average here which is miraculous considering the situation in the other lakes.
  2. Thankfully you're wrong. Erie is the only lake that flows into Ontario and despite it not being regulated and a whopping 31 inches over average, its outflow into Lake O doesnt exceed what is flowing through Massena today. Ontario is 13 inches over right now and the Army Corps prediction for June 22nd is down 2 more inches. Storm surge will move levels around a little but we are looking good this summer. Here's a great link for you https://www.lre.usace.army.mil/Missions/Great-Lakes-Information/Great-Lakes-Water-Levels/Water-Level-Forecast/Weekly-Great-Lakes-Water-Levels/ .
  3. If it helps, Lake O is 18 inches down from this time last year. Great combination of IJC pressure from NY state, fairly dry spring, not much ice damming at the Massena locks (allows for greater outflows thru the winter), and the Ottawa river behaved very well this spring and didn't crush Montreal so the outflows are maxxed and are expected to stay that way. Despite the record high water in the upper great lakes, Ontario and the St Lawrence are in relatively good shape. Awesome news for cottages, anglers and businesses at a time when we really needed a win.
  4. I think browns are the best looking freshwater fish. Def a mounter thats a beast. Stickbait?
  5. Awesome haul. Did you guys hit em all day or was it better early n late?
  6. Fairly mild winds all night, and wind forecasts are very difficult to predict when its variable anyway. I am not seeing much more than a 6-8 mph west(ish) between now and tmrw morning. I would go for it, keep a close eye on the weather changes out there, go get some kings.
  7. stealth mode baby can't get any quieter than standing on a rock throwing lures. great fish
  8. Nice job Whaler. Looks summery out there, if you didn't have the winter jacket on of course.
  9. Good for Albany to react quickly to their original mandate, which seemed misguided to me. Be safe and smart! https://amp.whec.com/articles/new-york-marinas-and-boat-launches-to-reopen-5704013.html
  10. Yes thats the one ! We were laughing because no matter where we moved that lure it hit, leadcore off the back, mono off the board etc. We kept saying we wished we had a few more to run then as we were packing up for the day I saw that my brother had two more in the box. Damn. Also can Bay Rat make those hooks any sharper? Im starting to think they catch more fish because of the freakishly sharp hooks more than anything else. They tend to bend a little, my advice is if you think you have a king on lighten up that drag if possible, I had one mangle up a bay rat hook and get away last week. .
  11. Hit the lake at 11am with my son out of the Genny. Headed west and found decent water, lots of good marks in 30-40 but no takers. Trolled in towards Braddock and we went 3 for 4 on browns within a few hour span. 12-15 FOW, the first action was a double, a green/black bay rat off the board and a watermelon spoon off the rigger back about 40 feet, down 8ft. We netted both fish at the same time it was pretty cool. The other two were also on that same black/green bayrat, temps were pretty much 44 degrees throughout. All fish a little bigger than what I wanted to fry up, so we snapped a quick pic and got em right back in. Great afternoon, left the house, made no stops, caught some fish, came straight home, we didn't come within 500 ft of another person. Thanks to my brother Tim for the keys to the Grady, I left you a few beers under the seat buddy.
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