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  1. Pa. It’s sold pending pickup tomorrow
  2. Brand new hummingbird helix 7 $500 obo
  3. New 24 inch cannon track. $85 shipped.
  4. erihick

    for sale: can Boat 4sale

    OK thank you. I would be very interested in seeing some interior pics when you get them.
  5. erihick

    for sale: can Boat 4sale

    Any interior pics? Does it have heat and A/C? Has it been surveyed?
  6. Headed up to troll for trout and salmon tomorrow through Thursday. It's looking a little rough tomorrow so is there anywhere to get into some good perch fishing around Wilson/Olcott area? Are they getting them in the marinas or in the river with any success? Thanks!!
  7. I have a 18 ft with a 24v 80lb thrust terrova with an ipilot with a 72 inch shaft. Its amazing and really has changed fishing for me. No more worrying about steering and tangling lines with two people in the boat trying to net a fish in 2-3 foot waves. Set your course and you are good to go. I have a 9.9 kicker that I set the speed close with, then fine tune it with the ipilot. It works great, even in 2-3 ft waves. I will say one thing though, get as big of a motor as the budget/wife will allow!!!! I have an 80lb thrust and wish I would have gotten the 112 lb thrust with a 36v system. In the 2-3 foot waves, you have to set the speed of the motor at about 50% or a little more in order to counter act the wind, if you are taking the wind head on. This can drain a 24v system in about half a day or less. In these conditions, I usually troll with the wind. In a nice calm day, or less than 1 ft, I can troll all day with no issues. My suggestion, minimum, get the 80 terrova with a 72 inch shaft/24v system. You will not regret this decision. There terrova 80 is the smallest you can get with a 72 inch shaft. This WILL stay in the water during all conditions. I think you will run out of battery before your morning trip is half over with a 42#/12v system. You will most likely have to run that motor full tilt in order to get it to respond the way you want it to and to be effective. Hope this helps, if you have any other questions/concerns, let me know. I love my setup, but I do wish I would have went the next size up.
  8. Headed up this weekend. Anything hapening at the bar?
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