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  1. He's located in Redford NY. About 3.5 hours from you guys around mexico point area.
  2. Your speeds for starters is to fast. Should be 2.2 to 2.7. Prefer 2.3 to 2.5 Sent from my SCH-I545 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. Nice kj it appears they are starting to stage. I'll be up tommorrow for 5 days Sent from my SCH-I545 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. The drag that a flasher and fly create is not ideal for leadcore. It wouldn't be running anywhere near the depth you thought it was. I never run copper so can't comment on that. Sent from my SCH-I545 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. With the lake flipping who knows when a consistent bite will be. I was gonna head up thurs for a couple days of fishing. But who knows now. Maybe sodus point will be a better option. Have to keep a eye on the reports until then, will most likely be a last minute decusion Sent from my SCH-I545 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. Just wondering if there is any other subscription services geared towards trout and salmon like the dream weaver monthly box?
  7. Very slow trip with not many fish being marked in the bay. Monday went 2 for 3 on kings (8,10 lbs) fish caught in 240 FOW 160' down on the riggers, no strikes on dipsys. Tuesday went 3 for 6 on kings (20,22,26.5) lost 2 far back and 1 right at the boat. 190 FOW 160 down, 3 strikes on rigger, 3 on dipsy 480 back. Wednesday thermocline came up fished 180-300 FOW caught 2 kings (20, 24 lbs) in 190 FOW 130 down on riggers. caught 2 Atlantic's in 280 FOW 130 down and 1 brown in 180 FOW 130 down. Thursday went 1 for 1 king (22 lbs) 130 down. action very slow, not much talk on radio but seemed in 500 FOW a few fish were being caught. tried every spin doctor in my arsenal ( about 20 different patterns) with every fly combination, and spoons. only thing that worked for us was 42nd spinny with atomik crinkle green fly, and hammertime board with a atomik blue hammer fly. all in all about 40 hours of trolling for 8 kings, 2 atlantics, and 1 brown. fish seem to be 2 weeks behind for this time of year although a few of the kings we caught were getting dark and eggs were about to separate, so should be happening any time.
  8. I would imagine they are trolled for such a long distance that they don't have much fight left in them when they pull them to the boat
  9. Speed varies as down currents change all the time but 2.3-2.6 should get you close for the most part
  10. well we are back home now, Thursday night we went back out and went 0 for 3, Friday we were 5 for 8, and Saturday morning we were 4 for 5 so not a bad trip overall, 20 for 35. all spin doctors and flies, best spin doctors were white with green dots, nuclear pickle, hammertime and carmel dolphin. best flies blue hammer fly, green hammer fly, green crinckle and white. all week we fished in 100-160 feet of water, the beginning of the week we fished out in front of the salmon river to the north dunes, and the last couple of days we found the best fishing out in front of nine mile towards Oswego. never fished the loc. after I cought that 33.5 on the first day I was going to buy a ticket the next morning, and then I found out you can't enter a fish the day you buy the ticket so the second day was out also, which we cought the 32.7. had I known the rules and how inexpensive it was to enter I would have went down the night before our week trip and bought the tickets. as far as I know both fish would have been in the top 20 and most likely fish of the day too. kinda sucks but we had a great trip either way.
  11. 3 days into the trip so far Tuesday we did 3 for 3 with a 33.5lb king, wish we were in the derby. Wednesday we did 5 for 11 with a 32.7lb king, wish we were in the derby again, Thursday afternoon now, this morning we went 3 for 7, biggest was around 24lbs might go back out this afternoon if the lake looks ok. We have been fishing from 100-130 fow 90-110 down, and 270-330 on the dipsys, 7 fish on dipsys and 4 on riggers so far. 2.0-2.2 down speed.
  12. I agree with running it leaner and the hotter plugs, ngk is a good place to start, and for ADK1, either ethanol or you have a plugged fuel filter, run a can of Sea foam through should improve.
  13. cant wait 2 weeks I will be out, sounds like a great time on the water.
  14. Not sure if I got the last one but the lady did tell me I was the 4th person to order one that morning, either way it was a great price
  15. Found fishhawk x-4's online for $530 and ordered one, if anyone else is in the market its. www.northwoodsoutlet.com, you have to call them to order though. chris
  16. I know people use the go pro with the pro troll housing, but as far as I know there isn't a monitor hookup that you can watch as your trolling.
  17. no price just trade for spin doctors, didn't realize it posted before I was done, info in other post chris
  18. Looking to trade 100 spoons of various makes, stinger, fishlander 2, dreamweaver, NK mags, etc. on 2 of the spoons the hooks need to be replaced. here Is what I am looking for (20) 8" spin doctors, I would prefer to trade all at once but spoons are broken into lots of 20 so if someone only wants 1 or 2 lots I am willing to trade that way, so it would be 4 sd's for each lot. looking for greens, mountain dews, etc. let me know what you have to get rid of. lot #1 lot 2 lot 3 lot 4, notice 2 spoons were accidentally cut out of picture lot 5
  19. various spoons, fishlander 2's, stingers, dreamweavers, Nk Mags, etc.
  20. Weather beautiful = fishing terrible, trolled 13 hours between 2 days, plant to doons and everywhere between ended up going offshore and cought A king 20.5 lbs real nice this time of year other than that we cought 1 cookie cutter, clear water no mudline. Been tough fishing this spring
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