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  1. Seatech is doing a masters class in Rochester starting Jan 24 which involves 3 weekends (sat/sun 9-5) and I believe 1 or 2 night classes (6-10 one of them is the test). Please let me know if you are interested. If we can get a few people interested they offer discounts.

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  2. Looking for recommendations on a seacock/ thru-hull install for a wash down. Looking for 100% quality, however price is always a +.

    Would prefer an insured shop but am willing to look into an individual if credentials are right. Also looking to get it done before the boat goes away for the winter.


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  3. RIGGED 9/4 Sandy 9/5 9/6 @ the Oak

    9/4 got out of work late and hit the water around 445. Started in 100' where we found em the night before and it was game on as soon as we out lines in. All four Big Jons got their workout as moonshine spoons and Minion meat rigs were the bait of choice. 450 copper and 300 copper also took fish. We ended the night at 830 with who knows how many fish in the boat but we had 2 doubles and 2 triples which is something you don't normally see in a 3 hour trip. post-150826-14417529969164_thumb.jpgpost-150826-14417530114475_thumb.jpgpost-150826-14417530293383_thumb.jpg

    9/5 2pm to 8pm set up in 180 after a tip that there were some salmon out there. Worked 180-250 and back in to 80 before calling it a night. We lost a big rip on the 400 copper pulling a purple UV Minion meat rig following a 11" white glow crush paddle. We did get into a great class of big steelhead as the MVP of the day was a 160 copper pulling a DW NBK. We also took some rips on the 5 color and 10 color. Biggest fish was a 12.5 lb steehead.

    9/6 KOTO part 4. As we were out of contention after smoking our lower unit last tournament we went in wanting to finish strong to prove it to ourselves we could hang with the big boys. Headed out around 515 to have a pitch black setup that consisted of 3 riggers and 2 long lines. We had our moonshines off of two of three riggers and plugs off of the rest. 540 we ended up taking 3 passes along the break wall moving out about 10' deeper each time when our chrome/bloody nose plug takes a heavy rip off our 20' rigger over 30fow. We see at this time there are many boats headed out so we turn of all of our lights as we fight the fish.... That was interesting to say the least. We pop on the lights at the last minute, net it and move out as we knew the traffic was going to mess with the fish. We took that 30' all the way to Johnsons to hopefully find them stacked out there.. Nothing to show but a skipper king. We heard a lot of guys were struggling so we went back to our waypoints the day before to hit on some big chrome. Well they weren't there and by 11am we had a 15, and each a 5lb king and 5lb steelhead. We did a bunch of steelhead out there- a little deeper today with the 10 color, 300 copper and 75 rigger doing work pulling knockout lures green dolphins.

    With the time running out I made the decision to troll back into port and try that 30' again as I had a feeling they had to be there (they weren't anywhere else!) we got back to the break wall greeted by pleasure yachts, sailboats, and jet skis. (I may or may not have had this look on my face 😖) until Dave noticed a salmon surface behind the boat. All of a sudden our 8' rigger fires on a Warrior angry perch UV and takes off. As I am partially in disbelief, our diver parked at 30' with an 8" e chip and Minion meat rig goes tearing.. Doubled up!! We knew we needed these two but with the boat traffic and our rigger out past 450 feet could have swore a boat was going to come through and cut us off.

    Anyways the wire fish tears through the last 3 riggers out and we have a birds nest 80' from the fish... Hand line that in and it's in the boat- sweet.

    Next is the rigger fish which has finally given up. We get that to about 260' and see a paddle on the surface- tangled in the 5 color... We hand lined in our second fish over 200' which was the biggest of our season just over 27 lbs. talk about a Chinese fire drill.

    We finished 2nd in the last leg, got big fish, and somehow shot to 2nd overall!

    We have come a long way this year and it couldn't be done without the teamwork and communication we have on the boat. Let's roll this momentum into next year. Lot of laughing, a little crying, lots of yelling (good and bad) and a hell of a lot of fun this year guys and girls.

    Big congrats to post-150826-14417526849563_thumb.jpgpost-150826-14417526942455_thumb.jpgpost-150826-14417527076322_thumb.jpgpost-150826-144175272171_thumb.jpgpost-150826-14417527331739_thumb.jpgpost-150826-1441752741706_thumb.jpgpost-150826-14417527545751_thumb.jpgRob Westcott and Mikey for staying consistent all year. It was cool to see two Sandy Creek boats a top of the King Of The Oak!

    Another big shoutout to everyone who has helped us out this year whether is has been an inside tip, suggestion on mechanical work, parts, or just called to bust balls. Definitely makes the year more fun. We have a great group of guys from the Oak to Rochester.

    Boat is out for the year to get some more fun stuff put on it. Good luck to whoever takes it to the very end!

    Pics coming.

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  4. Think less about the spoon and more about the presentation. Speed, depth, direction, and distance from the ball is more important imo than any "color"- especially if you're running deep.

    Remember certain colors can't be seen after certain depths- so if you're slaying them on a red spoon 100' down you might as well be running a black one.

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  5. Well we pre-fished fri morning to a heavy sw wind. Worked 80-500 and back going 0/1 with a steelhead coming unbuttoned before we could catch up with it. That came off of a purple Dino egg KO spoon.

    We were sitting 2nd in KOTO with this leg being the day to move up. Well that didn't happen.

    Sat we started at 530 in the dark of the night in 60'. Good screen inside but again no friggin bites (3-4 skippers). I was really hoping after a couple days of stable weather they would start snapping. We trolled out to 300' taking more small fish before we got a call and heard 180-220 was hot. We pulled lines and burned in to 200' when we hear whining and a big *clunk*..... F**k! Lower unit bearing fried and we think we're screwed. We try to limp back to port to check it out and take a 5lb and 12 lb king around 100fow both on meat and paddles. We worked to port and the noise stopped so we figured we could try to limp it the rest of the day so we worked back out to 250 and by that time the bite was over. As soon as we got back out there the clunking started again this time much worse, so we were forced to head back in. Get back to 100fow and it stopped again.... We worked that crap for the last hour or so hoping for a brown or laker that wasn't there and limped in to the dock wasting a bunch of time going 2mph all the way home..

    Needless to say our run at KOTO is pretty much over. I guess we just gotta put 3 derby fish on the boat in a few weeks and hope that's enough!

    Good job to the guys who put a big box together!

    Drained the lower unit oil today and it looked like silver fingernail paint- with the metal flake. New one coming tomorrow so we hope to be back in the water mid-week and ready for the LOC

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  6. Sat

    Headed out for a brown/laker to put on the Orleans board. Heard the warm water rolled in again.. Sat in 60' at 5am and the screen was awesome- hooks and bait everywhere. The full moon might have done something with them (or the 4' rollers) but we couldn't get anything to go. We took an east troll to Braddocks eventually working to 120' where we started picking away at small kings Lakers and Browns. Turned back west for a bit and whacked a 14lb laker on a Knockout purple Dino egg off our Big Jon rigger . Very slow day but at least we got one on the board for now.


    Same program same depths but got out a little deeper to start with. Game on! We had over 7 fish in the boat by 630am, biggest a 16lb king coming off of a glow shoehorn buried. We did lakers, Browns, Kings, and a steelhead. Hot lures were white spin docs with Minion flies trailing (Chris those new patterns are sick!), KO spoons, and Shoehorns. Meat was quiet today. After the sun came up all we could work was lake trout, so we pointed north around 9 to target silvers and struck out the last two hours.

    Back at it a few nights this week!

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  7. Pick up some blood run flea flicker and use 100-200' of "leader" before your leader. It will keep the fleas off. Buy it at narbys.

    As for Browns- you need a temp probe to find where your 50-55* water is and follow it to the bottom- ex. 50* is 60' down- go to 60' and start looking at the bottom of the water column and work around that area. With the way the king fishing is right now go look for those- there's nothing better than a big king ripping line.

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