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  1. Have had the plasti ones for a few years real smooth drags only thin in dot like about them is they have plastic spools that tend to crack. Not sure if the spools on the metal ones are metal as well. Good bang for your buck IMO

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  2. I bought every damn seal bearing and sensor in the stern today from a guy in Tampa for 300 bucks- he threw in a cd with all of the merc service guides as well so that won't be a problem. I've also been looking all over YouTube and it doesn't seem bad at all besides finding the special tools.

    Thanks for all of the comments! I hope i can get her back in the water by Saturday- my Wilson trip is sneaking up FAST and don't have any of my "fishing" upgrades done! Lol panic mode is starting to set in

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  3. I have an 86 4.3 paired with an alpha one and have a leak at the upper shift shaft. Instead of swapping out that one seal that would probably take me a half hour I want to possibly do everything- gimble, bellows, etc. while I'm in there. I am a mechanic so it wouldn't be an issue for me to do it but it would be awesome if anyone on here that knows these things well would talk to me about any tips or tricks that would make my life easier.

    Thanks in advance for the help!

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  4. Find a happy speed where you catch fish on your GPS and match it w your sub troll. I knew some friends who swore on 2.5-2.7 on theirs, but with my gps speed where I caught most fish (high 2's) my sub troll is right at 2.2 so I keep it right at 2.2

    I'm sure there are a lot of variables in the cable or your setup that may mess with resistance and or your readings.

    I use mine mostly to tell how currents are and where temp is.

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  5. Let em rip! I've had some of

    My best days in bs weather. It is a total pain though. Driving is a ****- netting is a ****- setting out a full spread is a ****. Putting scales on the deck takes the annoyance out of fishing in those conditions but when the bite is off you regret it every time! You never know though that's why they call it fishing.

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  6. I used them last year- I don't think they outperform any other stick bait (at least for me). To get them moving side to side you gotta (I forget which one) get them going faster or slower than standard trolling speeds. I had one out almost all spring and I think I only took one fish. My best producers are the smaller stinger spoons off boards.

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  7. I'd like to reply- but you're the owner! You have to choose a name that actually means something to you. Keep in mind any slogans you use with your kids or what the boat means for you and your family. It will come to you one day when you're out fishing or when one of your kids "says the darndest things" lol

    Let them be your inspiration for your boat name, not us!

    Good luck and god bless you!

  8. In all seriuosness , My intention was not to start a war . I belive that basic instruction on safe boat handling is long overdue .I know that some people will ignore the rules ,even if they take the course and know them . But there are way too many people om Lake O ,that have no clue and this is what i think the course will address . Save lives ? maybe , not so sure about that one ,other than teaching people what the bouy system means . Every year , the news reports of guys going out in 19 ft. boats in 5-6 foot waves . The coast guard risks their lives to either save the lucky or recover the bodies of the not so lucky . Mandatory life jackets in the cold water months save lives period . All you have to do is stick your hand in that 40 degree water in April and just imagine your whole body in that . You have a very few precious moments to get out before you become paralyzed . If the gasp reflex hits you when your head goes under , the jacket WILL save your life . I satnd by my position that the course should be mandatory for all boaters in NY .

    Alright- how many of us have NOT taken this class and are successful/courteous/etc at operating a boat? It's ignorant that making people take a class will make them more safe.

    Why are you better or more qualified when you were younger than a kid now? Why do so many people all of a sudden " not have a clue" lol I see more older guys that have their heads up their asses than younger kids.

    Idk about you but I've been operating boats for over 15 years- learned with my father by my side. You respect the water, your machine, and your "brothers" out on the water you'll be just fine. If you can't learn that you'll be in trouble no matter what- and you can't teach that in a class.

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