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  1. 53 minutes ago, Pair of Jacks said:

    Is the speed differential due to current in the lake and is this typical?  

    thanks in advance for your feedback.


    Pair of Jack

    It depends on where you are in the lake and which direction you’re trolling. There are typically currents but they maybe not be as severe or more severe. On the west end by the Niagara river I’ve encountered currents that effect the speed by up to 3MPH. It can vary by depth of lure as well, no current 50 feet down, 2 MPH 80 feet down. 

  2. Bill is right. The fish are coloring up pretty good now and the matures are probably starting to stack up inside and folks may mistake them for lakers and they may  be hard to get to hit as their feeding response may now be diminished and water temp may be irrelevent but sometimes if you bug them enough by using active highly colored lures and trolling back and forth over them you can entice them to hit out of aggression the younger ones are a different matter and they may be running out with the steelies out deeper.

    Most of the fish I marked were within 20 feet of bottom with the occasional one suspended. Threw big spin docs, j plugs, bright spoons at them, just could get them to go. I’ll be out again tomorrow and if it’s the same as yesterday I’ll be headed out deeper.

    Thanks guys.

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  3. I used to go to a place in Wilson called "Down on Main Street" that opened at 4, but its been replaced by "Fat Papas Diner" that opens at 6. I wish I could still get an amazing breakfast at 4 am. Maybe next time im in Fat Papas ill suggest they open early on weekends during fishing season. I bet we could fill the place.

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  4. Trying to help a friend sell his outboard, below is what he texted me. Located in Clarence NY.


    1976 Mercury Black Max 175 hp. Motor completely rebuilt. New lower unit, new starter, new power pack, fuel pump and fully tuned. I bought a boat with this motor on it and after putting in all the work on the motor I found that it was 50 hp over my maximum capacity. $2400 or best offer.


    If interested send me a pm and ill foreword it to him.

    Charlie motor.jpg

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  5. 1 hour ago, lineman49 said:

       Plan on fishing this Wed.    So besides Lewiston launch what others are open to use?  Wilson, Olcott, or Fort Niagara lunch??  Thanks in advance for any info.!!


    Fort Niagara had some slush in it today but you would have no problem getting through it. Wilson is probably locked up with ice still.

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  6. Running the bar at night with riggers or dipsys sounds like a bad idea to me. Could probably do Olcott or Wilson but you're better off trying early morning or late evening. Not many guys fish for salmon at night until they start running up the streams.

  7. Interesting revelation. With all the rain we’ve had, the boat has retained water up to the floor. I never removed the plug since the accident. No water came in through unwanted holes or cracks. 

    That’s the oddest thing man.

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  8. Had two buddies up for the LOC Derby last weekend.


    8/21 Afternoon

    Left the launch at 4 pm and headed to 90 FOW. We were surprised to find the water was 72 degrees down 68 feet and stayed that way until we hit 200 FOW. Once we hit 200 FOW we pulled in a small salmon down 90 with a NBK mag spoon. Had a hit on the 75 rigger that turned out to be an Atlantic on a monkey puke mag. Shortly after we had another hit on the 75 rigger that pulled a bunch of line out then got off. 


    8/22 Morning

    Since the temps weren't right out of Wilson we went to Fort Niagara. Left the launch at 6:15 and headed to the drop off. Set lines in 150 FOW and trolled NNE. Had a our first fish in 170 FOW, small laker on a wire dipsy set to a 3 at 185 feet pulling a green jeans mag spoon. Our next hit came at 264 FOW on a meat rig wire dipsy out 181 feet and ended up being 22 pounds. We trolled out to 350 FOW then pulled lines to try shallow again. Marked a ton of fish between 100 and 125 FOW but only pulled out a few small kings. 


    8/22 Afternoon

    We launched at Wilson for the afternoon bite and found the down temps to be much more favorable. 48 degrees down 65 over 110 FOW. We pulled in a few small kings and some lake trout. The 270 dipsy on a 3 pulling most in. I,at least, had a game plan for the next day.


    8/23 Morning

    Launched out of Wilson at 5:45. Headed out to 75 FOW and were set up by 6:10. Had our first hit at 6:40 but dropped it. At 6:55 we pulled in a small king on a dipsy out 155 on a 3 pulling a green jeans spoon. At 7:15 we pulled up a laker on the same set up. At 8:00 we had the 40 rigger pop and after tangling with a few dipsy rods we put a 20 pound king in the boat that hit a dirty white boy mag spoon. We turned North and hit 200 FOW pulling in some small kings. Headed back into 80 FOW around 11:00 and had the 75 rigger pop. Got a 10 pound brown on NBK mag spoon. 


    Best set ups of the weekend were;

    240 - 270 dipsy on a 3 with any mag spoon

    75 rigger with a mag spoon

    150 - 180 dipsy on a 3 with a spin doctor and meat rig.

    Spoons with some kind of white tape worked well.



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  9. I always keep the net wet, I occasionally throw quarters in the water as a bribe, randomly say "Lets pack it up", stare into the sun, have a play list of songs that are lucky and is now 23 hours long, bring a banana just so I can throw it off the boat, and I had my riggers blessed. 


    Just hoping these tips can help everyone out. You don't need skill if you're lucky. 

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