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  1. For lake trout I run them within 3 or 4 feet of bottom. For salmon I put them anywhere from 40 to 120 feet down depending on where my fish finder says fish are. Some guys drop down farther than that but my riggers are manual so I'd rather not pull at 10 pound weight up from more than 120 feet down lol

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  2. A few boat were grinding the midline when I launched around 430 but I wanted to go to laker town anyway to try something different than trolling or jigging. So I tied on a gold rippin rap and let the wind push me around in 50 FOW. I just dragged it on bottom and gave it a pop every 10 seconds or so. Worked surprisingly well. Brought 4 to the boat and lost a few more. Also the Wilson launch is almost underwater! Wear your rubbers!!







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  3. On 12/16/2016 at 10:19 AM, Capt Vince Pierleoni said:


    Although the pens have been the savior survival-wise, with increased predation on direct stockers, your point is valid. We aren't sure if its a case of "getting caught up in the school", or just missing the imprinting(with all fish raised in ONE hatchery). This is a constant and ongoing problem. The idea of trying a pen in Wilson was just an answer to the poor deal offered (trade 2 direct stocks for 1 pen held) to an area that does not enjoy any natural reproduction and has seen diminished fall returns already. We do believe that high predation, particularly in the Niagara river and the bar area occurs on the direct stock with all the birds, warm water species, and immense Lake Trout population there in the Spring.

    The Wilson project is small, but will have great space and manpower available, while at the same time allow the pen fish to be spread out. The hope is besides the improved survival, that should low flows exist that they will just run nearby Niagara river, instead of vaporizing to the Salmon river.  

    Any Info on the pens? I Plan on being in olcott tomorrow to attach the nets and do maintenance. 

  4. I'll save you some money bud, you don't need a blind. Just find a good tree or brush pile that covers your back and sit still.  Unless you are hunting with a bow or have turkeys super patterned to a specific  location you don't need a blind in fact it often hinders the mobility you need to get on gobblers.  I have similar thoughts on decoys, while they work, and occasionally they are the ticket, more often than not you do not need a decoy, if a turkey is interested they will come looking, sometimes if you have a decoy they hang up or if you need to move or exit you end up busting a bird because you need to screw with a decoy. That being said I have decoys and occasionally use them but they should be good ones, turkeys know what turkeys look like so a cheap decoys should be left on the shelf. Now calls you need, for a beginner I recommend you get a couple mouth calls and play around with them, Some people pick right up on them and they are the best call to use but make sure you get a push button yelper and a pot style call, they are easy to use and get you up and running quick.  Rather than a blind get yourself a good turkey vest with a really nice seat cushion, you will thank me for that:yes:  Good luck


    Took me a few months to get the mouth call down but well worth it to have both hands free. Practice, practice, practice!!

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  5. The south launch is fenced off, the north launch has new docks in but the water was to murky to see if they extended the launch. Doesn't look like any concrete work has been done on it anyway.



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  6. I started a welding business in July and it's the hardest thing I've ever tried. I've learned a lot in the last 8 month. Doesn't exactly translate over to chartering but I end up working about 70 or 80 hours a week once you take into account driving, quoting work or getting material. I'm really hoping I have time to fish this summer. I guess the biggest thing I can say is expect to spend way more money than you thought you would up front. I learned that the hard way.

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