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  1. post-150958-0-50096600-1371527034_thumb.jpgpost-150958-0-41045800-1371527050_thumb.jpgI think I was the one of the guys you talked to so ill add my report here. 100-110 was hot right off the bottom. Got one good king that hit the scale at 19.3 pounds, and a decent steelhead. Had 7 knock offs. Had a great screen from 630 until dark lots of bait in the 60 to 90 foot range and fish all over the water column. Mag spoons were all they would hit, not one hit on the Spin Doctors. No Derby fish but there's always tomorrow. 

  2. Fishing Report

    Your Name / Boat Name:




    Date(s): 8/19

    Time on Water: 6am - 130pm

    Weather/Temp: 75

    Wind Speed/Direction:

    Waves: 1 - 2

    Surface Temp: 74

    Location: Wilson

    LAT/LONG (GPS Cords):




    Total Hits: 4

    Total Boated: 3

    Species Breakdown: Steelhead and kings

    Hot Lure: Blue Dolphin SD, A-Tom-mik

    Trolling Speed: 2.5 - 3.0

    Down Speed:

    Boat Depth: 100 - 300

    Lure Depth: 65 - 100, 200 and 225 dipsys on a 1.5




    Started out in 100 feet marked fish and bait all the way to 220 down. Turned back when I hit 300 feet and took a small steelhead on the 225 dipsy. Back in 130 feet of water took a small king and at 110 took a high teens king with the 100 foot rigger. Had another hit at 120 feet that took my flasher and spoon before I could even grab the rod. :no:

  3. Name: Killian

    Location: Amherst, NY

    Home Port: Wilson

    Boat Name/Type: Tracker

    I fish for: Salmon, Trout, Bass and Walleye


    New to fishing Lake Ontario and I am excited to pick up some tips from everyone here on the forum!

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