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  1. Im sitting here reading posts and watching football, go saints, and I see posts asking about beer and fund raising which is awesome. I was just thinking that we should get a new section where we can talk about beer, football, hockey, fundraisers and any non fishing related stuff. Sort of a BS section on the forum. Sort of like the comics corner but everything is open to discussion. I dont know maybe im crazy but it would be nice to talk about something beside fishing every once in a while, especially from November to February.

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  2. I jigged for lakers this summer a few times. I started out with 2 oz jig heads and a 5 inch swimbait. Those are good if there is light wind. For a stronger wind I ordered a couple of 5 oz jig heads and put a 7 inch swimbait on. The lakers will crush either. White and pink were my winning colors. I fished with and without a stinger hook and it didnt matter much, depends on if you get a bunch of short strikes or not. 

  3. Launched at 330 and headed around the fort into 15 feet of water. Worked jointed rapalas on planer boards for an hour with some hits but nothing stuck. Ran back to the front of the fort and caught a nice male steelhead on a rubber minnow with a half oz jig head in 39 FOW. Ended up landing four bass after that. Saw a few salmon jumping and some browns on the surface. Got back to the launch at 7.

  4. I put this sticker on my helm by the wheel. We fish on many different waterways and my 17 year old son drives the boat a lot. He has taken a boater's safety course this summer, but this sticker is a good reminder of the nautical rules of the road. These decals are free for anyone to order, and you don't pay shipping either. I ordered 50 so I can pass them around to people who operate their boat as if they always have the right of way.

    attachicon.gifRule of the road cropped.jpg

    Where did you get these from? Id like to grab a few.

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  5. There is much happening behind the scenes. In the Western basin we have been concerned with the low Fall returns for several years. We have tried the diplomatic approach and all we have encountered is stall tactics. When there was funding for another hatchery it was met with road block after road block. This was very telling. Those of us actively working with the DEC staff who get their hands dirty do not blame them. We know its at the top of this broken State.  There is much more than bickering going on and I and many others have admitted there is much more we can do to improve things--starting with making sure the cormorants don't get all the released Salmon and trout. 


    I know that the DEC can only do so much and they do a good job with what they have. Funny you mention cormorants because I see a lot hanging around Wilson and Olcott in the early spring and then they almost completely disappear by June. I never made the link that it when the cormorants are around there are pens full of salmon and trout in the harbor.

  6. I got this recipe from the Consummate Sportsman on youtube. Ill add the link to my post. Take your salmon filet and put it in a container such as Tupperware or a glass cooking pan. Coat the fish in brown sugar then pour soy sauce over the top until the brown sugar is soaked. Put it in the fridge and marinate for about 4 hours, spooning the marinade over the fish every hour. Coat your grill in non stick cooking spray and put on medium heat. Cook meat down for 5 minutes then quarter turn the fish and let cook for 4 more minutes. Flip the fish over so its skin side down and cook for 5 more minutes then check to see if its done. I tried this for the first time last week and it was awesome. It smelled like a marshmallow while it was cooking and had a sweet yet tangy taste to it. I am making this again tonight it was so good.


  7. Ive been buying 20 to 30 new spoons, flashers, spin doctors and flies every year but, I keep going back to the same thing every time. Dreamweaver Green Gator and Lemon Ice spoons. Blue Dolphin and Mountain Dew spin doctors, and silver or green flashers. Sometimes I buy silver spoons and put some green tape on them just to replicate the Northern King spoons I had four years ago. I always run atleast one green colored lure every time Im out. But as NickR said speed and presentation plays a huge role in catching fish. Keep playing with speed, color and depth until you get a pattern going.

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