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  1. Going in close will be awsome in late August. However I would refer to the reports and see in the salmon are moving in to the tributaries or not. If they are moving in then get in close with J-Plugs and Big Rapalas. If the salmon are not in the tribs yet the go out deep and run spoons and spin doctors. It all depends on the temperatures. 

  2. Decided to stay in close today, started in 100 FOW and moved out to 200 only marked one bait ball. Went back to 100 and missed one hit on a lemon ice SD and fly, then caught a decent steelhead in 118 FOW down 95 on the rigger, used a blue dolphin SD and fly. I drove around and marked some big ones in 70 to 80 FOW, probably lakers with some browns mixed in, couldnt get them to cooperate. Still cant manage to get a king. Ill probably try again tomorrow.

  3. Launched solo at 330, got to 55 feet of water and pulled lakers to the boat non stop for 2 hours on the spoon regiment. Green Gator and Lemon Ice were hot. I got tired of pulling those 10 pound downrigger balls up so I tried jigging a white swim bait on a 5 ounce jig head and caught another few nice trout. It was challenging to get the hang of since they always hit of the drop but the same fish would hit 3 or 4 times. Probably totalled with around 20 fish, had a lot of doubles that I couldnt handle and my arms are killing me. 

  4. Ive got a 2012 60 Horse Mercury EFI. Went to fire it up Sunday and nothing. It doesnt even turn over. Put the battery on the charger and it went straight to a green light. I checked all the fuses and they are good. My bilge pump, livewell pump, horn, recirculating pump and lights work. My gauges, hydraulic tilt and motor do not work. I've run the boat 7 times already this year without an issue so im pretty confused. Im just looking for any thing to try or anything I missed before I drag it to a mechanic. 

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