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  1. Just curious if anyone out there trolling for salmon on Lake Ontario uses spinning reels off their down riggers instead of the standard level wind reels? The reason why I ask is that my crazy wife likes to fish with the spinners instead of the standard. She thinks the drag is smoother and the whole out fit is better balanced .I can't argue with her yet because it seems to work. The reels we have hold 300 yards of 20 Lbs braided line.The biggest fish so far is 26 plus pounds with many more in around 20 range. Not sure what a 30 plus pound beast would do to the reel or line. Fished out of olcott for the last two years and became a fishing junkie and may need professional help for this condition.Thank you all for this great site it is like therapy to me on these cold days. Jeff
  2. Uncle Paul you are not bothering me at all with questions. Good time of year for this it's to cold for me to fish from a boat. Iam no pro at fishing but I think if you try fishing with some trolling spoons,like northern king or michigan stingers at about 2.5 miles per hour you can catch trout and salmon. My wife likes to pick out the spoon colors and seems to be green wins out with her and the fish. I don't think color maters as much as action? But this site has been a huge help for us over the last year and think it will help you to. Good luck. Jeff
  3. I would call that a great season. Nice photos. Thanks for sharing
  4. Lund ALasken 16 ft . A little small but does the job.
  5. Went out at 8:30 in morning and started at a150 feet of water with 3 spoons and one flasher fly off wire dipsey. Most of the fish came in at 250 foot depth 30 to 80 feet down all on spoons. We went 12 out of 14. Biggest was a 34inch king and a 29inch steel head. These numbers are really big for us normal # about 3 fish average so I think the fishing is really hot now. Hope this helps. Jeff in the small red boat.
  6. Fished olcott last Saturday and fished on top 20 feet down with long leads to green colored spoons off down riggers. Nothing big but just plain old fun. The wife and I might be back in the morning. I think the big boys are in but just have to find them. I herd 200 ft of water is all we need ? I am just a novice so do not take my words to seriously. Hope this helps. Jeff in the small red boat.
  7. Four fish today 3 kings and 1 brown largest king only 25 inches brown 19inches. All fish on top 20-30 feet over 80 to 200 feet of water. Wife got them all on the same spoon she likes the color green. Hope this helps some one that is as lost as I am out there. Good luck from the funny looking guy in the small red boat
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