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  1. The last couple of years I would like to wear the same tee shirt that I had on when the wife landed her biggest fish. I really don't now why I do this because that tee shirt is really nasty and it's been two years. I think I will suggest that she wears it! I also like to tell her that there is a fish out there with her name on it.
  2. X2 plus the 12ft boat might need a short shaft ?
  3. Krawler nice rig! Almost got one of those last year great lay out for lake fishing. Just added a kicker on my boat,well still in the process, and really don't see the need for a electric motor up front for my use any way. I have heard they are helpful if fishing by your self. I think your first motor should be the kicker this helps keep the hours of the main. One thing I wish when I got my boat last year was to have the dealer install one right away. As far as riging the track system is the way to go mount it on and add stuff as you need. Hope this helps and enjoy the new boat. Jeff
  4. Really looking for northern King spoons if any one can help that would be great !
  5. I hope there are lots of trolling spoons I never can have to many.
  6. Intrested in the NKs. Really looking for the dirty white boy. Name your price. Send info,if not sold already, to [email protected] Thanks Jeff
  7. Just purchased a Honda 8 hp.I found it for less money at the Honda dealer then online. I went with the Honda because my main motor is a Honda also and wanted them to match. If you get the 9.9 BFP over the 9.9 BF you get the " power thrust design " I think this means 10 inch prop. Over the 9.25 inch standard ? It looks like you would also get 12 amp alternator with the electric start over the 6 amp man start. I went with the man. start because I need things to be really simple on my boat. But as far as Honda vers Yamaha I think you could flip a coin on that decision. Just don't get the one that was built on a Friday after lunch!
  8. That green gator is a great spoon for us. Our biggest salmon last year was on the the yellow gator. NK is the wife's spoon of choice, she took all the ones I had, and is on the hunt for more. They produce well for us over the years but I think I might try some warrior spoons ? I hope some one buys up the tooling and starts making them again. The powder painted ones are my fav. Why am I saying this for ,I have to stop drinking, those spoons do suck. Dispose of them properly by sending them to me. I will make shure no one gets hooked on them.
  9. I herd thru the grape vine that they are out of busines. I lost money with a order online some time back. It is to bad that was a local company making a great product. I still am searching for the dirty white boy spoon in the tackle shops but no luck so far. As far as contact I tried with no luck but I hope you have better luck than I did. Jeff
  10. Brain one I was in the same situation as you where about 6 years ago. Warning to you this lake will draw you to like no other. It wrecked a lot of the other lakes for me fishing wise. There is something about seeing and hearing the reel go crazy after a salmon hits. I think you are on the right path for hook ups, my first fish finder was a fish buddy model that clamps on the side of the boat. It did the job for finding depth and fish, the wife has gps on her phone. Your fish finder and boat will do great just have to get the feel of it. Big water I think I was trolling next to you during the LOTSA derby. I remember the boat, you have the big brother of my sportsmen. Sweet ride you have! Jeff
  11. Patriot try a search for a site called yesterday's tractor. I used this about 5 years ago when my 1955 ford 860 was giving me a hard time with a thermostat problem. Those old fords I was told are the most over worked under appreciated tractors ever made. Hope you find that site helpful. Jeff
  12. Pvelyk I like this post and I feel the same way. I am no expert but I think I learned a lot from the Muskie fisher man and women out there. I try not to handle the fish to much and get them back in the water as fast as possible, like as long as you can hold your breath. I also am not afraid of using hook cutters and just cutting out the hooks if it looks like it might do some damage to the fish. We burned threw a lot of treble hooks this year on the smaller kings but I hope that fish lives to hits some kids lure next year. I will almost always stop the boat and hold the fish by the tail and swim him in the water until it is ready. I know stopping the boat is kind of unproductive and not very good for doubles but it is just the way we do it. But sometimes they will bleed so bad that there is no hope and you have to eat them. Hope this helps Jeff
  13. First of all you are very lucky to have the wife fishing with you that will beat out any type of boat you buy. I was in the same situation about 7 years ago started out with a 12 foot row boat and been buying bigger ever since up to 18 now. One thing to think about is storage I really wanted to store in the garage so 18 ft is max for me. The big thing for me on my last purchase was the lay out of the back of the boat all I wanted was open space with strong gunnels for the down riggers. Sounds easy but I think more boats are layed out for bass fishing then trolling. Shopping for boats is a lot of fun! I found out a crestliner and Lund are owned by a corporate giant Brunswick. Take your time and you will learn a lot don't be afraid to look out side the area. Good luck and fish on!
  14. Just wanted to send out a big thank you for the past weekends fishing derbys. The wife and I had a great time and meet a lot of nice people. It ran perfectly. This club has me hooked! Jeff and Kathy
  15. I have been trying for sometime now and think I am out of luck with my money and order of spoons. Jeff
  16. Very nice fish ! Better yet that the wife is fishing with you.
  17. Is NK still in business ? I have a order with them and still have not received anything from them and the order was placed in August ! I was charged and I sent e mails to them months ago with no response. Can't see them going under because that have a great product and following of fishermen. I would hate to see a local business go under. Jeff
  18. For sale is a 2004 16 foot Lund Alaskan with a 50 hp tiller four stroke Honda. Minnkota all terrain trolling motor and a humming bird fish finder is included with the boat. Asking price is $6200.00 best offer. Call 716-937-6821 or email me at [email protected] Will try to load pictures but am new to this. Thanks Jeff SOLD
  19. Bandrus 1 is right on with ordering from the web site. Waiting for my order from Aug 27 For the same spoon. I wonder why they even have a site?
  20. Nice job ! Was out there today at 11:00 in 450 feet of water very hard to find any fish ,for me anyways, but ended up with a steelhead on a spoon 40ft down. Fishing was slow for the wife and I but what a beautiful day on the water.
  21. Thanks for the report! Hope to be there next weekend.
  22. Thanks for the report .My wife and I where out there too in front of the somerset plant in 60 feet of water fishing with cowbells .First time thay worked for us biggest for us was 17 lbs. We tried for salmon and browns for 3 hours with spoons, flasher flies and stick baits with no hits so the lakers saved the day. Nice job finding the salmon. I bet you had a big old smile on your face when the wife was reeling that one in! It's awesome to see someone catch their first big one. Jeff
  23. Thanks for the report! Hope to get up there next weekend.
  24. Great show awesome deals but even better people. Sometimes at sales events where deals are this good people go a little crazy but not here. The venders helped us out big time with info the one even put rings and hooks on are spoon blanks while describing the rigging he uses. Thank you all ! Jeff
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