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  1. skay428

    I-Bay 10/4

    I was out there all day Tuesday. I couldn't find the perch. Fished the channel and the majority of the drop offs. Has anyone found them yet? Also, what type of jigs and does anyone use small minnows?
  2. It looks like the fish are starting to stage. I like fishing alone too. Always a better day when you get newbies to get a few, but it can be a challenge with multiple people on the boat. Great job and nice fish
  3. Without any wind had a hard time moving along today. Spotted a bunch of fish in 45fow they were down in the 20-25ft range outside of ship builders.
  4. Thanks guys I will let you know how it works out tomorrow
  5. Hey guys, I saw guys are catching browns in 15-30 fow outside of I-Bay. Is it possible to catch these guys without riggers?
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