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  1. Let me know what you choose as I have an Islander 221V and have always wanted a archSent from my XT1032 using Tapatalk
  2. I know the decking has no wood...I was hoping to mount to the side under the window. I want to try and keep the deck free to walk on. I have to choose which mounts I want when I order. Also its a fishing - wake board tower designed by fiahonsports. Can't decide between deck or side mount Sent from my XT1032 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. Anyone out there know what is behind the aluminum on the side of the 221V underneath the windows? Is it wood? I want mount a fishing tower and I wonder if I can screw into it? Sent from my XT1032 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. Preferably around the Burlington area Sent from my XT1032 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. Anyone know of an honest marine mechanic? I need quite a bit of work done on the old girl. He will need a garage and a hoist Sent from my XT1032 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. Anybody ever dealt with Fish on SPorts out of Michigan I'm looking to by a cross over tower from them and want to know what to expect in quality and strength
  7. That's the beauty of a c-dory its a dispalcement hull with a flat bottom. Suposed to plain at 5 to 9 knts. Only urequires a 90hp to hit 30 knts. And it sips gas
  8. I'm looking at my next boat (aren't we all?) i was wondering if anyone out there has ever or currently owns a C-Dory. I was looking at the 22 angler and I was wondering if I can power it with twin 40s. would it be enough power? would it be better or more economical than a single 90hp? How would this boat do in the Lake ontario Chop? Can you buy one in Ontario Canada? THanks
  9. sounds great I think I will try using my sons tablet as a chartploter and if it works for me I wil get a nice big 11 inch dislpay one
  10. Guys Just remember.... when you put it on the muffs keep your RPM between 1000 and 1200 no higher!! Higher RPM can create so much suction that it will collapse a garden hose and cut off the water hence burning out your impellar. Once the impellar is damaged the suction decreases and the hose opens up returning water to your outdrive. you don't even notice it cause it happens within a minute. I'm on my 5th impellar in two years at 60$ a pop so I learned the hard way. Oh and last year before I found out my impellar was dead I blew my engine and it cost me the port side head 550$ plus a seal job 300$ If your imellar is crap you will only find out at idle in the lake. At Idle a burnt impellar does not produce suction but it does at high RPM SO if you take your boat for a spin and it doesn't overheat let it sit at idle for 20 minutes and watch it carefully. If the heat goes up pop it in nutral and rev the engine, if the heat goes down your impellar is fired... pull out the boat and do a outdrive service
  11. Went out this mornign and got a 12 lbs king in 175FOW at 55 feet on a orange crush. It's seams i'm getting most bites in 50 feet at around 9:30 to 10:30 am What about the rest of you?
  12. Unfortunatly i'm in Bronte and i'm busy next weekend but thnaks for the offer
  13. My son AIden is kinda in the same boat .... pardon the pun. He has FAS and has been diagnosed with Aspergers , ADHD, Opositional defiance disorder and so on and so on. THe only thing that seemed to slow him down when he was younger was a fishing pole. A child who would rage and beat is head against a wall or run around the house 32 hours without sleep could spend 16 hours quielty fishng and catching nothing at the end of a peer. I never could explain it. I never had that much interest in fishing but I went out and bought a 22 foot boat so my youngest son could actualy catch something. Now he is 11 and he drives and hunts for salmon like no other person I know. He has trouble reading or sitting still in class but he can fish for 9 hours straight and still have a smile on his face if the cooler is empty. I have to admit i have caught the bug now to. My wife and I used to worry about his future but I thnk he will one day make a great charter captain or failing that head out to the coast and hop a crab boat. God bless the damn fishing pole
  14. SO I was wondering if there are any Islander hard top owners out there that could take some close up shots of their hard tops and send them to me along with dimensions. You know height of the top from the deck, length, with and thickness of the top. Length off the windows and thickness of the wood sides.... I want to build a hard top for my 1989 Islander 221V and would like some reference sizes and pics. I can’t seem to find close up shots of the tops themselves inside and out. I would like pics of the corners and seems as well as the inside of the top. If anyone out there could take an hour out of their fishing time and grab a tape measure and a Camera for me it would be much appreciated Thanks
  15. I want out on thursday morning and got 2 at 55 feet in 160foW. Small so I putthem back watermelon spoon with spiners on down rigers
  16. Yeah that's a exaust tube. When the drive is down the tube fits over the hole and the exhaust goes out the prop. In the up position the exaust can come out the gimbal housing. I heard they can be a little noisyer the the traditional exaust bellows
  17. Seriously!!! I can't believe someone would do that!! It would be welll advised that I not catch him because I know where I would stick the screwdriver!
  18. That rubber is called a bellows and the bottom one is the 3 inch exhaust bellows, the top one is bigger. the Exhaust bellows should be firmly attached to the gimbal housing with a Hose clamp but hear is the Kicker!! the end that attaches to the outdrive ma or may not have a hose clamp because their are two styles One style attaches to the outdrive and funnels exhaust to the prop on a permanent basis and the other style is left loose and only fits over the hole when the outdrive is in the down position. In the up Position this style of exhaust bellows just exhaust out of the Gimbal housing.... Does this make sense??? Take a Pic and show us the bellows
  19. went out of Bronte yesterday afternoon for the first time and nothing going back out Monday morning... ANybody know how deep I should be fishing and what kind of lure or color would be good? thanks
  20. I would go with the 221V Islander as well it's sturdy in the big water, a breeze to trailer and big enough to spend the day on and take a nap in the afternoon. Just try and get outboards on it if you can. I'm thinking of puling my I/O and mounting twin 75's instead
  21. The medium black one I see goes to seal the water channel. The large one does seal the shaft bellows. I'm guessing two of the orange ones go one the shaft and seal in the gimbal bearing. That only leaves one small orange one. Probably for a MMR or Gen 2
  22. Ok Guys I"m installing my Alpha 1 gen 1 outdrive in and I bought a Quicksilver bell housing gasket kit There are many O-ring in this kit Can anyone point out where they all go! The big black one is easy and so is the gasket itself Then I have two small Orange ones that I think go on the spindle of the outdrive One larger Orange one ??? One larger balck one ????
  23. So i'm on break at work yesterday and there is a fishing show on THe guy on the show had set up two triangle shaped no drag spinning flashers on each downrigger balls, he mentioned that they spun in opposite direction and attracted fish the port side ones where matching blue and the starboard side ones where green. He also said not to run your spoons to far behind the spinners. My question to you pros out there is this. when you hook these things up do you hook them up below the 2 foot lead with the clip for the line (I would think you run the chance of tangling the whole mess up that way) or do you hook up the clip behind them in series (that might give you some action on the rod and simulate a bite all the time which would be annoying) Finally what are these things called and where can I get them?
  24. I have always wondered if that would work. Its a hell of a lot cheaper then a chartploter
  25. They where really amped up when We finally got the fish in so I had to shut off the camera before it ended in Lake O. You will notice there are two lures because we somehow snagged the second downriger line through the eye lit of the leader a 1 in a billion shot. My eldest son, the one with the rod still talks about that fish. I can't wait to get back on the lake with them in a few weeks. It makes all the preparation and work so worth it. This Gentlemen is why I fish!!!
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