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  1. impressive... great memories, and hopefully more great memories to come.
  2. Thanks Larry! Looks like this is a great cause that has been around for quite some time. I have never fished these waters, nor do I see myself fishing them in the near future. However, I admire the time you take to support conservation., as well as your passion. I did a quick search on this and I would be willing to reach out and provide donations to your great cause. When you have a moment, please contact me.
  3. this maybe paint them as the bottoms of birds, or something of that nature.
  4. hi actually i used these baits pretty often, and i think at one point in time i had well over 5 boxes full. they work very well, as you can see they are pretty worn. these items have now been discontinued, so i would rather get rid of them and these are the last of the bunch. if you must know, i have since added extra items to this package (yes other swimbaits that arent even displayed). i always throw in plenty of unlisted extras with my shipments. im also throwing in extra owner hooks that cost a pretty penny (which i recommended to all potential buyers, as i changed them out religiously). i am also shipping it with a bunch of swimbait tackle boxes. again, these are not currently being displayed. there is also added costs / duty when shipping to canada (ontario). since the over all package is larger, has a heavier weight and requires more insurance - there is a much higher cost. in addition when i ship, i the shipper gets hit with the duty. i do not pass it on the buyer. i have since tallied up everything that is now included, and it is well over $200 USD. i dont think asking $100 is so outrageous. thanks
  5. RIVER2SEA (R2S) Kong: Perch / 9 inch Perch / 9 inch Largemouth / 9 inch Trout / 6 inch Trout / 6 inch Perch / 6 inch
  6. DOBYNS 736C - Frog Rod (Champion Series): - length: 7’3″ 1piece - handle: cork-full - rating: 15-30lb, 3/8-2oz - action: Hvy Ex Fast - description: frogs, pitchin’ & flippin’ RETAIL PRICE: - $249.99 SALE PRICE: - $175 shipped with insurance paired with: - SHIMANO Curado 201 HDSV - high speed reel - can include for extra
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