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  1. None left. Local tackle shop in Canada, had 4 of them. None around here was buying them so the price went rock bottom to move the inventory
  2. Jus got 4 of these reels for roughly 75$ U.S.
  3. When the reel is full the fish is at the boat lol. Thx for the info guys!
  4. I have been using suffix 832 for all my braid casting rods. I find it wears spot better than power pro or any other braid I have used it doesn't lose its colour as fast, and casts like a dream, I remember when my buddy first spoiled it up and showed up to our usually casting spot for walleye and with the same bait and almost identical rod he was out casting me by 10 ft at least. Needless to say I switched the next day!
  5. A local tackle shop has a wicked sale on these reels I was thinking of buying 3 or 4 for junk lines. Has anyone had a chance to use them for a season? I know they are relatively new to the market jus looking for some reviews before I purchase. Not many reviews online. Thx
  6. 2014 spring king of the lake Port dalhousie finally finished editing this video. I'll post the 2014 fall KOTL video in winter to keep the blood flowing! http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7mKznWoy3w0
  7. I'll pay shipping if you are willing to ship to Niagara Falls ny
  8. One thing you may want to check is if you carefully open the back of your 840 head unit there is 4 dip switches make sure they are all down and try re setting the unit to factory gain. Here I's a link to an original manual. http://www.fishhawkelectronics.com/documents/Fish_Hawk_840_Manual.pdf I'm havering a problem with only my down temp everything works but my down temp doesn't read properly because I know it's not. 65 degrees down 120 in lake o where I fish right now I think I have a bad probe
  9. This weekend at the bar! Bought our American licences Thursday might because we knew the fish were spread across the bar into American waters. Launched at weller very early, ran jus shy of the boarder has set up 2 riggers 2 divers and 2 coppers on boards. Did not like the water we set up in cold and clear so we continued towards American waters, surprisingly a rigger went off in the ice water decent king hammered a UV stinger, then 20 mins later another UV spoon takes a rip on a wire diver rigger and diver were targeting 70-90 feet down, lost the diver fish due to a break off using a magnum dropsy with the heAvy weight the magnum diver was twisting on us and the leader was cut on the wire never had this happen before, but anyway we continued east in search of better water picked a few fish on the way then we found a warm pocket with good colour, and bang 6 hits in a mile including a double ITO flies and spoons were doing the damage worked that area till 2 and packed it in landed 9 kings 2 bows and a coho. 3 around 18 lbs one jus over that we weighed for the grimsby Saturday salmon tourny. Ended up holding 1st for the win. Back to weller docked the boat over night. Sunday Left the dock before 5 am and knew exactly where we we're going, before we got all 6 rods in we landed 4 kings nothing big tho, went on to get good bites till 11 am they it died landed 14 kings and 2 bows, biggest 15 lbs. Both fish came in at the same time on a double Best depths were 220-250 fow Saturday 70-90 down was best Sunday 55-70 down 2.3-2.6 at the ball was best. UV spoons and big erns, white n green spiny meat rig and UV spinnys and ITO flys were what was working.
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