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  1. Good on you for the release nice fish and a great lesson for the youngster. Thanks for sharing .
  2. My buddy has a Platinum 150 with twin turbos great mileage and lots of power but it cost him $3000 bucks to replace a waterpump . Crazy world today I am glad I am old.
  3. Funny my 2013 5.3 switches back and forth between 4 to 8cyl seamlessly. That feature is why I bought the truck.
  4. Hey Gill T you have to get out of the office more often . Regular service with the proper oil and filter the lifter problem goes away .
  5. They look good enough to put hooks on them . Big Kings ?
  6. Yes i have done it with the 800 and 840 displays
  7. In my IMHO torpedoes are just a expensive sinker .
  8. They are DigiTrol 1 Mag 10 late eighty production . I have six of them
  9. I have a friend that bought a 8HP high thrust last year , he is a very fussy particular person when it comes to spending his money.. He is more than pleased with the Tohastu . I fished with him a few times and his 8HP kicker runs as well as my Yammy 8 and 9HP high thrust kickers. Good product and price I would buy it . They run much smoother than your 6HP
  10. Save yourself a headache and replace it .
  11. drilled hole with a o ring between the upper and lower units
  12. They should be illegal they make a hole like you have to see to believe . Marginal hits still give good results plus they fly like darts.
  13. We have had good success with majors in 100 to 120 ft lately your drivers and weights should be fine . Pre stage fish starting to show up .
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