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  1. They look good enough to put hooks on them . Big Kings ?
  2. Yes i have done it with the 800 and 840 displays
  3. In my IMHO torpedoes are just a expensive sinker .
  4. They are DigiTrol 1 Mag 10 late eighty production . I have six of them
  5. I have a friend that bought a 8HP high thrust last year , he is a very fussy particular person when it comes to spending his money.. He is more than pleased with the Tohastu . I fished with him a few times and his 8HP kicker runs as well as my Yammy 8 and 9HP high thrust kickers. Good product and price I would buy it . They run much smoother than your 6HP
  6. Save yourself a headache and replace it .
  7. drilled hole with a o ring between the upper and lower units
  8. They should be illegal they make a hole like you have to see to believe . Marginal hits still give good results plus they fly like darts.
  9. We have had good success with majors in 100 to 120 ft lately your drivers and weights should be fine . Pre stage fish starting to show up .
  10. Just pocketed $1500 with a green pro troll with mountain dew tape and a pro am fly at a small tourney.
  11. Love them both some days one works some days the other . Both produce lots of big fish with A-TOM-MIK flies .
  12. The 383 works is great set up but a bit much for a alpha outdrive as the Alpha II maxes out at 300hp. If you have a Bravo drive go for it.
  13. X2 on the horse spray Bronco or most any brand use it on the horses in the barn a application lasts about 4 hrs. Most brands are citronella based.
  14. HM hit it on the head did two trailers that way , inexpensive easy fix no special tools needed and you bleed it by pumping the trailer coupler
  15. I have a dozen Talora lead core rods for my coppers fished them hard for years . One bad guide and that was my fault but Shimano gave me warranty on my screw up . I use 7ft 8ft and 9ft like them all.
  16. Flat lining Cleo's and Fireplugs out of a 12ft tinny for the early Coho stocks in the seventies with a Mitchell 300 spinning reel and have a King burn and blow up the reel. Andy Reekers , Alpena diamonds , South Port slammers , Dr Hooks , North Port Nailers , Manistees, Badgers, Dandy Glows , Lindy Poptails, Sitexpaper graph Micrologic loran C and big kings in the eighties and lots of them never had to fish and didn't know how to fish deep back then and 8lb cannonballs were the norm.
  17. Not sure about older and wiser but one thing for sure somebody will be taking our place. And when my time comes if I can't take my boat and tackle with me I am not going
  18. I own a few Garmin high end units all with base maps the cards I use are the vision card , bluecharts , lakekeview Hd card and a navionics great lakes card and I have not had that problem . I am not sure if the entry level units with installed cards have the same detail that I have with my cards but I sure have not had that sort of problem but my charts are all area specific . The fishing chart and travel charts have completely different details both should be available on the card.
  19. I wouldn't touch it the difference you are seeing is down currents and the probe is telling you that. it's not so much what the numbers are but repeatability to what's working .Gps speed is totally different than speed over water some guys use it but again it's all about repeatability . You will learn to trust the numbers .
  20. I had that problem on two Merc drives had to pull the engines and transom brackets . A lot of work for a two bit seal got lucky the pins were not corroded they cost big bucks.
  21. The degree of angle is measured an shown as surface speed.
  22. It is a bracket with a scale and line and ball you hang it over the side when trolling . A lot of us started with the set up and I think they still make it to day. Basic cheap and they work fairly well.
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