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  1. Overall 0/0, riggers, dipseys, short cores, spoon heavy program and only running 1 FF on the probe rigger. Fished Sunday 5/30, 3:00 - 7:00 PM, had good screen inside of 60 but loaded with bait. Fished through our marks for a couple hours and the fish dispersed but bait was still hanging. Monday 5/31, 6:30 - 10:00 AM same area but fewer marks, and the bait thinned out. Turned North and trolled out to 120' but had very few marks and bait out past that 60 FOW mark. We had 57 degrees on top, and 45 down 40. We did not target lakers, but did drop spoon riggers to the bottom a handful of times as we had bottom huggers both outings.
  2. Briefly searched the interweb on this and found this article. https://oceanservice.noaa.gov/facts/light_travel.html Only device I have ever heard of for measuring water clarity is a Secchi disk.
  3. PM Sent. 2nd Dibs behind Jollyroger.
  4. 4:00 PM good for you? I will PM you my phone number. Thanks!
  5. Just to confirm, $80 for the pair?
  6. Sorry, Corner of 80 and I-81 in Tully.
  7. I will take these if not spoken for yet. Would you be able to meet at the Nice n East at the cornet of 80 and I-81 tomorrow? I will have cash in hand.
  8. All good LOL. First time I ever fished Cayuga for Perch. Was not really that big of a mystery as it turns out, as they seem to be in good supply. We fished a mile well south of the pack and found fish. As for Oneida, I struggle on the walleye with the exception of canal fishing in the spring, or ice fishing. Used to have great luck there early summer in 14-22 FOW bottom bouncing crawler harnesses on the east end. Probably not much has changed in that regard, but have just not fished it much the pasr
  9. Glad you asked LOL. Perch fishing was decent in 16' of water on North end. Ton of boats out Saturday. Good mix of average and larger fish with plenty of dinks and pickerel. Kept 37 perch between 2 of us. Appears that the spawn has not started, as the females still had eggs.
  10. It certainly was, as soon as it doubled my rod over and took a good rip of line, my partner said "theres that laker" lol
  11. One lake West this morning. Good mix of avearge and larger fish. Plenty of dinks and pickerel. Surface temp was around 46 where we fished, a mile south of the pack. First time fishing here and no complaints. Ended up with enough for a couple dinners.
  12. Incidentally caught a laker this morning while perch fishing. Didn't horse him and was released in good shape. My partner was reeling up a perch which was almost breakfast for this one. Jig and fathead minnow on 6 lb. test line.
  13. Thanks for the reply JohhnyW, I'll post up a report on how I do.
  14. Nice catch! Would you expect to find them shallow and spawning this time of year? I also see reports coming from Erie of catches in 60' of water but that is a different animal. I am planning on Cayuga tomorrow and was thinking of playing the shallow card. Thanks!
  15. Thanks T-Rok, appreciate the info! I dont live in Homer but would come through there on my way. Actually bought my boat from Forest waaay back in 1996 LOL.
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