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  1. regulator

    Leadcore set up

    I have always used Big Game 15# Mono. I run big boards, and it works good in the releases. Caught lots of Erie eyes over the years with no issues.
  2. regulator

    Walleye and riggers

    Scobar, you got that right. Nothing like feeling one hit on a rigger pop. You just got me wishing for summer!
  3. Awesome catch! Congrat's to you and your father.
  4. Q: What did the fish say when he ran into the wall? A: DAM!
  5. PRICES REDUCED !!! PM or Call 607-373-0484 Thanks, Kevin
  6. regulator

    march perch

    Wow, great job! What is the best depth of water to fish for perch this time of year? Thanks!
  7. UPDATED PM or Call 607-373-0484 Thanks, Kevin Lot 1. - 12 Assorted rigged trolling flies $15.00 Shipped Lot 2. - 12 Assorted rigged trolling flies $15.00 Shipped Lot 4. - Yellow Bird Pro Pack, never used - $35.00 Shipped
  8. regulator

    Any beer enthusiasts here

    Just finished the last few bottles of a batch of Belgian Trippel I brewed, 8.9% ABV. Had a few at 30 days and it was way to sweet for me, so I forgot about it for about 5 months. Aged well into a good beer, but not as bitter as I prefer. This was made from a malt extract kit, as I am still just the occasional homebrew hobbyist. Bud Light is my staple, but for craft beers, I like pale ale's and IPA's.
  9. Is there an ongoing-updated report available from the Altmar hatchery, that tracks species, numbers, and life stage of current fish in the holding tanks? We went to the hatchery after a very uneventful 6 hour trip on Mexico Bay, and the half dozen or so tanks that were filled, were chock full of 3"-4" fish. I'll study the 2014 stocking report more closely, but it seems if the stocking targets are being met then the expected return of adults would substantiate those efforts. Between the problems with invasives, lamprey's, birds, etc.. the fishery has adapted and thrived. Now two back to back winters of near complete ice coverage must have played a huge part in overall numbers. Time will tell. If we get back to some normal winter weather and typical ice coverage and water temps, in three short years we could be living the good ol' days again.
  10. I love to see all the young kid's with their fish and love all of the pic's, but that one got to my heart! Thank you for sharing and congrat's to you both!
  11. regulator

    Losing Gear Oil

    1989 Alpha 1 outdrive, with a 3 year old SEI lower unit, has gear oil weeping out of the little weep hole in lower unit. I suspect it is the seals in the upper as after filling the drive to capacity, it eventually begins to leak from the weep hole but will stop when I assume the upper is all leaked out. (This is happening without the engine running) My question is, how does the gear oil get to the upper from the lower when filling?
  12. regulator

    Finger Lakes Tackle

    Super customer oriented folks there, they will treat you right and accommodate you for any issues on their part. I will be pulling "Angry Alewife" spoons on Erie this weekend for the 'eye's, and will report back. next week. With a great selection of high quality spoons and very creative design, I will be sure to use them for years to come.
  13. regulator

    GM 4.3 V-6 Oil Slick

    Yeah, good luck to you with that. All of my replacements are easy to get to.
  14. regulator

    GM 4.3 V-6 Oil Slick

    Thanks Pap, gear oil seems fine. Looking more and more like unspent fuel. Had an issue on the water this weekend while trolling after trolling for several hours, when pulled the engine back to idle, she shut down. Cranked and cranked to get it restarted and when she did, it blew a cloud of carbon out the size of the boat!