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  1. FIshed Wilson to the Bar Friday150-325FOW marked little. Best water was 150 to 220'. finished 2 for 2 plus a couple throw backs. Saw few nets moving anywhere. All bites came between 20 and 60 down. Saturday fished in front of the plant east of Olcott, finished 4 for 4 plus 1 dink we drowned and kept. ALso 2 healthy throw backs. all bites came between 20 and 70 down. Five and 7 color lead plus 70 rigger caught fish. Fog was definitley a limiting factor in our range from port. Best water was 125 to 175'. Sunday AM, returned to the plant East of Olcott, same water fished for a few hrs to produce a steelhead and a drive by on a rigger at 60 down. Foggy. Best summary I could give was the weekend was a grinder most boats we talked to at the dock did similar or worse. Did get a Coast Guard safety inspection in Olcott tho maybe the weekend trophy was the sticker!
  2. I have poured over all available reports and info. Hoping to share real time details on the water,......share. We have plenty of experience fishing the western basin.
  3. We are a REC group trailering to Olcott from eastern Michigan. We are 100% rec, no tournament entries.... trying to find some matures for the grill or just some good fishing. We'll be fishing Friday the 17th thru Sunday noon. We fish Olcott/Wilson and the Oak half a dozen times a year. If you are interested in sharing info on the water "Drop me a line" PMs welcome of course. We are in a 23 sea-ray full equipped. looking to increase my fishing network. Willing to share info on other fishing locations. Mike 810-858-7712
  4. Hoping to see those bayrat colored, Rogues on the FIsh USA website soon??
  5. Try a rotator, your choice and a spin-n-glo. Lengthen the lead on the spin-n-glo, we run this about 3-5' off the bottom at 2.2-2.7mph SOG. Lakers take it no problem, Deadly in Norther Lake Huron, allows for other king presentations. multi-species doubles not uncommon for us!
  6. I rebuilt a 1984 sea-nymph center console CC-171. The floor I removed was 5/8" 9 ply marine plywood. I replaced the floor (sole) with 7ply 1/2" marine plywood. finished with 2 coats of interlux 2000e epoxy primer and 2 coats west system primer plus awlgrip. and........ its a little more flexible than I'd like. I'd definitley use 3/4 9 ply if I were you.
  7. sk8man- Now I think I have seen that somewhere, maybee www.lurepartsonline.com.? Can you sent a link.
  8. I add a snap ring to the spin doctor and " turn the supplied swivel" around. I tie a loop knot on the end of my flies and attached the loop to the supplied swivel snap .
  9. Down stream, just fast enough to give your bait action. We have caught fishi trolling against the current however its with much less frequency.
  10. Supply each Graph directly from the battery with the correct size conductor and fuse for protection. I used 10awg to a blue sea 6 circuit fuse panel with the integrated negative bar, found it all at http://www.bestboatwire.com/ worked like a charm. Also, maybe but not likely you are getting radio interference from the live well motor.
  11. Limit is 3 per license. If you are coming I'd also set aside a day for walleyes in port huron.
  12. For your viewing pleasure, A couple Fine Atlantics- a Lake Huron/St. Clair River Sturgeon and a Grizzly Bear I found in Yellowstone NP. just for fun.
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