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  1. Not Lake Erie, but close...and recent. See full report at https://www.onthewater.com/fishing-reports/2021/12/upstate-and-western-new-york-fishing-report-december-23-2021
  2. Absolutely incredible walleye's! Beautiful color to them, they are absolute SLOBS!!! Congrats on the awesome catch!
  3. Dipseys w flasher/meat did it for us over the weekend out in front of the Salmon river. Didn't crush them but 4 out of our 6 fish came on meat dipseys. Did 2 on F/F off the riggers, and never had a bite on spoons.
  4. Fished 3 of 4 days this past weekend right out in front of the Salmon river. Friday in 30-40 FOW, 2/3 on Kings both upper teens. Saturday 50-60 FOW 1/4, King roughly 20 Lbs. Sunday 80-90 FOW 3/3 on Kings, 1 teener and 2 just over 20. Seen small scattered pods of bait buy no massive balls like that. Would you expect to see those west end fish make their way to the big river, or will they stay and spawn in the west end?
  5. Man does that dog love to swim, that's awesome!! LOL Great pic, and beautiful fish!
  6. Good deal, never even thought about a slide diver as a dipsey option for kings...makes good sense. My partner and I fished out of mexico last Sunday and went 2/3 on Kings, 1 of which was a standard size stinger 100' back on a rigger at 50 over 70', where we had 46 degree water. I'm really starting to warm up to that more of a stealthy subtle presentation when the bite is off.
  7. Awesome Kings, great job! I love that the stealth dipsy took a fish. How far back were you running the rigger?
  8. Ahh...I see, X = No GPS. Has Ice fishing mode I see, I use my Elite on the ice in that mode, with the ice-ducer, and it is great for ice fishing.
  9. Here is the link to the complete manual that I found on-line https://www.manualslib.com/products/Lowrance-7-Ts-8917742.html
  10. Chowder, here is a screen shot from the manual that lists the front panel buttons. The uppermost left button is the "Pages" menu. When you hit that, it should bring up a list of available pages at the bottom of the screen. Use the "Arrow" keys to scroll through the pages, and then hit button #5 to select. Once you have the screen you want selected, button #5 should take you into the settings menu. I have an Elite 7 and the buttons are different as my menu button says "menu" and I have a separate "enter" button, but this button #5 on the Hook 7 is a dual function button. When you get into the sonar system menu, try setting the depth and sensitivity to "Auto" as a starting point. I'm not an expert here, but hope this helps.
  11. D#@N Good Video!! Congratulations on a great finish! Ladies were haulin' them in like PRO"s!!!
  12. Very good read, thank you for sharing that!
  13. Oh heck yes, even better yet! LOL. What's the best way to tell them apart? I tried zooming in on the tail and thought it was spotted from top to bottom. They hit another one around the same sixe this morning.
  14. My nephew with a 15 Lb. King caught out of Mexico bay yesterday. Only 15 Lbs. so not a derby fish. Heck of a jaw on that thing tho.
  15. Possibly the water pick-up tube for the in dash speedometer. I have a 60 horse Merc, and that is the only hose visible on the motor exterior.
  16. Overall 0/0, riggers, dipseys, short cores, spoon heavy program and only running 1 FF on the probe rigger. Fished Sunday 5/30, 3:00 - 7:00 PM, had good screen inside of 60 but loaded with bait. Fished through our marks for a couple hours and the fish dispersed but bait was still hanging. Monday 5/31, 6:30 - 10:00 AM same area but fewer marks, and the bait thinned out. Turned North and trolled out to 120' but had very few marks and bait out past that 60 FOW mark. We had 57 degrees on top, and 45 down 40. We did not target lakers, but did drop spoon riggers to the bottom a handful of times as we had bottom huggers both outings.
  17. Briefly searched the interweb on this and found this article. https://oceanservice.noaa.gov/facts/light_travel.html Only device I have ever heard of for measuring water clarity is a Secchi disk.
  18. PM Sent. 2nd Dibs behind Jollyroger.
  19. 4:00 PM good for you? I will PM you my phone number. Thanks!
  20. Just to confirm, $80 for the pair?
  21. Sorry, Corner of 80 and I-81 in Tully.
  22. I will take these if not spoken for yet. Would you be able to meet at the Nice n East at the cornet of 80 and I-81 tomorrow? I will have cash in hand.
  23. All good LOL. First time I ever fished Cayuga for Perch. Was not really that big of a mystery as it turns out, as they seem to be in good supply. We fished a mile well south of the pack and found fish. As for Oneida, I struggle on the walleye with the exception of canal fishing in the spring, or ice fishing. Used to have great luck there early summer in 14-22 FOW bottom bouncing crawler harnesses on the east end. Probably not much has changed in that regard, but have just not fished it much the pasr
  24. Glad you asked LOL. Perch fishing was decent in 16' of water on North end. Ton of boats out Saturday. Good mix of average and larger fish with plenty of dinks and pickerel. Kept 37 perch between 2 of us. Appears that the spawn has not started, as the females still had eggs.
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