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  1. East end out of Mexico was pretty much all jacks 7 - 10 lbs. for my fishing partner and I. Only fished 1/2 dozen times and kept very few. 1 mature at 18 lbs was the biggest we boated.
  2. I run these Riviera collapsible boards, which cuts down on the storage space issue a bit. https://www.jannsnetcraft.com/736525002006
  3. Made this weeks "onthewater.com" fishing report https://www.onthewater.com/fishing-reports/2022/10/upstate-and-western-new-york-fishing-report-october-27-2022
  4. Amazing, incredible, jaw dropping fish!! According to the DEC "Weigh your fish with a ruler" table, that fish is all of 51 Lbs. Congratulations to you all !! https://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/9222.html
  5. regulator


    Fishing is picking up. We trolled over deep water last saturday for suspended fish, and did 5 with 3 being keepers (2 - 19" and 1 - 16") Next time up I will try the shallow jigging program.
  6. Dipsy Divers = Excitement! I believe a #1 dipsey with the O-ring on a 3 setting is like a 3:1 ratio, so say 195' back should put you in that range. Assuming you are using wire that is.
  7. Can't go wrong with either. We went out of Mexico 2 weeks ago. Trolled to the plant and back and limited on cookie cutter browns in 20-40 fow, all spoons, anything green. This past Saturday launched out of Oswego, trolled towards the plant 70-90 fow, 3 browns and 2 small kings. Browns on spoons and the 2 kings on flasher/fly set up. Fished the marks and adjusted riggers and dipseys to the depths we were marking fish. Two of the browns came on a 10 color flatlined behind the boat with a spoon. Again, anything green. Good luck!
  8. Any issues launching at Wrights Landing? Thanks in advance.
  9. Fished that same depth on Friday, Set up a mile out of the chute heading west to the plant and just trolled our way out. Marked a lot of fish, and had 5 by the time we made it to the first buoy. Turned and fished our way back to port and picked up 2 more and lost 1. Kept our 6, all cookie cutters. Spoons on riggers and flat lines with snap weights caught fish, 2 colors were quiet. Standard size spoons hammered silver with any sort of green on it all caught fish.
  10. I have 2 that are practically brand new, will take $40 a piece + shipping. I also have a Penn 309 with 10 colors on it that I will sell for $40 + shipping if interested. I can get all 3 of these into a large USPS flat rate box for $21.50. (We'll say $140.00 Shipped) Just the 2 Magda's will be $15 to ship, so $95.00 Shipped.
  11. I have an 8th edition in excellent condition, that I will let go for $125 shipped via USPS. I take Paypal, PM me for details if interested.
  12. Not much press coverage on this, very few details. Initial reports from 4/26-4/27 were all there seems to have been on this. Seems strange. My heart goes out to his family, and a prayer for his poor soul! Sad!!
  13. Finger Lakes and Tributaries Special Regulations Finger Lakes and Tributaries Fishing Regulations Water Species Regulation All Finger Lakes Northern Pike May 1-Mar 15, Minimum Length-22", Daily Limit-5 Walleye May 1-Mar 15, Minimum Length-18", Daily Limit-3 (see Skaneateles Lake for exception)
  14. Love these reports, and congrats! You're on 'em!
  15. I have one of the Walmart group 27 size battery for my Terrova 55. Use it for Spot lock mainly, and have good performance and run time. Used it for 4 hours last weekend locked up on a perch spot, motor was reading 3 bars on the battery when I started and still reading 3 when I finished. Had a pretty good headwind the whole time.
  16. Maisie, as I'm sure you know, directly east lie Sodus, Port, and Fairhaven bays. I'd put money on any of them this time of year. Some good options on those Finger Lakes to the South of you also. Easiest to start looking for shallow flats, with any knid of weed growth.
  17. Not Lake Erie, but close...and recent. See full report at https://www.onthewater.com/fishing-reports/2021/12/upstate-and-western-new-york-fishing-report-december-23-2021
  18. Absolutely incredible walleye's! Beautiful color to them, they are absolute SLOBS!!! Congrats on the awesome catch!
  19. Dipseys w flasher/meat did it for us over the weekend out in front of the Salmon river. Didn't crush them but 4 out of our 6 fish came on meat dipseys. Did 2 on F/F off the riggers, and never had a bite on spoons.
  20. Fished 3 of 4 days this past weekend right out in front of the Salmon river. Friday in 30-40 FOW, 2/3 on Kings both upper teens. Saturday 50-60 FOW 1/4, King roughly 20 Lbs. Sunday 80-90 FOW 3/3 on Kings, 1 teener and 2 just over 20. Seen small scattered pods of bait buy no massive balls like that. Would you expect to see those west end fish make their way to the big river, or will they stay and spawn in the west end?
  21. Man does that dog love to swim, that's awesome!! LOL Great pic, and beautiful fish!
  22. Good deal, never even thought about a slide diver as a dipsey option for kings...makes good sense. My partner and I fished out of mexico last Sunday and went 2/3 on Kings, 1 of which was a standard size stinger 100' back on a rigger at 50 over 70', where we had 46 degree water. I'm really starting to warm up to that more of a stealthy subtle presentation when the bite is off.
  23. Awesome Kings, great job! I love that the stealth dipsy took a fish. How far back were you running the rigger?
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