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  1. i have a late eighties yamaha 9.9 long shaft four stoke with controls and elec start with another complete motor that should run for parts, $1000 takes both 315-690-9404
  2. why are you selling it? whats it wiegh?
  3. you can add me to the club "people who dont like my dog can sit on the dock" i lost my chesapeake bay retriever Goosie last year to a brain tumor, it was very difficult, he was a typical chessie, hardheaded, loyal to a fault, and his favorite thing in the world was going swimming, i would literally have to get in my truck and pretend i was driving away to get him out of the water, as a youngster he was very lean, with a big head and all teeth, in the water he looked like an alligator, well i picked up a 20 foot penn yan a couple weeks ago, a boat i had wanted for a long while, as I worked my fingers off trying to bring it back to the living i tried to think of a name, and only one name could fit, i put the decals on today, "Gator Goose"
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